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Writer #3963
Manheim, PA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/24/2011 9/27/2016 3,058 95
Part of every home, appliances make life easier. Jennifer writes product descriptions and other content that shares information about refrigerators, washing machines, HVAC systems, air filters and other appliances.

Writer #2541
Hiram, GA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
2/24/2011 9/27/2016 4,932 230
As a home improvement and HVAC specialist, Tracy has knowledge of many common and not-so-common appliances. While she may not know a particular appliance intimately, she will do the research necessary to give the content an expert feel. She is also...

Writer #4020
Temple, TX
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/30/2011 9/27/2016 1,483 46
Susan's writing about appliances includes articles that explain how agitators work in washing machines, what an induction washing machine is, the proper way to vent clothes dryers, how evaporative (also known as swamp coolers,) work, and articles...

Writer #1488
Sebring, OH
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
9/21/2010 9/27/2016 5,520 71
During more than 20 years as a freelance writer, Michelle has created product descriptions, reviewed products, written standard and SEO articles, and created blog posts about appliances. She has written on large items like washers, dryers, and...

Writer #7495
Sandy, UT
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/7/2013 9/27/2016 1,603 35
Most of Holly's work as a professional ghostwriter involves appliances related to the HVAC and plumbing industries. She writes in a variety of voices, from light and entertaining to professional or academic. Clients find her knowledgeable about...

Writer #4762
Mill City, OR
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/26/2012 9/28/2016 2,165 37
The articles Leslie writes about appliances cover appliance performance, articles comparing two appliances, appliance installation and assembly, and appliance maintenance. She writes articles that are authoritative, practical, well-researched and...

Writer #4640
Raleigh, NC
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
12/28/2011 9/26/2016 1,721 27
Riley has worked on a number of "how-to" and informational articles, covering a wide range of topics. Works include articles on operating, wiring, repair and replacing appliance parts. Riley has written articles on everything from common kitchen...

Writer #2198
Sapulpa, OK
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
12/28/2010 9/23/2016 2,030 31
Landra Lynn has supplied many appliance review and sales articles for clients. This includes linking to product sales websites for affiliate marketing, contractor/sales websites, and other specific projects. In addition, she has also worked as a...

Writer #5226
Hillsboro, WV
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
5/12/2012 7/15/2016 479 0
Melanie F. has written numerous product descriptions for major retailers selling household appliances. The jobs range in size from 100-500 words. Within those limits, it's often challenging to explain the basic function of the appliances (not...

Writer #8383
Pompano Beach, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
12/20/2013 9/28/2016 1,806 39
Robert has experience with creating appliance product descriptions and self-installation manuals. He has created several website pages for washers, dryers, bathroom sinks, restaurant cleaning appliances and refrigerators.

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