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Grow your freelance income with 25,000+ agencies and businesses
that pay fair rates to freelancers for high-quality work.

Expanded Pool

We're expanding our pool of freelancers to deliver on the full spectrum of content marketing solutions required for success.

How It Works

Get paid more than fair rates either by the word or by the project depending on your expertise, experience and performance.

Freelancer Resources

Take your career into the cloud with the WriterAccess freelancer Growth Hub that's launching in September 2018.

Expanded pool of freelancers. Content marketing workforce.

We're growing our pool of passionate freelancers that can deliver on the full spectrum of content marketing solutions.


Freelance writers join WriterAccess to put their skill, expertise and passion to work for great pay.

  • General Writers
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Legal/Paralegals
  • Tech Writers

Content developers help clients aim content in the right direction to engage readers and deliver goals.

  • Elite Writers
  • Content Strategists
  • Editors
  • Translators
  • Micro Influencers

Content designers visualize concepts to communicate ideas that transform browsers to buyers.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Animators
  • Videographers

How it works. In a nutshell.

We make it easy for freelancers to sign up, get started and earn income working with the best brands and agencies.

Apply in a jiffy.
All kinds of benefits.

Join our expanding network of content creators, developers, and designers. And get all kinds of fringe benefits that go way beyond picking up freelance gigs.

Take the test
Get paid the best.

We hand-review your portfolio. Then test your skills online. All this helps determine your initial star rating if you're a writer, or hourly rate range for pay by the project.

Start earning quickly.
Pick up the gigs.

When your profile is ready to go and you're approved for launch, you'll get the green light to "go live" in the platform with full access to the job board, forums, and resources.

Earn great income.
Fully transparent rates.

We pay the best rates to attract the best freelancers:  70% to you and 30% to WriterAccess, with payments every two weeks for all projects delivered and approved.

Career growth hub.
Fortify your smartitude.

Take your professional career to the next level with free online webinars, podcasts, books and workshops on content marketing topics.

We help you advance. You help us grow.

We know that if we can advance your career, you'll stay with WriterAccess as a freelancer for the long haul. And retaining the best talent is our secret to making the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing US companies five years in a row.

Job Boards

Access the Word Job Board for projects priced by the word ranging from 2 cents to $2 or more. Also access the Project Job Board offering gigs priced by the project you negotiate with clients. All pricing varies with the requirements, specifications, complexity, visibility, research requirements and more.

Growth Hub

Tap the Growth Hub to fortify your content marketing smartitude. Earn certification with our Content Strategy Masterclass, led by our CEO Byron, offering the must-know tactics and tools you need for content marketing success. Also access videos from our annual Content Marketing Conference, and a library of templates, content plans, personas, journeys maps, books, webinars and more.


Connect with like-minded freelancers reaching wide spectrum of disiplines in freelancer-only forum that's sure to engage and entertain. We stand back out of the way and let you talk shop about what's new and what's next about a wide range of topics. We look for your ideas for betterment on how to keep the orders going and income flowing to freelancers in the US and around the globe.


If you're going to step up your game to lead the content marketing revolution, you'll need some killer tools to save time and exceed expectations with clients that look to you for greatness. The new tool chest for freelancers launches in September of 2018, including a stock image and video library, topic research tool, content and keyword analytics tools and much more—all FREE for freelancers.

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