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Podcasts for writers. And all of our freelancers.

Explore some of our past podcasts hosted by WriterAccess founder Byron White.

Content Chemistry

What’s the state of content right now? Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media and author of Content Chemistry fills us in on this week’s Writer Podcast. Learn how Andy improves his own content, and the one question that every piece of content has to answer. Find out more about Andy at

Beyond Satisfaction

On this week’s episode, Byron quizzes Breanne Dyck, founder of MNIB Consulting on online learning. In her book Beyond Satisfaction, Breanne details how to create a profitable online course. Learn the neuromyths behind learning, and how to get your own course out in the world. Find out more about Breanne at

Master Content Marketing

Byron chats with Pamela Wilson, a marketer with 30 years experience, and founder of Big Brand System. In her book, Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience, Pamela walks readers through all aspects of content marketing. Learn more about Pamela and her work at

Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea & Build a Following Around It

On this week’s podcast, Byron chats with Dorie Clark, professional speaker, marketing strategy consultant and author on her book Stand Out. Byron quizzes Dorie on what takes to stand out and become a thought leader, and how to establish yourself within an industry. You can find Dorie’s 42-page workbook on thought leadership at

Ask the CEO: Content Strategy Preview

WriterAccess CEO Byron White talks to Talent Manager Meghan Law and fields questions about WA’s new Content Strategy service. He discusses everything from the opportunities available to freelancers to how content strategists will deliver innovative and effective products to clients. Listen in to find out more!

Get Scrappy

Are you operating under a marketing checklist approach, doing everything for the sake of doing everything? Author, strategist and speaker explains why sometimes more content is just more content. Learn why marketers should focus on creating better content and cut though the clutter. Find out more about Nick at

Authority Content

Byron chats with David Jenyns, author and director at Authority Content. Listen in and learn David’s steps to improve your marketing and build your brand.

Content Strategy with Casey Joseph

Byron chatted with Casey Joseph, a content strategist and copywriter with over 10 years of marketing experience. In the interview, learn Casey’s first steps to begin a strategy, and what’s crucial to include in it. To read more about Casey, visit

Marketing Multipliers

On this week’s Writer Podcast, Byron chats with Kevin Donlin, author of Marketing Multipliers. He explains what it takes to become a great copywriter, including hand copying great sales copy in order to develop muscle memory. Listen in as Kevin describes what his marketing matches are, and why the most valuable writing is rewriting.

Writing Without Bullshit

How many weasel words did your last email include? Byron interviewed Josh Bernoff, author of the book Writing Without Bullshit. In the interview, learn how to eliminate unnecessary words from your writing, and why fear makes us write longer.

Marketing for Copywriters: How to Get Great Clients

Are you a bulldog copywriter? Byron quizzes copywriter coach Chris Marlow on what copywriters need to know to attract clients. In the interview, she says that writing is only half what freelancers need to know to be successful. The other half is marketing. Hear the rest of her advice she has for writers by tuning into this podcast.