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Location Newark, NJ
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
William's SEO writing style is distinguished because he doesn't look to just plug keywords and phrases into convenient points of an essay. He keeps as an objective the creation of lines and paragraphs built around the targeted words and phrases. In turn, he takes full ownership of building pieces that are relevant to the subject or site owner's objective and easily recovered in research because of sound and conscientious keyword density.

In regard to product description, he has developed methods of creating totally unique content for projects that highlight similar and like products. While his descriptions are simple they are relevant and concise.

He takes pride in quick turn-around for last minute projects or in cases where more collaboration may be necessary. In general, he'll work so that any project, regardless of its timeline, is done in a timely manner. He's not afraid to ask questions of client or vendor to get an edge on producing the best project.
William specializes in product description, general editorial work, blog support, and essay writing.
Most of William's time is spent in church activities and various forms of community service. His writing interests are journalistic in nature penned-out on various online venues and a private newsletter.
Rutgers University English, BA

William majored in English and honed his writing skills.

Honors and Awards

Association Memberships
N/A William has not yet joined a professional writing association.


Projects by Industry
High Tech

William has tried his hand at tech writing with good success. He's tackled projects with very little front-end information demanding standard word count with satisfactory results. He uses organizational skill and a good sense of line and paragraph syntax develop good tech copy.


William's strength in appliance and product description is in his ability to balance a glowing review with the specifics of a product. This balancing act done within word-count request.

Real Estate

Knowledge of knowing what individuals want in where they live helps William to develop the best in apartment and home search copy. Building copy for home builders and sellers has become, for William, an act of customer service for those in need of finding the most suitable place for themselves and their loved ones.

Projects by SEO Skill
Link Building

William has used link building as a means of making clients shine in regard to SEO. His knowledge and experience with HTML code gives him an edge over writers who have not yet discovered this tool in properly serving clients. William owns as an objective to lock keywords into code so that they are both searchable and lead potential clients and supporters to reference and product websites.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Completed SEO projects for online clothing outlet and property management website as well as for online car dealerships.

Projects by Asset Type

William has done articles for different online venues on topics ranging from getting help for panic attacks to manufacturers of the most powerful American-built car engines. He has also explored articles in the recently-evolving education arena.

Blog Post

William has done blog posts for health and wellness outfits as well as non-profits benefiting the victims of human trafficking. He has experience in a few other blog types and topics. However, the span between the two topics mentioned above demonstrate his ability to deliver on a variety of different to a variety of different audiences.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

William's stints in information gathering and compiling that information into well-written and concise work stretches from work on the literary greats to persuasive essays on some of the most odd-end-out topics.


As a part-time K-12 teacher William has interests and writing experience in sketching out projects on the education-political landscape.

Technical Writer

William's head is often in the clouds; the storage cloud that is. He has performed on a number of assignment that have explored indie game development and cloud sharing.

Projects by Writing Style

The ability to research and create is the essence of good journalistic writing. This ability has at its core a knack for spotting unreported information that readers would find interesting and then compiling that information into a compelling and readable piece.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

William prefers handling projects with the owner or CEO of a company because he likes to capture his or her vision for the purpose of writing compelling, unique, and relevant content. William's ideal client is one that can provide with what he needs to help him or her appropriately represent the company.


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