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Completed Orders 3,080
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Repeat Clients 47%
Last Login 10/21/2016
Location Manheim, PA
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
For 20 years, Jennifer has written articles, press releases, speeches, curriculum and journalistic pieces for individuals, small business owners, national brands and international clients. She is skilled in SEO, inserting keywords naturally, adding relevant hyperlinks, writing first, second and third person blogs, completing engaging business websites and matching the client's required tone.

Jennifer's specialty topics include education, business, home living, kids and family, finance, self help, spirituality and women, but she enjoys researching and writing about nearly any topic.

In addition to writing full time, she serves as the CFO of the family's auto body repair shop, gardens with her children, plays guitar in church and scrapbooks family memories.
Articles, blogs, product descriptions and web pages are Jennifer's writing specialties. She enjoys researching a variety of topics and writing content that matches the client's requested tone. She's also skilled at adding keywords naturally and inserting relevant links.
As an entrepreneur since childhood, Jennifer appreciates promoting small businesses. In her free time, she reads financial magazines and historical non-fiction, scrapbooks family memories, plays guitar, gardens and plays card games with her family.
Jerusalem University College Middle Eastern Studies, certificate

A traveler at heart, Jennifer jumped at the chance to study overseas. At JUC, she met students from around the world as she lived, shopped and toured in Israel, Jordan, Sinai and Egypt. As a result of her international experience, she enjoys writing travel articles and blogs while encouraging others to travel as often as possible.

Lancaster Bible College Education, Bachelor of Science

Committed to education, Jennifer T. earned a Bachelor's Degree after studying in the U.S. and overseas. She continues her passion for learning by studying current educational advances and participating in professional events. Additionally, she remains committed to providing her children with the best education possible.

Association Memberships
Freelance Writer's Union Dec 2013

The Christian PEN Jul 2011
As a writer, editor and proofreader, Jennifer T. reaches out to other writers. The Christian PEN creates a network of professionals. With classes, forums and networking, the organization promotes quality writing in all genres.

Manheim Chamber of Commerce Jun 2011
As a small business owner in her community, Jennifer T. joined an organization that promotes and supports businesses. She appreciates the opportunity to interact with other business owners in the community. As part of the Chamber, she also works diligently to promote businesses in and around her hometown.

Freelance Business Marketing Course The Christian Pen
Jul 2013

Projects by Industry

Insurance and repairs cost consumers money and confuse many vehicle owners. Jennifer T. has written blogs, articles, advertisements and tips about automobile topics. Her resume includes choosing and comparing vehicle insurance policies and insurance agences and finding the best auto body and mechanic shops.


As a Christian education major in college, Jennifer T. received professional training for a career in the educational field. In addition to homeschooling her children, she has worked as a parachurch educator for children, teens and adults. She is a certified English as a Second Language teacher and has written numerous essays, blogs and articles. Her favorite topics educate teachers and encourage students of all grade levels and academic abilities.


The right clothes can make or break a job interview, date or the day's overall mood. Jennifer T. writes about clothes for fashion-conscious customers. In addition to discussing wardrobe choices that match the wearer's complexion and accentuate curves, she also writes product descriptions for everything from shoes to jewelry.


Everyone makes and spends money, but not everyone manages money wisely. Through blogs, articles, essays and study guides, Jennifer has worked to educate consumers about financial issues. Wise money management, investing for retirement, talking together as a couple regarding the family budget, and budgeting for emergencies remain a few topics she has addressed in the past month. In addition to writing about finances, she serves as the chief financial officer of a local small business.


Food makes the human body function properly or shut down. Using articles, essays, and blogs, Jennifer encourages consumers to care for their physical bodies by eating whole foods whenever possible. Additionally, she has written articles describing domestic and international companies that grow, produce, or sell food products around the globe.

Green Living

Educated citizens preserve the global environment when they educate themselves and others about conservation and recycling. Green living enables humans to use resources wisely in ways that protect the planet. Jennifer has written articles, blogs and essays packed with tips that encourage private citizens and business owners to live green.


The human body requires each part to function properly. By writing about health, diet and nutrition, addiction and exercise, Jennifer T. helps men, women and children learn how to care for their bodies. Her health writing resume includes primarily blog posts and journalistic articles that seek to educate and encourage families to eat better, exercise more, take on healthy habits, fight addictions and live healthier and longer lives. She regularly ghostblogs for several addiction rehab centers.


Jennifer taught children in classroom and church settings before she had children of her own. She homeschooled them for seven years until her typical daughter chose to transition to public school and her autistic son began attending a special needs school. With her life and practical experience, Jennifer writes parenting blogs, articles, essays and curriculum for study groups, parents and educators.


Organization, leadership, inner office relationships, and character remain relevant topics to any office environment, whether home or corporate. Jennifer writes articles, essays, and blogs about these office topics. Additionally, she writes about the solutions to personality clashes and differing leadership styles that can cause office discord.

Self Help

As an introvert and perfectionist, Jennifer specializes in self analysis and introspection. She reads multitudes of self-help books and uses her knowledge to write articles, essays, and tips on psychology topics, character, attitude adjustment and success. Additionally, she has worked as a professional counselor and social worker, helping people understand themselves and the world around them.


Jennifer T. writes brief motivational essays and study guides based on scripture for women, children and teens. Her other works include "how to" articles comparing world religions, describing angels and discussing the Christian worldview. She enjoys writing articles for married women and mothers regarding femininity, serving God in their homes, and friendships.


As a woman and an educator, Jennifer takes every opportunity to encourage and teach women. She writes about topics like women's health and wellness, mental health, child rearing, marriage, friendships, homemaking, infertility, sexual awareness, femininity, and parent/child relationships. With these topics, she has written essays, blogs, how-to, tips, and articles for a variety of private and online customers.


Marriage, parenting, childhood, friendship, social, business, and codependent relationships have been the focus of articles, essays, and blogs Jennifer has written. She mostly writes about issues facing women and children and draws on her wealth of professional training and experience in the fields of social work and counseling.


Vitamins, minerals, and whole foods fuel our bodies. Women especially hold keys to the health of the nation's population as they influence their families and friends. Jennifer writes articles, blogs and tips that encourage women to choose healthy foods by making small but influential changes in meal preparation and food choices for the health of families and a nation.


As a child of dairy farmers, Jennifer T. grew up around agriculture and studied animal science for two years at Delaware Valley College. As a Dairy Princess and FFA officer during high school, she wrote numerous speeches about farms and crops, press releases about upcoming promotional events, the benefits of agriculture to a community and the economic impact of agricultural related industries.

Real Estate

Jennifer T. has written web content about real estate topics for several websites. She enjoys discussing various topics, such as caring for a home, home security and home maintenance. In addition to owning her own home, Jennifer also avidly watches DIY television and helps her husband perform routine maintenance and repairs in their home.


After living in the Middle East and traveling to Ecuador and across the U.S., Jennifer writes authoritatively to fellow travel enthusiasts and tourists. In addition to offering practical advice about overseas living, she also writes destination and tour descriptions, packing and travel tips, and budgeting and survival tips for vacation travel.

Home Living

Home comprises more than a place to eat and sleep. Home evokes memories of childhood and gives a person a safe place to relax and unwind. Jennifer keeps these facts in mind as she writes blogs and articles about home living. She covers topics like entertaining, organizing, decorating, landscaping and maintenance.


Marketing content allows a business of any size to share its strengths and address its customer's needs. From blogs and emails to descriptions and articles, Jennifer prepares authoritative and concise marketing content. As a small business owner, she uses her experience and passion to market each client's company as if it were her own.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods provide people with essential products they need, and the purchase of these goods supports a strong economy. By writing about consumer goods, Jennifer details products, describes their characteristics and promotes purchases that benefit everyone. She has written blogs, articles and product descriptions for a range of consumer goods that include housewares, outdoor living accessories, automobile parts, pet supplies and power tools.


Writing legal press releases, articles and blogs gives Jennifer a sense of satisfaction. She appreciates defending the rights of individuals and families while clearly presenting information in a logical and ordered manner.


Jennifer specializes in writing engaging and accurate web pages for a variety of insurance agents. Additionally, she owns personal life, homeowners and auto insurance policies, as well as several business policies. She's experienced at comparing insurance coverage options and regularly consults with her local agent.


Part of every home, appliances make life easier. Jennifer writes product descriptions and other content that shares information about refrigerators, washing machines, HVAC systems, air filters and other appliances.


As a small business owner since she was a little girl, Jennifer understands the ins and outs of business ownership. She currently owns and operates both a freelance writing business and an auto body shop. With her experience, she writes regularly about issues relating to business start-ups, financing, partnership, marketing and customer relations. Additionally, she enjoys writing about work at home business ownership, one of her true passions.


As a necessary part of life, shopping anchors the local and national economies. Jennifer enjoys writing about ways consumers can save money while shopping. From online daily deal sites to retail store sales to couponing, she writes blogs, articles and tips that make shopping simple and affordable.


Projects sometimes traverse multiple categories or are so unique that they can't fit into a mold. Jennifer has written numerous such blogs, articles and other pieces. She's an experienced writer in many different fields and will research almost any topic as she prepares content that fits best into the "Other" category.


For the hospitality niche, including hotels and dining establishments, Jennifer writes compelling, convincing and entertaining web copy. She specializes in helping businesses sell their services while giving consumers insight into available activities, entertainment and lodging.


From cats, dogs and hamsters to cows, sheep and birds, Jennifer has owned and cared for many pet species and breeds. She enjoys writing about pet care, how to choose the best pet for the family and the best ways to help different pet species adjust to each other.


Jennifer T grew up on a farm and helped in the family garden since she could walk. From digging holes to harvesting the delicious and fresh produce, she participated in every aspect of the growing process. Today, she gardens with her children and tends a flower bed filled with annuals, perennials, roses and shrubs. Getting her hands dirty and passing on the fun hobby to her children are two of her favorite hobbies, and she enjoys writing about various gardening topics. Her portfolio includes articles about irrigation methods, planting techniques and DIY garden tips.


In her free time, you'll find Jennifer crafting everything from cross-stitched pillows to painted flower pots. She's passed on her love for all things crafting to her children, and they enjoy working on paper, painted and fabric crafts together.


Jennifer and her family spend their free time watching TV and listening to music. This hobby and her curiosity for all things Hollywood keep her updated on the entertainment industry. Combined with her ability to write casual yet informative blogs, blurbs and articles, Jennifer finds entertainment pieces easy and enjoyable to write.


Born on a dairy farm, Jennifer T grew up working, playing and living outdoors. She's also an experienced fisher and hunter with trophies to prove her expertise. She appreciates sharing her love of nature with friends and family by camping, hiking, 4-wheeling and playing outdoors year round.


Jennifer T started singing in preschool and performed regularly with her mom on church and local stages. She sang her way into talent shows, took a few years of piano lessons and taught herself to play guitar. Her music writing projects include marketing for musicians, descriptions of lessons for several instruments and informational articles about the importance of music to the soul.

Non Profit

While working for six years at a non-profit rescue mission, Jennifer developed a passion for promoting non-profit companies. She writes everything from brochures to emails for mission organizations, community charities and a variety of other non-profit industries.


Jennifer has written dozens of career summaries and has written professionally about a variety of career-related topics, including tips for choosing a career and how to switch careers. She also wrote an entire series on how to choose, start and run a home based business.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Whether she's writing a blog, article or press release, Jennifer T inserts keywords naturally. She also specializes in including keyword variables as she writes engaging copy for the reader.

Link Building

Adding links to web content improves the content's authority and increases the value of the content. Jennifer T. specializes in link building in articles, blogs and other web content.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Titles and Meta Descriptions draw a reader's attention, and Jennifer knows how to create an enticing hook. With concise and clear language, she naturally inserts keywords into both titles and meta descriptions for blogs, articles and other web content.

Projects by Asset Type

Longer articles allow Jennifer to explore the subject matter in a logical way and add research and facts as needed. She thrives on writing in an organized manner and in creating easy to read articles that fit the audience. She can write for any audience and style, from educational to lighthearted.

Blog Post

Blog posts give Jennifer an opportunity to discuss products, viewpoints and other topics in a conversational style. She has written blogs for numerous clients on topics that include product descriptions, outdoor living, moving, finances, parenting and self improvement. Her personal blog discusses educational and parenting topics.

News Story

In news format, Jennifer discusses current events, local news, human interest stories and newsmakers. She enjoys writing news in a logical, conversational style while sharing pertinent facts.

Press Release

As an the agricultural ambassador and the CFO of an auto body business, Jennifer T. writes press releases for businesses and individuals. She has written press releases for the newspaper, direct mailings and web content.


An accomplished public speaker, Jennifer writes speeches for agricultural and inspirational audiences. She includes applicable anecdotes and relevant facts in a concise manner. Her engaging tone and wit add value to her work and provide her with repeat clients.


With accuracy, Jennifer uses active language to describe products. She completes copywriting assignments for companies of all sizes and for a variety of products.

Facebook Post

Jennifer writes regular Facebook posts for several companies, and she interacts daily with her own Facebook audience. With experience and skill, she specializes in creating concise and engaging posts that include keywords and attract engagement.

Twitter Post

Jennifer specializes in writing short Twitter posts that introduce a blog, summarize an article and leave readers wanting more. She writes Twitter posts for national and international clients.

Web Page

Jennifer understands the importance of optimized and engaging web pages. She has written Home, About and Services pages for dozens of local businesses and national brands.

Email Copy

Email content grabs readers' attention, makes special offers or answers questions. Jennifer appreciates learning more about a company or business and then creating emails that reflect their needs.

Product Description

Jennifer specializes in product descriptions that are accurate and engaging. She has written descriptions for everything from furniture to fashion and appreciates the opportunity to create unique descriptions of any product.

Projects by Writing Style

Most readers respond when the material they read meets a need and touches a personal chord. In blogs and articles, Jennifer T. relays information in a conversational style. She strives to speak to the audience to whom she writes, and she works hard to add value, not fluff, to her writing.


Everyone knows kids say the darndest thing. Witty remarks and questions make adults chuckle and help to lighten the burdens of life. By sharing humor, Jennifer T. gifts readers with joy and creates an easy read. While certain situations do not lend themselves well to humor, Jennifer uses it tastefully when it would enhance the article, presentation or blog.


Jennifer has experience writing journalistic pieces for printed and online media sources. As a dairy promoter, she wrote press releases and other articles for newspapers with large and small distributions. Currently, she writes press releases about new products and companies for online markets.


Catchy product descriptions motivate customers to buy quality products, and that's a win-win solution for the seller and the buyer. With proper grammar and spelling, Jennifer writes product descriptions and other promotional aids for a variety of companies. From emails that prompt customers to click onto a web page to web content for internet retailers, she understands the value of great promotional content that draws visitors and builds business.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Small businesses create the backbone of local economies. As a small business owner, Jennifer T. appreciates the opportunity to write for other small business owners. Whether she's writing blogs or complete websites, she is an experienced writer who understands the needs of small business owners.

Large Business

As an SEO specialist, Jennifer writes website content, blogs, product descriptions and promotional materials for large national businesses.


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