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Location New York, NY
Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
Diana is an American born writer who is passionate about writing and reads as much as possible. She has been a freelance writer for over 10 years and is adamant about putting only the best efforts into her writing.

Diana writing is 100% original and composed with her own ideas & words. She is resourceful, thoughtful, and a hardcore perfectionist with ample experience in numerous styles of writing. She is a dedicated writer open to all new challenges.
Diana is truly a lover of words and can follow directions to a tee. She will never turn down a chance to write.

Articles: Informative, Instructional, SEO content writing, BMR, Product Review, Sales Copy, Blog, Ezine, Ehow, Marketing solution, Networking
Loves to read and write but also spending quality time with her dog. Diana loves classic movies and TV shows from the 80's and 90's. She continues to tickle her brain with crosswords and has been an avid Scrabble player for the last two decades. Diana appreciates the simple things in life like a beautiful sunset and childhood friends.
Brooklyn College Aug 2006 – Jul 2008
Childhood Education, Speech, Business Management, Master's

Brooklyn College offers an excellent education program and also allows students to choose concentrations in other areas.

Baruch College Aug 1999 – Jun 2003
Psychology, Literature, Bachelor's

Baruch College was welcoming and exciting. It was enjoyable working and exchanging ideas with psych professors.

Honors and Awards
First Place Diana won first place among 300 participants in the Civic Oration Contest of 1994, located in New York City.

Second Place Diana was the 2nd place winner out of total 250 participants in the Civic Oration Contest of 1993.

Association Memberships
Freelancer's Union Diana has been a member of the Freelancer's Union since 2010.

Licensed Customs Broker U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Jun 2010
Diana is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and has knowledge about the rules and regulations of import & export trade, including cargo clearance, air & ocean ports, and warehousing.

Projects by Industry

Diana has successfully completed over 20 projects consisting of at least 5 articles each in the appliance industry. Products include coffee grinders, washing machines, lights, air conditioners, grills, stoves, and many more household appliances. My research abilities are extremely resourceful and efficient in order to produce informative and interesting articles.


Diana has personal experience from completing over 100+ projects. She also has knowledge about writing articles including career advice, guidance, helpful tools, and industry standards of practice and etiquette. Diana has also completely assignments writing about professional development.


Diana has completed many projects that involve the education industry. Topics include budget, classroom maintenance, curriculum standards, and more articles pertaining to specific professions.
In addition, she also has ample experience writing about childhood and adult education as well as the importance of continuing studies.


Diana has written over 100 articles relating to the most popular electronics including smartphones, products with LED lights, bluetooth devices, cameras, controllers, adapors, games, and beauty electronics as well. She also has extensive personal knowledge on laptops, PDAs, televisions, and much more.


Based on the completion of over 80 projects with various topics of entertainment, Diana has versatile talents related to product research. She has written different instructional, informative, and entertaining articles pertaining to this industry.


Diana has written articles about online loans, credit rating, credit scores, and more. Most of the topics include guidance and instructions on building credit and the benefits of having proper credit.


Diana has written over 100 articles related to various cuisines and beverages including Italian, Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Chinese), European, coffee, soda, dietary drinks, and much more. She loves to eat and also offers expressive writing skills for accurate and realistic descriptions.


Diana has written and received payment for over 100 articles related to gaming on the Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PSP, and different I-devices such as iPad, iPhone, iTouch and iPod (all generations). Diana personally owns all the above listed devices as well and have personal insight into each product.

Green Living

Diana has written products related to green living and include topics of: solar energy, solar panel installation, green DIY products, and more. In addition to the products themselves, Diana also has writing experience about the benefits and advantages of each. Each article submitted is well-researched for impeccable accuracy.


Diana has written over 100 articles related to various types of insurance. Some topics include insurance for pets, homes, adults, the elderly, and for homeowners. She offers guidance based on industry research conducted on her own accord to guarantee accuracy.


Diana has an educational background in Early Childhood Education and have also written many articles related to and for kids. Some topics are related to toys, educational programs, and various other products. I have extensive experience working with children and have valuable insight to offer.


Diana has completed over 80 articles related to the medical industry. Topics include a wide variety of medical professions, how to start medical-related businesses, and proper care for children, adults, and the elderly. She consistently performs all the appropriate research required to complete the articles and ensure good quality writing.


Diana is an avid music lover from the young age of 8. She has personal knowledge of many different genres including: classical, opera, theatrical, pop, romantic, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, contemporary rock, alternative rock, rap, and more. She has acquired a full appreciation for music and its influence on individuals of all ages and society as a whole.


Being a pet owner for many years, Diana has personal experience as well as professional background from freelance writing. She has written many articles related to pet health, fashion, behavior, and more. Her writing styles and creativity produce informative, interesting, and entertaining articles.


Diana has ample freelance experience with writing about various topics related to politics. This includes current events, prospective views on different political parties, and also comparative works about each level of politics. Her writing is always relevant, interesting, and includes only accurate facts.

Real Estate

Diana has written a plethora of articles related to real estate property all over the world. From domestic locations like California to foreign areas like Spain, she has performed extensive research on how to choose real estate, where to seek professional help, and the benefits of owning property.

Self Help

Diana has written and received payment for over 200 articles related to various self-help topics. Some include relationship advice, marital guidance, and much more. She always performs extensive and detailed research for each article before submission. In addition, Diana has plenty of personal insight to offer a unique perspective for readers.


Being a world traveler herself, Diana has freelance experience with writing projects related to leisure & travel. She offers valuable insight into the most popular sports throughout the globe and has written informative and promotional articles for this industry.


Being a modern woman herself, Diana has personal experience with issues pertaining to relationships, fashion, the latest trends, and more. In addition to the previous listed topics, she also completed over 200 articles related to women's shoes, nails, hair, and more serious issues like education and independence.


Diana has experience in writing about health and fitness for both genders. Her articles include helpful details on various ways to get back in shape. In addition to proper exercise, she has knowledge about proper nutrition and how to combine diet with a workout routine.


Diana has written well over 300 articles relating to advice and guidance for men and women in relationships. Many topics include buying gifts, communication, sex, and many others. In addition, she holds a degree in psychology and a minor in marital relations.


Diana has been a freelance writer for a decade and her expertise lies in marketing. She is an excellent promotional writer that includes interesting content and helpful details with instructions. Diana has written articles marketing countless products and services. Her clients use every submission that she submits because she does proper research with no fluff.

Consumer Goods

Diana is an avid lifelong consumer with personal insight into consumer products and goods of all kinds. She always performs appropriate research before writing to ensure interesting and relevant content. Her writing styles include promotional, informative, persuasive, press releases, and more.


Diana has written many articles related to proper construction, building materials, and heavy equipment. Her research practices are consistently detailed and accurate in terms of factual information. She also offers advice on how to construct a home that is safe while conserving space.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Diana has first-hand knowledge about SEO and always researches keywords before writing. She complies with keyword requirements every time and also includes related search terms to increase content quality.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Diana is creative and concise with creating titles and meta descriptions. She has successfully completed almost 300 assignments in various niches including electronics, fashion, hair care, and medical supplies.

Projects by Asset Type

Diana has written different articles in a wide range of styles. Some types include SEO content, product reviews, press releases, blogs, and instructional articles.

Blog Post

Aside from running her own blog page, Diana has received over 100 orders from clients. Just a few topics include technology, law, insurance tips, and real estate trends.

Technical Article

Diana completed almost 200 technical articles relating to SEO, instructional guides, and also many how-to articles. She also has experience with using related keywords for better search engine optimization.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Diana has worked as a freelance writer for over a decade. She has extensive knowledge in the areas of business marketing, finance, technology, health, and consumer products. Her technical skills include SEO content, press release, proofreading, and copy writing.


Diana is a meticulous and dedicated editor with the highest quality standards. She keeps the context of the particular niche and edits the text to improve readability. The overall tone, word organization, and consistent voice are top priorities.

Projects by Writing Style

Diana has ample experience writing in an authoritative tone. She maintains an imperative voice and supports the essential points with facts. Her dedication helps to complete assignments with confidence.


Diana has studied speech in college and has the proper skills to inform readers in a casual conversational tone. She also has won awards in several Civic Oration contests and has impeccable conversation skills.


Diana is down to earth and loves to laugh. She is witty and charming without ever offending the audience. Her humorous voice is always within context and keeps readers interested.


Diana is up to date with all the current affairs such as politics, education, healthcare, and consumer products. She performs extensive research prior to stating facts and only uses relevant quotes to support the main points.


Diana has written over 500 reviews and press releases for a variety of products such as electronics, dietary supplements, jewelry, and software. She has also done copywriting work in all different niches.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Diana has extensive experience with helping small businesses to market their products and services. In addition, she has vast knowledge regarding various styles of writing including promotional, informative, sales copy, and SEO content.
Diana has completed numerous projects that require detailed guidance and advice on building careers, starting a business, and successful marketing.


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