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Mark R

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Location Marietta, GA
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
Since 2009, Mark has provided only the best in high-quality content for a variety of clients. Through a combination of intensive research, creative writing that speaks directly to intended audiences, thorough proofreading and fact checking, Mark continues to develop a variety of timely and informative content on a wide variety of subject matter. This content often includes informative blog posts, eye-catching product descriptions, concise how-to guides and “top 10” lists. Mark has also dealt with more technical work, including white papers, press releases and SEO content generation.
In addition to graphic design and digital art, Mark’s other areas of expertise include automobiles, technology, motorsports, health, insurance and home improvement. From how-to articles on automotive maintenance and repair to informative articles on typography and corporate identity, Mark is the expert to turn to.
When he's not knee-deep in graphic design work or blog articles, Mark devotes his spare time to drawing, painting and digital photography.
Alabama A&M University Aug 2003 – May 2008
Graphic Design, Bachelors

From 2003 to 2008, Mark attended Alabama A&M University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Mark also pursued a minor in Telecommunications with a focus in television broadcasting.

Projects by Industry

From an exceptionally young age, Mark has always had a passion for just about everything automotive. Today, Mark uses that passion to write about a broad range of automotive topics. In addition to writing about the latest in automotive trends, Mark has also written buying guides, new and used car reviews, comparison reviews and how-to repair guides.


Although Mark has written countless articles about home appliances, his focus mainly lies with heating, cooling and plumbing appliances such as air conditioners, furnaces and hot water heaters. Using extensive research, Mark not only writes product descriptions and comparisons of the latest in home heating and cooling appliances, but also how-to articles on the various aspects of installation, maintenance and overall upkeep.


Ever since his parents brought home a Tandy 1000 RLX in 1990, Mark’s interest in home computing blossomed into a love of all things tech. Today, Mark writes about a broad range of consumer and enterprise tech topics, from smartphone tech and operating systems to VoIP and cloud computing.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Mark is an expert when it comes to keyword strategy. Mark has helped countless clients create high-ranking keyword research content dealing with a broad range of topics, from travel and technology to construction equipment and social media trends. Mark understands what it takes to drive SEO traffic and uses the latest in keyword placement best practices to boost content visibility and increase ad revenue.

Projects by Asset Type

When it comes to writing articles that appeal to a broad range of audiences, Mark has the experience and know-how. Mark has written countless articles on a wide variety of topics ranging from automotive maintenance to HVAC installation and service. Mark always strives to provide articles that are thoroughly researched and highly engaging to potential audiences.

White Paper

For many writers, writing a white paper poses a unique challenge -- creating a credible body of work that adroitly addresses the topic at hand while providing actionable solutions readers can observe and implement. Through extensive research, studious attention to detail and a flair for the written word, Mark has helped countless clients create white papers that provide clear, concise information while engaging readers.

Blog Post

Throughout Mark’s writing career, his primary focus has been on creating high-quality blog content. So far, Mark has written hundreds of blog posts for a broad range of companies, from small businesses to major enterprises. From personal finance and legal issues to automobiles, consumer technology and home improvement, Mark has encountered and dealt with a wide variety of subject matter.

Projects by Writing Style

Sometimes the best voice for an SEO-driven article is one that projects authority, especially when it comes to technical subjects. An active, authoritative voice allows the writer to establish an air of knowledge and trust with readers while providing factual and easily-verifiable information that readers can learn from. Throughout his writing career, Mark has successfully used the authoritative voice in thousands of his articles.


From promoting music concerts for ticket sales companies to writing romantic copy for online businesses, Mark has successfully written his fair share of promotional copy. Throughout his career, he’s developed considerable insight into what it takes to grab a customer’s attention. Using his writing talents, he’s helped countless businesses boost sales through the use of good promotional copy.


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