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Michael H is the designer, programmer, and creator of various websites. He has an established history in construction, home improvement and computer software/hardware. He also has over 25 years experience of sales, engineering and production management in a make-to-order manufacturing environment.

As a professional writer/programmer, Michael H has published SEO sensitive materials that date back over thirty years. His articles, software reviews, and short stories have appeared in The Charlotte Spectrum, Start Magazine, and Atari Explorer, as well as via many article submission sites such as Ezine, Articles, Associated Content, Writer Access, and Textbroker.

As the head programmer and Systems Administrator for a 25-user Novell/NT network system at Southeastern Metal Products in Charlotte, NC, Michael H has installed system hardware from the cables up. He has integrated all necessary software packages, trained users, documented operations, and provided technical support.

Mr. Michael H has personally developed and coded computer software for corporate functions in estimating, sales, engineering, material handling, job scheduling, job tracking, and accounting. Having worked hand-in-hand with professional estimators, engineers, and sales management teams, Michael H is functional in the methods and procedures of each and every one of these fields.

Michael H, one time fiction editor for Spectrum magazine, understands business needs. He knows how to match article content to the right business task and goal.

If you require quality author services from someone skilled but not arrogant, goal aggressive yet cautious, confident yet gentle, Michael H is ready to work for you.

As to personal articles concerning computers, SQL, and Christian faith, Mr. Michael H publishes regularly for Ezine Articles, Associated Content, and various self-produced and managed websites.
With Internet experience dating back into the early 1980s, Michael H is an expert at data research. He is also an author and writer of Internet content. If he does not know the nature of your subject matter, he can learn it via research. He has in-depth knowledge and writer skills in:

Home Improvement
Computer Hardware and Software
Lifestyle Content
Website Home, Aboutus, Services, and Contact
Christian Living and Theology
General Mechanical Repair
Automotive Repair

As to areas of expertise, Michael H's materials center on computer hardware and software, current applications of technology, the construction industry including practices and tools, home improvement, and how-to articles. He has also written about motorcycles, animal care, SEO, furniture, and most every topic. Mr H is very efficient at matching research and SEO to the needs of each customer.

Finally, Mr. H has a calling to produce Christian articles that promote Christian growth, correction and encouragement.
Christian writing and learning more about Jesus. Singing and musical instruments. Helping people. Wildlife. Home improvement. Education.
Various N/A

Company sponsored training:

- Central Piedmont Community College
Blueprint reading

– The Performance Group
Telephone communications,Personal development, sales leadership

- Anderson O'brian
Cadkey & Geopoint IV

Writer’s Digest Writing School Fiction Writing, N/A

Every beginning writer should paticipate in this process.

Central Piedmont Community College: Charlotte, N.C. College Algebra, geometry, tech. math, basic programming I, Cobol I, Creative writing, N/A

Michael H has always enjoyed puzzles and writing. He also favors anything that involves a great focus on logic and creativity. However, Mr. H is a self-taught computer programmer. In no short time, his skills created a demand that seemed to exclude the need for pursuing further computer training.

His ability to clearly understand written materials and to put into practice the accumulated information enabled Michael H to grow along with the computer industry without the need for consistent schooling. In fact, many college educated computer professionals have called upon Mr. H to resolve complex computer hardware and software related matters .

Central Piedmont Community College: Charlotte, N.C. Business management, purchasing, creative writing, Credit focused training

Michael enjoys learning and growing in various areas of business. Some of these courses were company-sponsored, others were pleasure based.

Wingate College in North Carolina Personnel Management: three credit hours – Jan. 1978, passed

This company sponsored training focused on the specific needs of Michael's job status at the time.

West Meck High School General -- Hey, I was a troubled kid, but I passed., Yes

Michael H had lots of skills, talents, and brains, but during this season of his life, he lacked wisdom. Although he could learn easily just by reading a book, he refused to apply himself to matters concerning conventional education.

By grace, he attended high school during a time when teachers permitted troubled students to slip from grade to grade.

At least he did learn something about grammar.

Honors and Awards
Techie Badge Apr 2013
Michael H earned the EzineAritcles "Techie" badge for articles accepted in the Computers and Technology category. These badges do, of course, link to the official pen name used by Michael H rather than the name associated here in WA.

Expert Author Badge Jul 2011
Michael has earned the "Expert Author" badge on @EzineArticles. Content ranges include heating and cooling, roofing, web design, wordpress and more.

Platinum Expert Author Ezine Articles
Sep 2010
Michael H has received the Ezine Platinum Expert Author certification and is a member in good standing. He has produced over 200 Ezine articles and earned badges under Handyman, Spiritual Leadership, Techie, Ecommerce, News Anchor and others.

Projects by Industry

Michael has written reviews of home appliances, various appliance repair content, and several appliance comparison reports. The content ranges from issues concerning kitchen hazards to bathroom solutions, and deal with how modern appliances can ease the general workload within the home environment.


Mostly about online education. From nursing school to online traffic school, Michael H has written about many areas of education. This includes sources of education, reasons for extended education, and methods of obtaining loans for continuing education needs. Michael has also written many articles that deal with the practical application of common sense as a product of education.


Michael H likes to observe animals. Raised on a farm and living now surrounded by nine acres of land with a 200 acre farm on the back side, he still gets to enjoy the daily viewing of many animals, including deer, owls, rat snakes, black racers, moles, hawks, herons the occassional fox and more. Michael raises cats, dogs, goats and other pets and livestock. His web content includes articles on animal control, pest control and pet care.

Self Help

Various odd topics: Children and self-esteem, anxiety treatment, others.


As a 30-year expert in computer hardware and software applications, services and repairs, Michael H has the hands-on background for producing in-depth reviews, how-tos, where to find, Cloud computing, file extensions and their purposes, Windows specific repair and research teachings and much more. He has also produced over 100 customer EULAs, TOUs and Privacy Policies for the web-based software industry.


Michael believes in verse-by-verse bible exposition. He is self-studied via the materials of John MacArthur, Charles Swindoll, C.S. Lewis, the Emmanuel Bible Course, and many others. His Christian work has been published in slick-back magazines and on multiple Internet websites. Over 500 Christian blogs link to his home website.

Michael teaches Christian truths via the authority given to him as he is called by the Holy Spirit of God.

Web Development

As the designer and manager of various websites, including church sites, construction sites and various personal sites, Michael H has a hands-on comprehension of web development. He is proficient in Word Press, HTML, php and other web development programming and resource management tools. Web development articles written by Michael H for customers on Writer Access include:

How To Optimize Your WordPress Website For SEO
Mobile Website Conversions -- The Makings of a Mobile Friendly Website
Why Web Hosting Must Exceed the Boundaries of Simple Internet Marketing
Three Steps To Designing Better Websites
15 Important Shell Commands for Webmasters
And many others for various article purchase sites.

As a custom programmer with experience in C++, Quick Basic and Assembly, Michael has a long history in software development. The background processes of every software application, be it website, desktop application or browser extension, remain constant in general principles. Efficient operation, customer satisfaction and reliable content make the difference between a successful website and a failed website. Michael H knows the difference.

Projects by Asset Type
Technical Article

Should Network Monitoring Tools Be Used To Protect Your Household Information? -- This content deals with wireless networks and various household information monitoring tech.

What Can Cloud Computing Offer You? -- This content defines cloud computing, addresses the goals of a cloud-based approach, and points out areas of success versus areas of failure.


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