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Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
Stephanie V has been a professional writer for nearly 14 years. During this time, she has written for online and print magazines, newspapers, business blogs, and retail websites. She has also written content for many professional newsletters, white papers, promotional books, and email advertising campaigns for a variety of companies all over the world.

She specializes in SEO, web content writing, corporate newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles with both entertainment and hard news content, academic writing of all kinds, and human interest stories for any type of publication.

Along with the solid foundation of freelance writing experience and client satisfaction she brings with her, Stephanie V believes in using a strong, active voice, and in being concise yet engaging in her writing. She also takes deadlines very seriously and strives to exceed the expectations of her clients each and every time she writes for them.
With a Bachelor's degree with a double major in English and Political Science and a Master's degree in Political Science, Stephanie spent 7 years as a college teacher. She has also taught high school and elementary school Social Studies, and has been a tutor in English, Reading, Social Studies, and History for students from 2nd to 12th grades. In addition, she spent a year working as a staff assistant to a U.S. senator, and five years working as a background investigator for the federal government.
Stephanie is very interested in history, traveling, health and wellness, vegan food, pets, politics, spirituality, and female fertility issues. She has extensive and detailed personal experience in all of these areas and enjoys writing about what she knows. She is currently working on a Bachelor's degree in History, which will be her 4th college degree.
University of Central Florida Jan 1996 – Dec 1997
Political Science, Master's Degree

Stephanie completed her Master's degree in Political Science in December of 1997. She spent the next 7 years using that degree to teach Political Science at local colleges before branching out on her own as a freelance writer.

University of Central Florida Aug 1993 – May 1995
English and Political Science, Bachelor's Degree

Stephanie holds a dual Bachelor's degree in English and Political Science from the University of Central Florida.

Honors and Awards
Investigator of the Quarter Nov 2006
Stephanie was awarded the prestigious Investigator of the Quarter award in November of 2006 for her work as a background investigator with U.S. Investigation Services.

Delegate to the 1999 Florida State Democratic Committee Convention Dec 1999
Stephanie was selected from among dozens of applicants as a delegate from Seminole County, Florida to the 1999 Florida State Democratic Committee Convention.

Founders' Award Jun 1999
Stephanie was presented with the Founder's Award by Lake Eola Charter School in Orlando, Florida for being a founding faculty member of the school.

Florida High School Writing Contest Feb 1991
Stephanie won 3rd place overall for the state of Florida in the 1991 Florida High School Writing Contest, sponsored by the University of Tampa.

Association Memberships
East Hillsborough Historical Society Nov 2011
Stephanie became a lifetime member of the East Hillsborough Historical Society in Hillsborough County, Florida in 2011.

Friends of the Library Sep 2011
Stephanie is a member in good standing of the Friends of the Library in her community.

National Genealogical Society Nov 2010
Stephanie is a long-time member in good standing of the National Genealogical Society.

Florida State Genealogical Society Nov 2010
Stephanie is a member in good standing of the Florida State Genealogical Society and is a past Legislative Committee chair and Pioneer Committee chair of this organization.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Apr 1999
Stephanie is a long-time member in good standing of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

New England Historic and Genealogical Society Jan 1996
Stephanie is a long-time member in good standing of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society.

Essex Society of Genealogists Jan 1996
Stephanie is a long-time member in good standing of the Essex Society of Genealogists.

Projects by Industry

With seven years as a teacher under her belt, Stephanie has the experience needed to write compelling copy in the field of education. She has a strong knowledge of the challenges faced by today's teachers and other education professionals, and keeps up to date on trends in education.


Stephanie has written for some of the Internet's leading entertainment websites. Covering everything from television to music, she has her finger on the pulse of pop culture and knows how to give the public the entertainment news they desire. This writer also has experience in the field. She appeared in local community theater productions consistently for six years in high school and college, and has appeared in 3 television commercials (one for a local nightclub, one for a Nickelodeon game show, and most recently, as a featured guest in an informercial for in 2005). She also has a statewide award for playwriting under her belt. This writer can fill all of your entertainment news and scriptwriting needs.


Stephanie has written hundreds of articles on a variety of health topics over the past 10 years. She is especially familiar with natural health, including popular and lesser known alternative treatments, having personally experienced many of these treatments for the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis she was diagnosed with as a teenager. This writer always provides an insightful, entertaining article while educating the reader in an engaging manner. In addition, she has worked in the health field as a receptionist in a nursing home and as a front desk clerk in a psychiatrist's office.


Stephanie has 22 years of work experience as a freelance genealogist and has worked with dozens of clients around the country, helping them discover their family histories and put together papers to join lineage societies. She has written hundreds of articles on genealogy and kept a blog on her own family history research adventures for many years. In addition to her experience with genealogy, she maintains a strong interest and participation in hobbies such as vegetarian cooking, travel, history, literature, and home decorating. She has written approximately 1,000 hobby-related articles for websites across the Internet and can write entertaining and informative articles on any kind of hobby for any age group.


With a Master's degree in Political Science, 7 years experience teaching it, 5 years working as a background investigator for the federal government, and a year working for a U.S. senator, Stephanie knows government in the United States. Those looking for a professionally written, intelligent government article with knowledge from someone who has seen the inside workings of it will want Stephanie as their writer.


Stephanie worked for a United States senator for two semesters in college, during which time she wrote numerous in-depth legislative analysis reports for constituents as well as for the senator himself. She has also been active in politics for years, having been a volunteer on numerous political campaigns. She was an Election Commissioner for the student government at her university for two years, was first Secretary and then Vice-President of the College Democrats at her school, and after graduation became Secretary of two Young Democrat groups in her state. With a MA in Political Science, she has written papers for political conferences, academic publications, newspapers, and newsletters. This writer is a trained, tested, and practiced authority on the subject of politics of all kinds. This includes American politics, world politics, and the politics of foreign countries.


Stephanie has written for a number of lawyers over the past six years. She began by writing website content for individual lawyer clients and moved into writing fully researched articles on a variety of legal topics. She even designed a website for one lawyer and populated it with original content on legal topics. She has written most frequently in the areas of personal injury law, family law, traffic law (including auto accident injury and negligence cases and the legal requirements for auto insurance), and financial law (including bankruptcy and foreclosures).


Stephanie once took and passed her state exam for life and health insurance agents and subsequently received her license to sell these two types of insurance. Though she never pursued a career in insurance afterward, she did learn a lot about the topic through the mandatory classes she had to attend to take the exam. She has since written on life, health, and other types of insurance for hundreds of clients. Her writing on the topic is concise, knowledgeable, and engaging to readers of all levels of understanding, from insurance professionals to people looking to purchase a good policy.

Non Profit

Stephanie has been a volunteer for quite a few non-profit organizations. As a strong believer in volunteering, she has contributed her time and talents to the Central Florida Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, the YMCA, ChildFund International, and a local adult day care program. She has written newsletters, newspaper articles, ad copy, and website copy for some of the groups with which she has volunteered and continues to look for new opportunities to do so. This writer believes in the mission of charitable non-profits and knows how they work and what they need. You'll find her writing in this area to be informative, engaging, persuasive (when necessary), and concise.

Home Living

Stephanie V has written several home living blog post articles for a variety of companies. The topics have ranged from home decorating to plumbing, and from lawn furniture to roofing. She can research any topic quickly, put a unique and relevant spin on it, and keep readers engaged.

Consumer Goods

Stephanie V has written blog posts and articles on consumer goods for dozens of companies and individuals around the world for the past decade. She knows how to research a subject quickly and effectively, and how to produce engaging, relevant copy that keeps readers interested.


Stephanie has written hundreds of articles in the travel industry since 2007. One of her earliest large-scale, ongoing writing jobs was writing mini-travel guides for nearly every major city on earth for a major website. She has since written hundreds more articles on travel across the globe, including the best times to go, attractions to see, safety tips for various countries, customs to follow in certain countries, how to travel within a particular country, the best restaurants, and where to go to learn how the locals really live. She is a travel writing expert and can make any destination sound exciting.


Stephanie is no stranger to writing for the construction industry. She has written for many different websites and private company newsletters on topics ranging from roofing to foundations and everything in between Whether you need an article, blog post, white paper, or brochure on residential or commercial construction, Stephanie V is the writer to hire.


Stephanie has written numerous humor-based articles for many different industries. Whether a client wants a straight humor piece for a publication or an industry-based article with a humorous slant for a blog or newsletter, she has written similar pieces for others and can do the same for you.


Stephanie has written over 50 articles on various crafts since 2007. These crafts include holiday crafts, home decorating crafts, and hobby crafts such as painting, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, and more.


Stephanie has written over 100 articles on children and family-related topics. She is a former teacher who has taught every grade from 3rd through college, and is familiar with current child care issues. Working with families through subsequent jobs in the non-profit sector, she is also well-versed in researching and writing about family-based topics. If you need any writing done on children and/or family issues, Stephanie is the writer you need.


Stephanie has written more than 250 articles and blog posts on everything from religion to psychics. Whether it is traditional spiritual traditions or New Age spirituality, she has written about it all with a creative flair that still educates and interests the reader. She is the writer you want for your spiritually-themed projects. You will be pleased with her work.


Stephanie has written over 500 articles and blog posts for clients in the home design industry. These projects include descriptions of new design products, ideas for decorating your home in various styles, and home remodeling designs. She has also written extensively about the new and popular tiny house movement, including how to design various types and styles of tiny homes. If you're looking for a writer who knows how to write for the design industry in a warm, personable way your readers will relate to and appreciate, Stephanie V is the writer for you.

Green Living

Stephanie has written over 1,000 articles and blog posts on green living for hundreds of companies in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Her topics range from natural beauty products to green cleaning to environmentally friendly house construction. If you're looking for an expert in green living articles from someone who not only knows how to write about the topic in an informative and engaging way, but who also lives the green lifestyle personally, Stephanie is the writer for you.


Stephanie has written over 500 articles for dozens of companies in the manufacturing industry since 2007. From aspheric lenses to metal fabrication, she has written on a wide variety of topics within this industry, all to the great satisfaction of her clients. If you're looking for an experienced manufacturing writer, Stephanie is the writer for you.


Stephanie has written thousands of articles, blog posts, white papers, and newspaper articles on topics that don't fall into any of the classifications here. She is very versatile in her writing, and can research any subject quickly, absorb the information, and produce an expert-level piece about it. If you need writing for any topic at all, you need Stephanie V to write it for you.


Stephanie has written over 500 articles, blog posts, and print pieces on pets and pet care. This includes projects on domestic and exotic pets. As a pet owner herself, including some special needs cats, Stephanie knows the pet industry very well and has many satisfied clients to prove it. If you want an expert writer for your article about pets, be it on pet health, care, temperament, or integrating a new pet into your home if you have other pets or children, Stephanie is the writer you want to hire!


Stephanie has written over 500 articles on appliances, including maintenance, repair, and product descriptions. Her clients have always been pleased with her work. If you are looking for a competent, experienced writer to write your appliance-themed articles, blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, and more, Stephanie is your writer.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Stephanie has been immersed in SEO writing for the past five years. She has expertise in keyword selection and placement in articles, as well as in using <H> tags to get the most search engine attention for a website using its chosen keywords.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Stephanie has 6 years of blog post writing experience for online businesses of all kinds. She understands keyword selection and placement, as well as how to write about a company's product or service to make it sound appealing to its target audience.

Press Release

This writer crafts engaging and informative press releases for all industries. Each press release is always designed carefully to fully meet client specifications. Attention to detail and accuracy are hallmarks of her press releases. She has been writing press releases for the past three years and has gained a number of clients who come to her again and again to write a release to the press each time they have a new product launch or exciting company news to share.

White Paper

This author has written white papers for 7 different companies, with some of those companies coming to her more than once for their white paper needs. While this is a new area of writing for her that she has only recently broken into, she has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her clients and many promises of future work with them. She is a meticulous researcher and puts a strong emphasis on accuracy and organization. If you're looking for someone who can produce a highly readable, unfailingly accurate white paper backed up by real-world data, who always meets deadlines, and who strives to exceed client expectations, then Stephanie V is the writer for your company's next white paper.

Projects By Expertise

Stephanie has extensive journalism experience going back 20 years. She has written news and human interest stories for a variety of newspaper and magazine publications throughout Florida.

Script Writer

Stephanie V has written scripts for one play, two radio commercials, and four web videos. This is a new area of writing for her as a paid author, though she did win a statewide playwriting award in high school. She is finding script writing to be very rewarding and enjoyable. Her clients are also happy with her work. She will take as much time as is necessary to work with the client to get the feel and tone of the client's project just right. As this is an area she would like to pursue further, she is actively seeking new clients who are in need of her scriptwriting talents and will work hard to exceed client expectations on each project.

Projects by Writing Style

Stephanie is a master of the conversational style of writing. With over 1,000 projects written in a friendly, conversational tone, Stephanie knows how to appeal to the casual audience by speaking to them as a trusted friend through her written words. People respond to Stephanie's warm, engaging conversational tone, and her clients love her for it. If you need a piece written in a conversational tone that your readers will enjoy and respond well to, Stephanie is the writer you should hire.


Stephanie has had experience writing in a variety of fields over the years, including humor. One of her longest and most recognized humor writing jobs was for, a website that summarized the latest episodes of reality shows in humorous ways. In addition to the job, she has also done satire for a variety of other online and offline publications.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Stephanie worked for two years as a copywriter for InfoSearch Media, a medium-sized company that specialized in SEO and promotional writing for a variety of companies around the world, particularly in North America and Europe. She completed hundreds of copywriting projects for InfoSearch Media, and her writing for the companies she worked with there can be found all over the Internet.


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