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Tyler has worked under several different projects, from management and marketing topics to digital photography news and advice for American homeowners, while building his professional writing business, QuillandInk.

He has been published on Huffington Post and Motely Fool. His article and blogs experience includes working for The Content Standard, Mad Mobile, Digital Landing, and Apass Education, among many others. He has written environmental articles for green businesses and family advice websites, in addition to creating business book summaries for EBSCO, and educational/marketing materials for other companies. He has a B.A. and majored in both Writing/Lit and Business Management ('08) with a couple of creative writing awards gained on the way.
writing, blogging, research, editing, article writing, whitepapers, investment advice, news, journalism, entertainment pieces
writing, reading, popular entertainment, music, backpacking, football, mountain hiking, beer
George Fox University Business Management and Writing/Literature (Double Major), BA

GPA: 3.9

Honors and Awards
Business Capstone Award for Best Capstone Business Capstone class and partner in real business award through GFU.

Honors Program Honors through college.

Projects by Industry

Tyler has worked up multiple appliance articles, especially for HVAC systems and kitchen appliances, focusing primarily on troubleshooting and sustainability.


Tyler has worked for a number of business companies writing articles on mobile marketing, business news, digital and technology news, and a number of business and education services.


In addition to working on articles about business education and education trends, Tyler has also developed multiple online college courses with Apass Education and others, including both lesson content and quiz/exam questions.


From technology news to covering mobile trends and reviewing new smart home appliances, Tyler has experience in a wide number of electronics sectors and how they affect both consumers and businesses.


Tyler has covered a number of entertainment news channels, particularly those related to new technologies and new speakers, TVs, online channels, set-top boxes, and similar entertainment tools.


Tyler has worked on numerous financial tip articles on how to save money, apply for loans, deal with mortgages, consider bankruptcy, and much more. He has also covered investment news and trends for the Motley Fool, primarily in the technology sector.


In the fitness industry, Tyler has written for several companies on new exercises trends, specific fitness and gym tips, and a number of nutrition articles dealing with weight loss and muscle gain.


Tyler's experience in the garden industry is focused primarily on articles about garden care and how to solve water, pest and fungus problems in sustainable ways.

Green Living

Tyler has written in many sectors of the green living industry, from eating sustainable foods to picking out the greenest groceries and saving money on utilities.

Green Products

Tyler has reviewed smart and green devices designed to help homes save money and help consumers live healthier lives - from cleaning products to energy management apps, he has covered a number of the latest products available.

Green Services

In the business sector, Tyler has written n the paperless office, BYOD trends, commercial energy management, and a number of other topics related to green services.


Tyler has written several articles exploring the best hardware for home improvement projects and how to avoid buying the wrong types of hardware for the job.


Tyler's health writing deals primarily with nutrition advice, as well as when to consult a doctor and how to find remedies for a number of issues related to gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and other common ailments.

High Tech

From covering the latest mobile apps and advertising trends to reviewing smart home devices and entertainment systems, Tyler has plenty of experience in many high tech sectors.


Tyler's management articles have dealt primarily with new management trends in the business world. BYOD strategies, and how to deal with employees in a changing world. He has also worked on college lessons for financial and business management.


From examining the latest SERP developments and SEO necessities to reviewing mobile marketing trends and suggesting tips for improving local and event marketing, Tyler has covered a broad number of marketing products.


Mobile marketing, mobile site development, mobile SEO, BYOD...Tyler has covered a vast number of mobile trends, specializing in advice on improving mobile capabilities and analyzing new apps on the rise like Uber.


Tyler's work in nutrition has focused on practical articles and whitepapers on how to spot truly organic foods, how to lose weight effectively, and what foods will really boost health and help muscle gain basic on scientific principles.


Tyler has covered issues ranging from BYOD and office security to office furniture, multiple SEM software solutions, and concerns over office equipment like MFPs and copiers.


Tyler has experiencing in writing about hiking, running, and camping.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Tyler has worked on article covering proper web design, technical audits, the latest link building activities, the best ways to use the ZMOT, ideal tagging and web architecture, and many more aspects of SEO and how it can be effectively used by businesses.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Tyler has worked for a number of encyclopedia publications studying industries around the world and U.S. NAICS info as well, including IDCH, Encyclopedia of American Industries, Encyclopedia of Global Industries, Business Insights: Global, and more.


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