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Location Brandon, FL
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
She is a copywriter and novelist. She writes articles, travel and entertainment blogs, product descriptions, and more. She has written short stories and has published an incredible horror novel. She has thrown herself into copywriting and has continued to gather more experience every day. She completed her first horror fiction novel, Circle of Power: A Vampire Saga and is in the midst of finishing the sequel.
In the interim, she has thrown her life into copywriting, which she has developed a sweet taste for and has been gathering lots of writing experience along the way.
Research, Copy Writing, and Persuasive types of composition, articles, and blogs.
Fiction short stories and novels.
Pencil and ink drawings.
Paintings with oil, acrylic, and mixed media.
Designing and creating logos by hand and in Corel Painter.
Recently begin developing 3D figures in Daz3d and Blender.
University of South Florida Psychology, Bachelor's Degree

She has a B.A. in the field of Psychology.

Projects by Industry

Zenobia writes many articles about movies and television shows that are related to the horror movie genre. She has also written articles about movies of varying genres that are currently in the theaters.

Consumer Goods

Zenobia wrote several short articles that were intended to give consumers product descriptions and help them make the choice to purchase the items. After researching the product, she used that information to write a compelling description that would persuade consumers to try the brand.


Zenobia is willing to go the distance to get the story. She writes articles about her travel experiences as well as doing research that gives her a better understanding about places to visit.


She is not only a writer, but an artist. This experience makes it easier for her to write attractive descriptions about products related to the arts and craft industry.


Zenobia writes interesting articles about insurance coverage. The pieces are suitable for customer's who are looking to buy insurance.


Developed articles about appliances will well-meaning descriptions that allowed the reader to understand every aspect of the product.


When writing about a medical topic, it takes lots of research to make sure that you get the answers the client needs for their blog or article. With a short stint as an EMT, Zenobia is able write medical terminology with confidence.


Zenobia works on articles and blog entries for businesses for online websites. She is informative and direct. She is able to capture the benefits of each company's assets and deliver quality pieces for the customers.


Zenobia enjoys researching and writing about vehicles' safety features, technological advancements, and other special features.


Eventually, every home will need some form of construction or renovation services. Zenobia is able to write informative pieces about companies that perform these services.


Zenobia is always learning and has the ability to create fascinating articles about teaching and educational tools and experiences.


Zenobia researches and comes up with intriguing articles concerning new and innovative electronic devices.


Writing about fashion comes easily to Zenobia. She has worked in and around clothing for years. She tells stories about each garment that brings a fascinating approach to the fashion industry.


Zenobia has lots of experience in the gaming industry. She plays PS3 and XBOX and keeps current knowledge of upcoming releases. She is able to write about the games she has played and research others.


The health care industry is extremely popular. Zenobia can research a majority of topics in this area and write compelling articles based on that research.

Home Living

Zenobia explores and writes fascinating articles about home living. These articles must be compelling in order to keep the reader's attention.


Zenobia researches and produces informative articles and blog entries for legal webpages. She is confident that the articles will convey its intended message.

Real Estate

Zenobia has researched a number of real estate opportunities. She can write convincing information that will draw in consumers.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

After doing a search in Google or Bing, meta descriptions are the short descriptions beneath the search. They are usually under 160 characters. It is imperative to use short, direct, and to-the-point language in the meta description to compel a reader to click on the link.

Projects by Asset Type

Taking action is what is needed for a customer to buy a product. Zenobia has the necessary ability to craft compelling descriptions that will urge consumers to purchase merchandise.

Web Page

Zenobia has written many articles for products descriptions on web pages that are not only intriguing, but compelling.

Product Description

Product descriptions are a great way of telling a story through a products eyes. Writing interesting and unique copy can bring consumers swiftly to a client's homepage.


Zenobia has written many articles for online readers. The articles are fascinating, compelling, and informative. She has a knack for capturing the reader's attention and keeping it throughout the piece.

Blog Post

Zenobia has a talent for writing blog posts because she does it all the time. Blog posts are meant to be entertaining and enjoyable to the reader. Zenobia can engage and entertain the audience while giving accurate and detailed information.

Projects By Expertise

She has written many articles, blogs, and product descriptions that has given her the confidence and experience to be an excellent Copywriter.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Wrote copy for products and services. Articles needed to have detailed descriptions and be extremely compelling.


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