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Erin has written in a professional capacity for SEO services and online web content since 2007. She started with a well-known "work at home moms" company specializing in content outsourcing that eventually grew to a staff of over 300.

After writing content for the content outsourcing company for a couple of years, she accepted a position as their Chief Editor and Project Manager for many of their major clients. She currently trains all of their new editors and writers and wrote their training manuals. In addition, she helped develop several eBooks and lesson plans concerning topics that are hot in SEO, including:

* Social Media,
* Mobile Marketing,
* Video Marketing,
* Keyword Research,
* Organic Search,
* Latent Semantic Indexing,
* Google Analytics,
* Local Search,
* Reviews and Local Directories,
* Image Optimization,
* And much, much more.

Eventually, she went into web design. She offers frelance writing and editing service, as well as SEO services as both a freelancer and a partner at a private company.

Now she would like to expand her resume at Writer's Access.

She also offers the following services:

* Keyword Research
* Anything to Do with Internet Marketing, SMM and SEO
* Copy Writing
* Blogging

She is proficient in several SEO tools:

* MySEOTools
* Unique Article Spinner
* Best Spinner
* Animoto Premium
* SEOMoz
* Basecamp
* Photoshop
* E-book formatting in both PDF, Amazon, Kindle and E-book Converter Software.

She has excellent organizational skills and enjoys a challenging project that involves research and insight.
* Articles
* Website Copy
* Blogging
* Reports
* Whitepapers
* Training Manuals
* Technical Writing
* E-books
One of the things that she enjoys the most about her writing career is the opportunity to write for subject matters that she feels passionate about.She has extensive knowledge in the following areas:

* Food and Nutrition (especially organic)
* Education
* Anthropology
* International Studies
* Mysticism and World Religions
* Literature
* Gardening
* Art
* Writing
* Psychology
* Yoga (teacher and student)

She has personal experience in the following topics:

* Photography (and darkrooms)
* Sewing
* Parenting
* IRAs
* Travel Agencies
* Entertainment Booking
* Catering
* Management
University of Central Florida May 2006 – Dec 2010
Education and Nonfiction Creative Writing, Liberal Arts

Erin has an associates in Elementary Education and switched her bachelor's degree to Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Nonfiction Creative Writing.

Prior to getting her degree, years ago, she studied Anthropology, International Studies, Photography, and Travel and Tourism.

Projects by Industry

Erin has written product review for appliances including KitchenAid. She feels confident that she could write a unique review for any product that she has used. She also ran a service that provided reviews at places such as Google Places--now Google Local, Yelp, MerchantCircle, Yellow Pages, Amazon and other websites that allow reviews.


Erin has worked as an editor for an online college degree program. The excerpts were about 200 words and designed to entice the reader to click with a strong piece of copy.

She has also written an eBook for a premed consultant that explains the process of getting a medical degree from high school to opening an office or working for a practice or healthcare center.


Erin was a major in Elementary Education, and she enjoys incorporating many of those principles into her writing. She particularly enjoy theories incorporating Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Erik Erikson, and Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences.

Erin has also written several instructional manuals concerning photography, mobile marketing, SEO, writing for the web, and more.

She has written at least 10 projects that have included educational purposes. She has also written and edited many different eBooks concerning Mobile Marketing, SEO, Writing for the Web and more.


Erin's SEO firm is located out of Las Vegas. She has written copy for one Casino Gaming website. She has also researched several casinos in depth, making proposals for newer casinos. Since she has written a lot of real estate articles for condos that are above the casinos, she has also learned the basic set up of some of the largest casinos in Vegas.

In 2010, Erin also edited projects for a gambling application.

Real Estate

Erin has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in real estate on the West Coast. Tony Thompson asked Erin's business to write all of the copy for their properties at She has also written several off-site articles for him too.

In addition to the major real estate client, she has also picked up several real estate articles that were geographically modified for all regions of the US.

Erin's family has a background in mortgage and commercial real estate. She first gained her experience writing press releases for them and has used that knowledge to write countless pieces of copy since then.

Self Help

Since Erin has been involved in Internet writing for almost 6 years, she has a hard time remembering all of the self-help books that she has written. For years, she wrote Law of Attraction articles, make money online articles, life coaching articles, and articles that challenge your way of thinking to achieve your goals.

Erin has also written Law of Attraction and motivational articles for Raymond Aaron, who was involved in the making of the The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Erin has always enjoyed time in the yoga studio and she considers her chosen path of spirituality to be firmly rooted in yogic principles and the chakras.

She enjoys the Tao Te Ching and other Buddhist literature. She has a deeper understanding of the astrological charts than the average horoscope reader. She also has an in depth education in tarot as related to Quabalistic teachings.

Erin has designed and written content for four yoga websites. She is currently collaborating with a friend to write a book about yoga related to the seven loops of the body.

Green Living

Currently, Erin is working on publishing her own eBook about sustainable living in the Ozarks. When she isn't writing, she is working at the community garden turning compost, recycling, and growing organic, local produce. She feels passionately about living simply.

She has also written eBooks for other clients regarding the difference between sustainable, organic, and local options. One of the projects required familiarity with Michelle Obama's Let's Move program and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Erin was also involved in writing an eBook regarding epigenitic science.


Currently, Erin is working on publishing her own eBook about sustainable living in the Ozarks. When she isn't writing, she is working at the community garden turning compost, recycling, and growing organic, local produce. She feels passionately about living simply.

Search Marketing

Erin is involved in countless projects regarding search marketing. She started out writing articles for a work at home moms' company about SEO and was promoted to head of training and communications with data team. She knows all of the ups and downs of SEO, SEM, and website development. She has worked with some of the more popular names in Internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

If you aren't sure if she's written about your content, feel free to ask. Chances are that she probably has and can provide a sample.

Currently, she runs her own SEO firm in addition to freelance writing.


Erin has written several articles and an eBook regarding a career path in the medical field of M.D.and Ph.D training. The topics of the eBook included starting medical training from the high school level all the way to residency, checking credentials and starting a practice.

Erin has also written several articles in the nursing industry.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Erin has extensive keyword knowledge. She works as a keyword research consultant at two other companies. She believes that lexical data is important, so she will usually run the keyword and related terms through a keyword finder. This helps ensure that the language that she uses throughout the piece is littered with subkeywords.

She has also worked extensively with geographically modified keywords and can edit any article to make a geographically modified keyword work.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Every time Erin writes an article, she performs keyword research so that she may incorporate valuable phrases into all of her articles for search engine optimization.

She knows that a good description and title are fundamental building blocks. She believes that the description should be written like copy in order to get the reader to click through when the result shows in a SERP. She also tries to write her page titles to incorporate keywords that are used in the article title and body.

She also believes that all <meta> tags and descriptions are just as important as the actual writing and design when it comes to web design. She uses SEOYoast to complete all pages and posts of a website.

Link Building

Erin has worked with several linkbuilding tools and services. If you have a specific tool that you need assistance with, here is a list of some of the things she has experience with.

Google Analytics
Google AdWord Keyword Tool
Facebook Advertising
Social Media posts
The Best Spinner
Link Trackers

Projects by Asset Type

Erin started writing articles back when article directories were the hottest thing online: around 2007, which is ancient in Internet years.

Her main source of income is from writing, editing, and hiring writers. Several months from 2007-2008, she hit the 40,000-words benchmark in writing or 100,000-words benchmark in editing.

She has worked on countless projects for article directories, but since the Penguin update, she doesn't write as heavily for article directories. Instead, she has focused her efforts on highly syndicated websites and guest blog posts.

Blog Post

Erin has written articles and blogs since 2007. She understands the intricacies of writing a compelling blog that is informative and not overly promotional. She knows that a blog post is more than just a backlink. It's about branding and gaining a following. The post requires personality, so that the reader feels invested in your writing. She knows that there is a huge difference between writing a blog post compared to other writing, and this is why so many clients choose her as their voice.

She would also like to mention that the keyword is "help me lose weight" because she wants to illustrate that she can incorporate keywords that aren't as commonly used into an article.


Erin is experienced writing sales copy and website copy. She feels that copywriting is more about the amount of time that you take crafting the piece than the number of words or keyword usage.

She is a huge Dan Kennedy and David Ogilvy fan and continues to broaden her expertise in this area.

Nowadays, every writer claims to be a "copywriter" after slapping up a website and writing some content. If you choose Erin, she will carefully construct your piece, knowing that every word makes an impression. She believes that offering benefits to solve the readers' problems always sells over a long page about the service or company.

News Story

Erin has experience writing articles and blog posts for the Las Vegas International Press Club. She has addressed the influence of the Internet in journalism, differences in writing online and traditional journalism, and several local events in Las Vegas.

Press Release

Erin has edited over 300 press releases for a content company. She currently holds the position of Chief Press Release Editor. She has also written several press releases.

She believes that you will be pleased with her format of the press release because she also knows all the submission processes of PRWeb and Newswire, so she can optimize your press release so that it sparkles. Your amount of impressions should be considerable higher than the typical press release because she takes a truly journalistic approach. All of your material will be factual. Paragraphs will be short enough that if someone picks up your release, they can easily dissect it into a smaller piece when needed.

Here is a copy of the latest press release that she has written.

Projects By Expertise

Erin worked chiefly as an administrator and editor for over 4 years. During that time, she still took writing jobs. Right now, she enjoys writing again since the standards of SEO and Google updates have made quality writing a thriving option. Nevertheless, she still accepts several jobs editing eBooks and other reports.

Script Writer

Erin has written a ten-part module for a mortgage broker in Florida regarding productivity. It was very similar to some of Eben Pagan's writing.

Projects by Writing Style

Erin believes that all of her writing should be written as in expert in the industry even if it's informal. She is known for presenting informative work that is well-researched and enjoys providing statistics and citations as proof.


Erin knows that article marketing and blogging require a good amount of conversational overtone mixed with technical writing for SEO purposes. She believes that a natural-sounding voice that engages the readers will be the difference between a high bounce rate and avid readers.


Erin is an avid reader of marketing experts such as Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, and Seth Godin. She knows that persuasive writing involves offering a solution to a customer's needs--not trying to "sell" the prospect on how good you are.


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