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Writer #5731
Towson, MD
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
7/24/2012 10/28/2016 8,146 244
Stephen L has written thousands of articles on a variety of different pieces of electronics equipment, from HDTV sets to home stereo systems and everything in between, for a variety of clients. Knowledge was gained through a combination of personal...

Writer #4949
Fullerton, CA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
3/8/2012 10/28/2016 3,231 126
Dave C. specializes in writing content about Apple products, including Mac desktop and laptop computers, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and applications and games that run on these devices. He has written material about a wide variety of electronics,...

Writer #1268
Palm Harbor, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
9/17/2010 10/28/2016 2,852 84
Lara enjoys taking complex technical topics and breaking them down into easy to understand bites for your readers.

She is well-versed in a number of areas of the electronics market including laptops, cell phones, Android devices and others.

Writer #1302
Boston, MA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
4/4/2011 10/28/2016 1,667 14
K wrote website content, as well as social media campaigns, for one of the world's largest chip manufacturers.

Writer #2541
Hiram, GA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
2/24/2011 10/27/2016 4,975 230
Tracy has written dozens of webpages and blogs on technology and electronics.These include many articles about iPhone, Android, tablet computers and other items. Many of these have been aimed at business people who use these tools as part of their...

Writer #4007
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/28/2011 10/27/2016 448 78
Beginning as a General Class ham operator -- building receivers, transmitters, keyers, 'scopes and other gear at age 14 -- and coming from a family headed by an electrical engineer, Allan was drawn to electronics early on. After college he used his...

Writer #2291
Lincoln, NE
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/18/2011 10/28/2016 1,819 49
Darla's background is in healthcare, but she has a natural talent for electronics and computers. She has used this ability over the years to supplement her income. For example, she provided original programming and graphic design to a local car...

Writer #9661
New York, NY
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
6/19/2014 10/28/2016 954 9
David is an avid electronics enthusiast, given that most of his day is spent on the computer, watching movies, playing video games or listening to music. David's love for all things electronics results in writing that is as passionate as it is...

Writer #12982
Montgomery, AL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/4/2016 10/28/2016 1,484 6
Chris combines a background in engineering with a technically precise writing style to produce engaging yet proficient articles on electronics. Chris' articles sell to their audience by showcasing the expertise of the brand rather than saying,...

Writer #4762
Mill City, OR
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/26/2012 10/28/2016 2,261 37
Leslie's expertise in electronics comes from first hand experience and extensive research. As a full-time office administrator, she uses a variety of electronic devices on a day-to-day basis. She has written articles about the way that these...

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