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Real Estate
- Great work! This is the exact type of information we need for these article types. Thank you!
- Sell Your Condo - "Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Snapshots - "This is great! Exceeded my expectations"

- Industry Projections - Thank you, much appreciated.
- Legal - Immigration "excellent"- Exceeded expectations
- Legal - Family Law - Exceeded my expectations
- Finance - Retirement income working for you- "Good Job"

- Women’s Health - Exceeded my expectations
- Awesome! "Group health insurance" - Exceeded expectations.
- Public Health - Thank you much, Iris. Very well written and informational for the general public that does not understand much about this topic. You're awesome!

Global Studies
- Thank you for the great work - will definitely keep you on our love list for future research needs.

Higher Education
- I just sent you a direct order. I'm hoping that you will be interested in completing this for me. I loved your previous work.

About Iris

She enjoys writing about business and the elements needed to do business. Her scope of writing is comprised of entrepreneurship, small, large, and maturing businesses. Her coverage of subject matter relates to regulations and guidelines covering operational functions. In most cases, the aspects of finance include bank funding requirements and business investment interests. As a seasoned business executive she's worked both domestic and international business environments. Her experience includes government topics for use in the public market segments.

Her research skills add value to the content providing informational data for readers. The purpose is to provide findings to help readers made a decision. Or in some cases, feel better about the decisions made about today's issues. Her writing style also provides suggestive alternatives or recommendations for the reader.

She enjoys the challenge and variety of writing. The industry categories include health, business, trade, investment, education, and process and procedure.
She's worked with a full range of clients. Many involved in technology, health care, government interventions, and international markets. Her skill and industry expertise revolves around details. These details are essential in business management, business development, marketing, and consulting. She writes descriptive "why, why not and how to" content to catch the attention of the reader and keep it. Combined with hands on knowledge and experience she understands the value of current information for reading audiences. Her articles hit the target for businesses needing more traffic, increased sales and more profit .

She’s been ghosting for over 5 years. Accounts are reflective of today's issues among mature to emerging businesses. Her writing is focused on developing informative content to a specific market segment and call to action.

Assortment of topics include:

• Legal – Personal, Business, Workers
• Health – Healthcare, Medical Services, Healthy Lifestyles
• Finance – Investment, Capital, Business Mgmt
• Environment - Science, Greenhouse, Alternatives
Other interests include:

• Gardening, cooking, reading, and history
California Coast University Business/Management, Bachelor of Science

Started college at Fullerton University, California with a focus on business and drafting. Got an opportunity as project manager - engineering projects domestically and internationally. Returned to school to complete a Bachelor of Science in Management through California Coast University.

Association Memberships
Small Business and Industry Organizations National Association of Women Business Owners
Latino/Canadian Chambers of Commerce
Aerospace Association

Projects by Industry

She understands the elements needed to do business within the industry for small, entrepreneurship and maturing business. Her coverage of subject matter relates to regulations and guidelines covering operational functions, bank funding requirements and business investment interests. As a seasoned business executive she worked in the both domestic and international business environments for government and commercial market segments.


She writes informative content on law pertaining to business and private circumstances, helping the reader to understand the consequences based on actions. Subject matters include protecting intellectual properties and trademark, management buy outs, financial successions and strategies, business and labor requirements.


She writes about bank funding requirements with elements of building business credit, investing for both business capital and personal investment interests. The goal is to provide a simple how to guide for small businesses, start ups, emerging and growing. As a seasoned business executive she's worked in the international business environment with an interest in currency conversion related to services and product.


Her knowledge is understanding the focus placed on green elements, and the purpose of fertilizers being used in the agriculture industry to produce quality product and higher yields. She's writing about the challenges most farmers or businesses face in positioning themselves in a mature market. And more interesting is organic fertilizers are becoming one of the best agriculture investments, adding further confidence for success of the company pertaining to selling price and potentially overall profits.


Recent projects include HIPAA requirements for health services and medical practices, including what it takes to sell a medical practice. Other industry topics related to health care include informational facts and research projects, causes and effects on women's health, and selected lifestyles.

Green Products

She's experienced in writing about green products and alternative methods for power usage, savings, and improved crop production within the US and International. In a world where curiosity and continuing development takes place each day, competition and success in business are about the differences helping to influence consumer decisions for improving lifestyles and the environment.

Real Estate

She writes blog content for real estate; research,region and community information for the purpose of providing information to the reader, helping them with decisions when selecting a home. The content is driven by the client’s demographics and prospect buyers and seller as well as the current and future market trends. She’s aware of the use for SEO, related links and online connections, which need to be incorporated within the article.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

She understands the importance of,and how the internet uses these valuable search tools; keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and social media interacting with social marketing platforms, such as #Twitter, and Facebook. She also knows how each aspect of SEO and Marketing relate to the writing project. It’s this knowledge that allows her content to engage the reader, especially for social media marketing. She is a master of showing the reader and making them think it was their idea.

Keep in mind, technology changes daily and keeping up with the Jones’ is a challenge, which is why she keeps up with changes in SEO and technology. She understands that these are part of the business stream that distinguishes your company for the competition.

Projects by Asset Type

Her written articles are directed to the reader, capturing the reader's interest to continue reading for more information in making a decision. From the client's perspective, her goal is the artful use of key words fitting into the content as value added for increasing traffic as well as catching the reader’s eye to click and open.

Blog Post

She writes content on a variety of subjects, pertaining to client specifics, industry related, research and informative studies, including "how to" for mass market and social media. The goal is to become an reliable resource, a trusted brand converting to sales building repeat customers.

Web Page

She's written content for all types of businesses marketing products and services. Her focus is to write content that's unique to the page, client and the target audience. Basically, the content provides information about the company and its knowledge, it also describes what sets them apart from the competition.


Iris' eBook experience consists of creating the original content pertaining to the topic and industry. She's also edited and updated existing content of eBooks, doing the research to verify facts and stats along with selecting appropriate- sharable quotes or sentences depending on the market and the client's preference. Two recent ghostwriting projects include a culinary and a business funding eBook.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

She writes about business and science, and industry on categories of health, small business, trade, investment, infrastructure, process and procedures. Research writing is about stats and information that comes as a result of cause and effect. The purpose is two-fold to provide direction for the reader based on the information and present the alternatives confirming the right action.


She's been writing content for business products and services pertaining to "how tos" and projections, specifically related to marketing various levels of buyers. More important the information helps the reader to make a decision and deal with the incoming results, which are positive.

Projects by Writing Style

Her writing styles vary depending on the concept, the reader and the intended audience. In some cases, a narrative style works to tell a story leading the reader to a specific conclusion. Another style of writing is more descriptive creating the desired image, and emotion. When seeking decisions more informative writing styles present comparisons defining attributes and may include instructions or directions intended to reach a specific outcome. Persuasive style writing is unique to the writer, engaging the reader with an explanation using facts or statistics to sway a decision or make a point.


She writes conversational content in response directly to the reader, answering questions in a friendly format as if you are speaking directly to them. The reader can relate to the information and in most cases they may physically nod their heads and click to the call to action.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

She is experienced in business, writing to specific business requirements with the knowledge of how to manage. Her success comes as a result of clearly understanding the cultural differences and requirements, while keeping relationships between key management personnel, developing special board members as needed to meet criteria and quantifiable goals. Her knowledge and experience on management practices, customer service, training, business and marketing plans has won multiple awards. She currently mentors and consults a variety of business sizes, contributing to topics related to expanding markets and sustaining profits.

Fortune 500

She's experienced and has been trained and certified in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, AS 9100 and ISO Quality System/Auditor - Certification. She's worked with teams on business developments, proposal teams, program management. Her hands-on experience with fortune 500 include management practices, customer service, personnel training, business and marketing plans has won multiple awards for cost savings. She currently mentors and consults a variety of business sizes, contributing to topics related to expanding markets and sustaining profits.

Medium Business

Her involvement and experience with medium sized business includes sharing the "how to" avoid the risks associated with business, and why the business owner needs to manage the consequences of a risk within a variety of industries, including environment, technology, human intervention, staff, organization, politics, conflicts, liabilities and cost. As an advisor and mentor, she consults businesses of all sizes, as a specialist the topics are related to expanding markets and increasing profits through steady growth.

Small Business

Her enthusiasm for small, emerging and entrepreneurial sized businesses starts with research and overviews for contributing informative topics related to building, and developing a strong business foundation establishing a firm position in today's market, fulfilling business owner dreams and creating profits to sustain tomorrow's growth. Her community recognitions have come as a result of coaching business owners with a desire to enter the business arena through motivation, solid resources and hard facts of business in today's competitive environment.


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