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Rachael is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years experience writing features, covering general assignment stories and spot news. She is the winner of several Associated Press awards for her long-form, feature journalism. She has also completed two original screen plays and one novel. Rachael is a popular and well respected newspaper columnist and political writer in Northern Oklahoma.
Rachael has written in many extreme and inconvenient circumstances, including covering the war in Iraq while embedded with an Army unit. As a veteran, she was able to access locations in Iraq other writers were not permitted to travel. She produced living, breathing features every day, chronicling the struggles of Sunni and Shiite tribes during the war. She did this while still hitting deadlines for newspapers in the United States, which were eight hours behind the time in Iraq.
Rachael also worked in marketing and promotions, writing the advertising and promotional content for clients of two newspapers. She wrote all the grand opening promotions material for a newly constructed Bass Pro Shops in Louisiana. Rachael has written grant applications during her eight years as the mayor of a small Oklahoma town, as well as press releases and military newsletter content during her 21 years in the Army Reserves.
As a professional writer and blogger, Rachael shares her expertise in politics, government, military, security, leadership, oil and energy as well as lifestyle topics such as spirituality, family life, mental health, combat stress, PTSD and personal growth.
Rachael has created contacts through her work abroad that enable her to obtain interviews and information from myriad sources - some even outside of the United States - who are not usually available to most writers. Rachael's experience and training in the proper way to cover victims of natural disaster and terrorism enable her to get close to sources who usually resist many writers. Her time living without the most basic conveniences and in dangerous locations shapes her ability to write convincing and full-bodied advertising content for even the most simple products.
Rachael is an avid horsewoman. She owns an acreage in the Panhandle of Oklahoma where she lives with her two dogs Nipper and Gracie, her cat Norman and her horse Brother. She loves traveling to California to visit her daughter and son-in-law Johnna and Jason. She enjoys spending time outside training for marathons, writing poetry and learning about great wines.
University of Central Oklahoma Aug 1981 – May 1985
Political Science,

Rachael completed 102 hours toward a bachelors degree in political science. She left school early when she gave birth to her daughter Johnna.

Honors and Awards
News Media Daily Writer of the Year Oct 2000
Rachael received the honor of this award for her reporting on veterans in the state of Oklahoma.

Patriot's Award Jul 2000
Rachael received this award for covering in depth the stories of POWs in the Vietnam war.

First Place/Spot News Reporting Rachael received this award for the spot reporting of a contentious city matter that gained the public's attention.

Association Memberships
Northwest Oklahoma Literacy Council Oct 2013
Rachael is a board member, working to promote literacy and free classes for ESL students in Northwestern Oklahoma.

Society of Professional Journalists

Associated Press/ Oklahoma

Elite Life Coach and Training Certificate Life Coach
Feb 2014
Rachael completed a three month course and earned a certificate in life coaching. She operates a life and leadership coaching academy. She offers corporate team coaching on site and by appointment. Her clients come from all walks of life and many different industries.

Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape U.S. Army
This training covers multiple levels of personal security for service members serving in a war zone or overseas for the U.S. government.

Victims and the Media The Poynter Institute
This certification covered best practices when reporting on victims of large natural disasters or acts of crime and violence. It included interviews with the families of people who were killed in the downing of TWA flight 800.

Projects by Industry

Rachael served for eight years as the mayor of a small town in Oklahoma. The task was true public service, was unpaid and it required hundreds of hours of grant writing for numerous projects, including newly paved streets and a brand new rural water system. She also managed (and won) a campaign, the only of its kind at the time, to gain public support for one Oklahoma county's ten small fire departments. She wrote all of the campaign literature as well as running and writing for another campaign for the position of county commissioner. Rachael has also served as a speech and policy writer for several state and city level politicians in Oklahoma and Louisiana. She is considered a local expert on the Open Meetings and Open Records Act.


When writing or speaking on management and leadership topics, Rachael hearkens back to her extensive military training in communication and leadership. Rachael writes, consults and lectures on the importance of "in the trenches" leadership when creating a successful corporate team. She utilizes her extensive background where leadership matters most - in the battlefield - to help stateside corporate leaders grasp their proper roles. Rachael has written numerous articles and columns aimed at helping corporate leaders communicate more clearly, drop the drama and build lasting, successful teams.


As a certified life coach and with extensive training in the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Rachael has written many newspaper columns on the subject of family interaction. Her down-to-earth, compassionate style and ability to get people to discuss their struggles openly, makes her family columns the clear favorites with the public.


Rachael has written engaging marketing copy that leads readers into the text with viable statistics and interesting facts regarding the newest electronics and current sales. She draws from her own experience using electronics in many environments.


While the executive editor of a community magazine, Rachael added a feature called "Dinner Date". This was a local restaurant critique, which became known for picking some of the best eateries in the region. Rachael uses her love of good food and great wine as a backdrop for her columns and blogs. In her style, a reader can almost taste what she's writing about.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Rachael has a solid and growing history working with Keyword Requirements. She also has constant access to her daughter who is an online marketing consultant for an Atlanta firm dedicated to online marketing for private and public universities.
Learning new styles of writing and optimal work usage is nothing new to Rachael. Continued learning and a love of the language is key when writing full-time.
Rachael has also been building her own website and learning a lot about keyword requirements for her life and leadership coaching business.

Projects by Asset Type
News Story

Rachael has written hard news and features for more than 20 years. She especially enjoys breathing life into her stories, allowing readers to smell, taste, hear and feel as they read. Her advertising copy is as colorful and fun as her long-form journalism pieces.

Blog Post

Rachael writes down-to-earth, blogs that drill to the core of real people and what makes them tick. She has written many blogs for her newspaper clients as well as personal columns.

Projects By Expertise

While Rachael works primarily in news, she also writes copy for advertisement clientele for the papers where she works. She has written active and engaging copy featuring services and products as well as rich biographical advertisements and website content for performers.

Projects by Writing Style

Rachael has extensive experience writing with verifiable and authoritative sources, as she has written exhaustively on education, the military, law enforcement, the mental health field and the medical field. She had written numerous articles for trade journals in these professional fields.


Rachael wrote a humor column for four years at one of the news outlets she worked for. The weekly piece was a sort of "slice of life" type column. It was popular and funny and got at what really makes people have the ability to see their own human qualities in a humorous light.


As a journalist for more than 20 years, Rachael has covered everything from War to entertainment. She is a seasoned professional who has a solid grip on liable law and investigative reporting.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Rachael has written everything from employee profiles to public announcements and press releases for companies such as Bass Pro Shops to 501-C-3 foundations.
She has also written numerous public announcements for government offices and agencies throughout the state of Oklahoma as well as nationally.


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