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Education Bachelors Degree
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According to Writer Access clients, Patrick's work is "of excellent quality," "informative" and "well-written."

Other comments from WriterAccess clients include:

"I needed to release a corporate communication for one of our Law Firm clients, Patrick helped us to put together this announcement in few hours with almost no or little instruction, his writing was so perfect that I got no request for modification from our picky client, and believe me this never happens. We released the memo within 10 min of getting it from Patrick. perfect work, thank you and we'll send you tons of work soon."

"By far one of my favorite writers. Always the 1st orders I receive back and the content is always informative and of excellent quality. I wish he could write all of my tech articles."

"I only send my orders to Patrick for one of my clients. He is the best-- routinely exceeding expectations, and he is extremely qualified!"

"Great writer! - excellent researcher - He can comfortably write on a number of different subjects or industries. Plan to use Patrick on a number of technical articles in the future."

Patrick originally matriculated at Boston University. He graduated from Tulane University with degrees in Sociology and Political Science. He also holds an ABA-approved Paralegal Certificate.

Patrick is always available for direct writing assignments.
Patrick is a full-time freelance writer. He is experienced in creating SEO content, copywriting, blogging, web sleuthing, generating general web content and anything involving the written word. His work experience includes a multitude of jobs ranging from working in a law office as a paralegal to executive support.
Patrick is interested in writing non-fiction and fiction. He reads everything he can get his hands on. He is also interested in movies, the Internet, video games, vegan cooking and sports.
Tulane University Aug 2001 – May 2005
Sociology, Political Science, Bachelors

Patrick graduated from Tulane University in 2005 with undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Political Science. He also holds a Paralegal Certificate from South University.

Honors and Awards
Membership May 2004
Patrick is a member of the International Honor Society Of Sociology. This organization is also called Alpha Kappa Delta.

Membership May 2003
Patrick has been inducted into the National Society Of Collegiate Scholars for his collegiate academic achievements.

Tulane University's Greater New York Area Scholarship Aug 2001
Patrick was awarded Tulane University's Greater New York Area Scholarship. The scholarship is given to the best qualified Tulane student from the state of New York.

Paralegal Certificate South University
Dec 2005
Patrick holds a Paralegal Certificate from South University.

Projects by Industry

Patrick is a full-time freelance writer. He writes a wide variety of material including health focused articles. He works for multiple content mills. His articles include subjects like vegan cooking, exercise, the Affordable Healthcare Act and disease prevention. He considers himself to be a health aficionado. Patrick is a vegan, an excellent cook and a skilled athlete.


Patrick has written numerous articles concerning the law. He has written about the law as a freelance writer and also while working for attorneys. He has performed legal research as well. Patrick is especially knowledgeable about the civil litigation process. Yet he still maintains an intellectual curiosity about all aspects of the law.


Patrick is extraordinarily familiar with offices. He has worked in them for most of his adult life. He has written about business strategies, office layouts, office etiquette and much more. These writings have appeared on blogs and various websites. His experience as a paralegal and office assistant lend credibile support to his writings.


Patrick has written several beauty-oriented articles for a variety of Internet content mills. Each provided unique insight into beauty care, beauty regimens and general aesthetic improvement. Aside from writing about beauty, Patrick also puts his knowledge into practice. As an extremely self-conscious person, Patrick goes out of his way to ensure that his personal appearance is up to the highest standard.


Patrick is extremely knowledgeable about automobiles and automotive care. He is a self-proclaimed "gearhead". Patrick drives a vehicle with a manual transmission. He has maintained his own vehicles since earning his diver's license in 1998.


Patrick completed an array of undergraduate business courses at Tulane University and Boston University before switching his majors to Sociology and Political Science. He has worked for a myriad of businesses such as McDonald's, Sunoco, AT&T and numerous law firms.


Patrick has written several construction-oriented articles. He understands the industry's nuances and holds a genuine appreciation for the rigors of the industry's work.


Patrick is a well-educated individual. He attended Boston University and Tulane University. Patrick has tutored students and composed several education articles for clients. Patrick reads educational materials on a regular basis. He strives to learn new education strategies even though he no longer works as a tutor. This fact is a testament to Patrick's fervent intellectual curiosity.


Patrick is an electronics guru. He has an in-depth understanding of computers, computer accessories, TVs, video game consoles, video games and most other electronic devices. The industry's dynamic nature piques his interest. Patrick is the perfect writer for your electronics-oriented articles.


Patrick is a sports fanatic. Aside from watching each of the four major sports on a regular basis, Patrick also plays sports. He plays basketball, tennis, racquetball, golf and baseball. Patrick even plays sports video games. His sports knowledge is rarely paralleled. Assign a sports-oriented article to Patrick and you will be ecstatic with the result.


Patrick has traveled throughout most of the United States. He lives somewhat of a nomadic existence. Patrick has lived in Buffalo, Columbia, Austin, New Orleans and Rochester. He has driven across the country for college tours, vacations and business trips. In terms of international travel, Patrick has visited the Cayman Islands and Canada.


Patrick is a technology aficionado. His interest in technology blossomed in his early years. Patrick was one of the first Earthlink customers. He also subscribed to Nintendo's X-BAND service as a teen. Patrick understands the nuances of the Internet, computers, computer accessories, TVs, video games and most other technologies.


Patrick knows more than the average person when it comes to taxes. As an independent contractor, Patrick completes his own taxes without outside assistance. He has also taken courses pertaining to business taxes and tax accounting while studying at Tulane University. Patrick has written several insightful tax articles for Internet content mills across the past four years.


Patrick has written several transportation-oriented articles. As a well-traveled individual, he has enjoyed numerous forms of transportation. Patrick rode the "T" while studying at Boston University and the street cars while studying at Tulane University. Patrick rode the Amtrak across the country in 2011. He owns and maintains his own vehicle. Patrick has taken over 100 flights in his life.


Patrick is extremely interested in relationships. In his spare time, he writes short stories that are centered on human relationships. People often ask Patrick for relationship advice. You won't find a better writer for relationship-oriented articles.

Real Estate

Patrick has written over 100 real estate articles for clients. His nomadic existence has exposed him to an array of unique real estate markets. Patrick has lived in New Orleans, Buffalo, Rochester, Geneva and Austin.


Patrick loves just about every form of entertainment. He is a movie buff, video game enthusiast, loyal radio listener and a general consumer of all things entertainment-related. Part of Patrick's interest in entertainment can be attributed to the fact that he grew up in West Seneca, New York, an area that receives more snow than almost every other part of the country. As a result, Patrick spent a considerable portion of his youth watching TV, playing video games and listening to the radio.


Patrick studied Political Science at Tulane University. He tries to remain abreast of all political happenings, even if they occur in countries outside of the United States. Patrick recognizes the merit of each political party's platform. He has even written about the Green and Libertarian parties. You will not find a better writer for your politically-oriented articles.


Patrick has been playing video games since 1986. He currently plays video games on the Wii U, PlayStation 4 and PC. Patrick is especially interested in virtual reality gaming, mobile gaming and online gaming. His favorite gaming genres are sports, racing, puzzles, "God" games and RPGs. Patrick spends a significant portion of his free time playing video games with his friends. You won't find a better gaming writer than Patrick R.


Patrick has written numerous articles about home appliances. He has created blog and website content for HVAC providers, appliance repair services and appliance retail outlets. Patrick is also well-versed in the nuances of energy efficient appliances that are quickly becoming connected to the IoT (Internet of Things).


Patrick draws on his professional work experience when writing career-oriented articles. His experience as a paralegal, litigation assistant, office administrator and workers' compensation claims examiner has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of different industries. Patrick reviewed resumes and interviewed job candidates while working at Zwicker & Associates in Austin, Texas. His work ethic and iron discipline have led to numerous promotions and raises throughout his career.


Patrick has an excellent sense of style. He goes out of his way to stay well-dressed even if he is taking a short walk down the street. Patrick believes that looking good inspires one to feel good. His wardrobe is quite expansive and colorful. He loves to accessorize with hats, jackets, ties and sunglasses.


Patrick is obsessed with health, fitness and nutrition. He exercises for at least one hour each day. Patrick runs, walks, bikes, golfs, swims and plays an array of sports. He is especially interested in interval training, cardiovascular exercise and pairing the proper fitness regimen to his vegan diet. Though Patrick no longer lifts weights, he lifted for years as a member of Bally Total Fitness.


Patrick has a strong interest in finance. He completed several finance courses while studying at Boston University and Tulane University. Patrick initially selected finance as his major but eventually switched to sociology and political science. Patrick grew up watching CNBC and reading investment advice from investment gurus like those employed at The Motley Fool. He understands the meaning of finance terms such as P/E ratio, beta, puts, calls etc. You should have no reservations when considering Patrick for your finance writing projects.


Patrick is extremely interested in food, nutrition and health. He has been a vegan for four years and a vegetarian for 11 years. Patrick has wholeheartedly embraced the DIY (do it yourself) ethos when it comes to food. He cooks the vast majority of his meals. His favorite types of food are Mexican and Italian. When traveling, Patrick searches for Chipotle and Moe's Southwest Grill restaurants. He absolutely loves to eat.


Patrick studied Political Science as an undergraduate at Boston University and Tulane University. He is well-versed in all things government. Patrick's knowledge of government procedures at the federal, state and local levels is rarely paralleled. He has volunteered several times for local government officials. Patrick also reads government-related news stories on a daily basis.


Patrick loves to garden. He grew up on a small plot of land in West Seneca, New York. Though space was limited, Patrick planted and maintained a diminutive garden with the assistance of his parents. Nowadays, Patrick lives in a cramped apartment yet he still grows herbs indoors. He has a "green thumb" and loves to write about everything related to gardening.


Patrick has tried his hand at music. He created several hip-hop instrumentals as a college student at Tulane University. Though he does not have enough space to make noise with an instrument in his cramped apartment, he listens to music every day through his earbuds. He is a fan of all music genres except for Country. His favorite musicians and bands are Thom Yorke, Rage Against The Machine, Modeselektor, Discovery, Rostam, Radiohead and Mariah Carey.

Search Marketing

Patrick is extraordinarily skilled with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. He understands the nuances of various SEO strategies. Patrick has written upwards of 100 SEO-oriented articles in the past three years. He is your go-to writer when it comes to any type of writing project related to search marketing.


Patrick loves animals. He cares so deeply for animals that he has transitioned to veganism. Patrick grew up with a Maine Coon cat in his home. He is now the proud "parent" of two cats and a dog. Patrick regularly pet sits for his relatives' dogs and cats. You won't find a better writer for your pet-oriented articles than Patrick.


Patrick is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. He reads everything about the topic that he can get his hands on. Patrick has has been a vegan for five years. He was a vegetarian for a decade before making the transition to veganism. He knows the positives and negatives of all sorts of different foods and beverages. He also understands how certain foods prevent and remedy illnesses.


Patrick loves spending time outdoors. He enjoys hiking, swimming, running, basketball, tennis, golf and a number of other outdoor activities. He especially looks forward to writing about outdoor activities.


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