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Jennie M

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Jennie has earned degrees in Business Administration and Broadcast Communications, with additional undergraduate studies in Human Resources, Performing Arts and Psychology.

Jennie's background includes years of executive experience in the fields of:

*Advertising, Marketing
*Human Resources
*Hospitality Services
*Radio Broadcasting
*Business-to-Business Sales

As a new empty-nester, Jennie spends her days writing, planning her next cruise vacation and caring for her tiny rescue dog named Franklin.
Although Jennie loves to take on all sorts of new writing challenges, she specializes in topics such as:

*Marital & Relationship Issues
*Home Improvement
*Health & Fitness
*Addiction and Recovery Issues
*Electronic Cigarettes
*Personal Finance
*Marketing & SEO
Currently, Jennie's main interests include vegan cooking, all things related to e-cigs and travel.
Husson College Business Administration, BS Business Administration

Jennie earned a BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resources and Marketing. She also holds an AS in Broadcast Communications.

Projects by Industry

Jennie's knowledge of finance originates from three direct sources:

1. Her experience working in a successful financial advisory firm in Maine.
2. The years she spent as a Payroll and Benefits Administrator for a global corporation in the auto industry.
3. The vast amount of research Jennie has under her belt relating to bankruptcy (both U.S. and Canada).

Through personal experience and extensive research, Jennie is prepared to create original, compelling content for your company's blog or website.


Do you need someone to write blog posts or articles about electronic cigarettes? If so, Jennie is your gal because she is a full-time "vaper" and loves to share her knowledge about all things vape-related with anyone and everyone!

Her experience with mods, rebuildables and DIY e-liquid allow Jennie to write for any audience, from newbies to advanced users.

Jennie's current all-day vape is DIY watermelon e-juice in a Kayfun RBA atop a Vamo V5 mod.

Self Help

You'll be hard-pressed to find a self help topic that Jennie hasn't already covered. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Jennie has used both personal experience and extensive research to produce original content in more topics than she can even think to list, including:

Addiction Recovery
Compulsive Behaviors
Personal Debt Issues
Diet and Exercise

Your readers will benefit from Jennie's knowledge and experience when seeking information to help them overcome their own personal struggles.

Home Living

Jennie has written hundreds of paid articles and blog posts about all things home improvement-related. From roofing repairs to HVAC maintenance to DIY flooring projects, Jennie's informative and entertaining approach to writing will teach your readers how to spruce up their homes in any number of ways.

In 2006, Jennie purchased a fixer-upper home that was in desperate need of some TLC. Throughout her journey of rebuilding her home from the ground up, Jennie learned some valuable lessons about home repairs. She also made plenty of mistakes along the way, which can be used to create great content, too!


As an avid pet lover, Jennie is a certified volunteer "Dog Walker" and "Cat Cuddler" at the local Humane Society. She takes great interest in behavioral therapy for dogs, having adopted a few behavior-challenged rescue dogs over the years. Through research and experience, Jennie is prepared to create detailed, original content for your pet-related business.


Jennie's dedication to eating a plant-based diet has inspired her to stretch her cooking muscles to create fabulous cuisine that's healthy and actually tastes great. However, that's not to say she isn't well-versed in non-vegan cooking, too!

Besides pouring over cookbooks and creating new recipes, Jennie also enjoys trying out new cooking gadgets and appliances. She's a firm believer in using any available gadget that can make her life in the kitchen a little easier.


Jennie enjoys writing about many different aspects of the "Relationships" topic. From high school crushes to intimacy anorexia, her paid articles run the gamut.

Besides love relationships and friendship issues, Jennie also has a vast amount of experience writing about business relationships. As a former advertising executive, Jennie's daily life consisted of nurturing her business relationships to keep food on the table.


From saving crazy amounts of money through couponing to shopping for designer handbags, Jennie has experience in many facets of shopping. Now she's ready to share her knowledge and expertise with your readers!

Throughout the 1990s, Jennie worked in the retail industry during college and while living as a starving actress in NYC. She also has a keen eye for spotting counterfeit designer goods.

While working as an advertising executive, Jennie wrote oodles of ad copy for her retail clients. Composing compelling copy that inspires readers to take action is one of Jennie's strengths. She loves writing catchy product descriptions, too!


Jennie is cruise fanatic and loves visiting exotic ports around the world as often as her schedule and budget will allow. She is eager to share her travel tips and destination reviews with your readers.

Jennie has been planning and plotting her own travel itineraries for years, long before the internet made it so easy. Plus, she sold cruise vacations for all the major cruise lines in 2012-2013.


The hospitality industry runs generations-deep in Jennie's family. She was born and raised in Bar Harbor, a popular tourist destination and seasonal cruise port located on an island off the coast of Maine. Jennie grew up doing what she knew best: working summer jobs at local inns and hotels, retail shops and eateries.

As an adult, Jennie's background in the hospitality industry served as inspiration when creating successful marketing and advertising content for her clients in tourism-driven print and digital publications.

Years later, Jennie has broadened her hospitality expertise to include content creation for clients and destinations all across the world.

Projects by Asset Type

As a former print and online media advertising executive, Jennie quickly discovered that she enjoyed writing ad copy for her clients much more than selling the actual column-inches of advertising space.

Projects by Writing Style

Jennie's professional background in marketing and advertising makes her well-versed at composing promotional materials. (She has written more product descriptions than she can count!)


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