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Writer #8100
Walhonding, OH
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
11/2/2013 9/30/2016 1,109 38
Amber strives to live green every day. She knows how to cut back on energy usage, find eco-friendly alternatives to common disposable products, and she is an expert when it comes to recycling. She purchases goods made from sustainable resources...

Writer #5462
Portland, OR
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
6/14/2012 9/30/2016 2,509 34
Sarah is dedicated to the green movement personally as well as professionally, and has written extensively on the subject. She has composed product descriptions for green goods, written blog posts about how to use green products in the household,...

Writer #3981
Livonia, MI
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/25/2011 9/30/2016 3,038 131
Scott C has written about sustainability and eco-friendly products for a magazine he used to write for. He's covered everything from new eco-friendly automobile engines to airplanes to bicycles and paper cups.

Writer #2541
Hiram, GA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
2/24/2011 9/30/2016 4,932 230
Living green is an important goal--Tracy practices this in her day-to-day life by utilizing green products and solutions when possible. This has given her a unique insight into writing for eco-friendly companies too. She will do everything possible...

Writer #1289
Kingston, NY
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
4/4/2011 9/30/2016 5,008 140
Lindsey is an expert on green products and environmental living. She has written informative and instructional articles on green topics including recycling, composting, rain barrel setup and rain water harvesting, buying and selling recycled and...

Writer #3208
Sioux Falls, SD
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
5/21/2011 9/30/2016 4,846 72
As someone who uses green products, from eco-safe cleaners to organic produce, in her daily life, Miranda has the insight needed to write about environmentally conscious products. She has written blogs regarding going paperless as freelancers *see...

Writer #5760
Deltona, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
7/28/2012 9/30/2016 2,638 45
Nancy uses a fair amount of green strategies around her own home and uses green products as much as possible. She has gone so far as to make her own bio-degradable laundry detergent and organic bug spray. For most people, buying green products is...

Writer #1170
Pittsburgh, PA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
7/27/2010 9/30/2016 3,555 74
Elizabeth has written business and personal articles concerning sustainable business and environmentally conscious products. Example titles: What is ReCommerce and Why Should I Care About it? Benefits for your Small Business to Go Green 10 Apps...

Writer #8054
Spring, TX
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
10/26/2013 9/30/2016 1,685 29
Marilyn K is very interested in the environment and any steps that average people can take to reduce their energy bills, fuel consumption, and carbon footprint. She is also interested in the steps that businesses and governments take to promote and...

Writer #6622
Holiday, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
3/11/2013 9/30/2016 945 17
Lauren H has researched and written topic appropriate articles for small business owners and blogger for use on their websites. In addition, she has successfully incorporated the proper keywords and search terms to make the article more relevant...

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