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Lauren H comes to you with a multifaceted skill set which includes being formally educated at ESS in Dallas, Texas. Lauren has been freelance writing for nine years and is heavily involved in assisting internet marketers, business owners, realtors and contractors with writing monthly content for their businesses, SEO structured pages for their websites and a variety of other content related projects.

Lauren H can easily develop an attention grabbing headline and compelling content that leads your reader eagerly through to the end of the article. Additionally, Lauren understands the importance of a strong call to action and one that grabs your reader's attention and encourages him to take immediate action.

Lauren H is well-versed in SEO and is familiar with keywords, anchor text, LSI and how to use each technique in the proper context for readers and for Google's algorithm preferences. In addition, Lauren is proficient with a wide variety of internet marketing techniques including how information is viewed, assimilated and shared on Google and various other platforms. Therefore Lauren can structure your piece in a way that will encourage the search engines to give favor to your content and increase your rankings for whatever content you are trying to rank.

As a professional content writer, Lauren H strives for perfection and pays close attention to detail, as you can see by the low revision rate on her profile. She will go above and beyond to put together an award-winning piece of content that is sure to get results.


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Industry Projects

  • Real Estate1,000+
  • Construction1,000+
  • Search Marketing500+
  • Marketing100+
  • Auto100+
  • Home Living100+
  • Health100+
  • Business100+
  • Pets100+
  • Garden100+
  • Green Products100+
  • Self Help100+
  • Women50+
  • Sports20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Lauren H has been involved in real estate for 24 years and is well-versed in the industry lingo and functionalities of the business. Additionally, Lauren H has designed and written hundreds of white label article templates for real estate membership websites, web pages and monthly content about real estate topics for realtors and their clients. She has also received hundreds of favorable reviews and positive feedback which reflect that she has exceeded her real estate clients expectations and continues to do so.


Lauren H. has over 20 years of experience dealing with roofing, plumbing, painting, landscaping, HVAC and other various aspects of construction. She has choreographed complete rehabs on several multi-million dollar projects from start to finish. Including the oversight and punch out of each project.

Additionally, Lauren H has written over 1100 articles for small business owners, contractors and bloggers covering a wide range of topics, which includes everything from general information, to construction, repairs, replacements and miscellaneous maintenance topics.

Search Marketing

Lauren H has been freelance writing for internet marketers, SEO companies and local small business owners more than five years. Therefore, she is well versed in writing for the customer, as well as, SEO, keyword research and usage and how to incorporate LSI terms for higher search rankings.

Lauren H stays up to date with industry changes such as all the latest Google algorithm changes. This allows her to write an article that will enhance the readers experience, while meeting quality ratings that will satisfy Google.


Lauren H has worked with many small business owners and on multimillion dollar projects to market various products and services. Lauren H has a 20 year career background in sales, marketing and advertising through the real estate industry, as well as, several other business ventures.


Lauren H has sold new and used cars and is familiar with the industry lingo and procedures of selling cars of all makes and models.

Additionally, Lauren H has written many articles relating to automotive topics such as sales, marketing and how to informational topics for dealerships, small business owners and bloggers.

Home Living

Lauren H has written many articles on various topics concerning family, home, decorating, remodeling and a wide range of related topics for several small business owners and bloggers. She is well versed in many of the topics related to home living and can formulate a conversational, yet informative, article on just about any home related subject.


Lauren H has worked for a alternative health company talking with men and women about various conditions then offering them natural solutions to their particular health problems.

Additionally, Lauren H has written many articles for small business owners, bloggers and several article directories on a wide range of health related topics.


Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Lauren H was a business women with many years of managerial experience.
She is well versed in business management, customer service, sales and marketing, office protocol, advertising, reporting and much more.


Lauren H has written many articles on pet related topics including behavior, nutrition, natural health alternatives, etc. for small business owners, bloggers and various article directories.

Additionally, Lauren H has been a pet owner and pet lover her entire life; therefore, she has real life experiences when it comes to the proper pet care, nutrition, health, behaviors and a multitude of other issues related to owning and caring for a pet.


Lauren H has worked with small business owners and bloggers designing product appropriate articles for their websites and educating their readers.

Lauren H is well versed in finding and writing content appropriate for the target demographic. She strives to provide useful content that will educate and enhance the readers experience, build brand recognition and increase the websites readership.

Green Products

Lauren H has researched and written topic appropriate articles for small business owners and blogger for use on their websites. In addition, she has successfully incorporated the proper keywords and search terms to make the article more relevant to Google and the other search engines while still keeping the content appealing to readers. Additionally, Lauren H has written articles for distribution to major article directories.

Self Help

Lauren H has extensive experience in sales and marketing and has written a multitude of self-help articles, web pages and eBooks on various topics such as: pet problems, hair loss, children's issues, alternative health options, cleansing, relationships, skin care, beauty, weight loss, HGH, food safety, do it yourself topics for homeowners and much more.


Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Lauren H was a business woman with a background in sales, marketing and advertising. She is well versed in management, reporting, budget preparation and budget control.

Lauren H has exceptional customer service skills and know what it takes to build trust with clients and team members alike.


Lauren H has written articles for bloggers and several article directories on a wide range of sports related topics.

Additionally, Lauren H can research and formulate a sports related article that is conversational, yet informative, on just about any topic.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article100+
  • Direct Mail4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Lauren H has written hundreds of blog posts for website owners, as well as, small business owners. Lauren H realizes that it is extremely important to offer quality content that will engage the reader. Quality content is also important to the survival of a blog and its readership. You must use content that informs and educates the reader. So it is of utmost importance when you are writing in blog format.

Writing in blog format is a bit more of an informal than writing style than for any other type of audience. Of course that depends on your audience. However, in most cases that holds true.


Lauren H has written several hundred articles for small business owners, as well as, internet marketers. She specializes in quality content, SEO and proper online and offline marketing strategies. Lauren H has experience developing enticing headlines along with a call to action that will lead the reader to your desired result.

In addition, Lauren H has also written many articles not requiring SEO or any other intention other than for purely educational purposes of the reader.

Direct Mail

Lauren H has designed several direct mail pieces for small business owners. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience from earlier initiatives such as offline marketing of multi million dollar properties.

Lauren H has designed print ads, classified ads, direct mail pieces, banners, newsletters, special event promotions and much more.

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