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Brittney B. transformed her lifelong passion for writing into a BA in Creative Writing, which she received magna cum laude in 2011. She recently celebrated her first month as a full-time freelancer, writing from home after several years in a corporate editorial position.

Her strengths include an excellent grasp of grammar and syntax, as well as professional entertainment experience as a survey editor for a market research company's polling website. She loves tapping into the nuances and creative possibilities of language, so she's very good at turning complex ideas and stories into succinct, yet powerful, pieces of writing.

In her professional career, Brittney was regularly and quickly promoted for meeting firm daily deadlines for corporate research teams, with creative and original writing that adhered to strict proprietary methodology. In addition to writing for WriterAccess clients and fine-tuning her own journalism portfolio, she helps screen submissions for a quarterly online literary magazine.

Brittney B. holds her own work to a very high standard of excellence. She's especially eager to tackle assignments that will challenge her to think on her feet and generate completely original content.
Brittney's most extensive experience includes research papers, blog posts, webpage copy, and news articles.

The bulk of her current freelance work is casual blog posts and informative articles; she has also produced web copy for three new companies, working closely with clients to turn their life stories and business strategies into compelling, to-the-point websites.
In addition to blogging and writing poetry, Brittney B. spends her free time taking photographs, interacting with animals both wild and domestic, catching up on celebrity gossip and international affairs, reading contemporary novels and poetry, and researching her own genealogy, which she can trace back to the sixteenth century in both Scotland and the Netherlands.

She was a competitive figure skater and swimmer well into her teenage years, and she continues to follow both sports avidly. She also returns to her birthplace of Chicago, Illinois, regularly and enjoys making observations about the cultural differences between the northern U.S., where most of her family members still reside, and the southern U.S., where she spent most of her childhood and still lives today. Her favorite place in Florida is Sarasota, where she lived near the beach for five years and loved every minute of it. She has also been on eleven different Caribbean cruises, and loves exploring the lesser-known parts of tropical islands and countries.
University of South Florida – Aug 2011
Creative Writing, Bachelor's Degree

Brittney studied British and American literature at Florida's honors college, New College of Florida, before transferring to USF Tampa in 2010. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. She plans to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing.

Projects by Industry

Brittney B. has several regular clients in the entertainment industry. Her most common assignments include celebrity gossip stories, resource guides for dancers and actors, and overviews of TV shows and channels.

Brittney has penned dozens of film, show, and album reviews for both newspapers and newsletters. In January 2014, she wrote about the most anticipated TV shows debuting or returning that month (she was particularly excited about Community's fifth season, and will now stubbornly continue to hold out hope for a sixth).

Brittney also spent two and a half years writing and editing surveys about TV shows and commercials. She completed high-urgency assignments during two Super Bowls and two Olympics for major corporate clients, working closely with marketers and researchers to write copy about their advertising campaigns. She knows how to write plausible, easy-to-read content about virtually every subset of the entertainment industry, from sitcoms and serial dramas to movie trailers and cast member press junkets, and she enjoys all of it.


Brittney's favorite automotive topics are Tesla and tempered glass, and she currently contributes to a website that explores eco-friendly fuel alternatives. Her writing and editing experience includes web copy for dealership websites, extensive car and truck reviews, previews of experimental prototypes, recall announcements, surveys about national and regional advertising campaigns, and blog posts about everything from windshield repairs to custom upholstery.


Brittney is a vegan blogger who loves to think and write about food. Whether you're a budding restaurateur or a nutritionist with a blog, Brittney will bring years of experience to the table and serve you something compelling.

Non Profit

Brittney B. is dedicated to improving animal welfare throughout the world, and through those efforts, she's become very familiar with a variety of non-profit organizations and institutions.

In high school, she even founded her own organization to spread awareness about animal rights among children and teenagers. Her efforts attracted hundreds of international members and earned her national media attention (including an interview in the December 2002 edition of YM and a place on The National Humane Society's list of the most influential young animal lovers in 2003).


Brittney's rescued pets include four cats, two rabbits, and a hedgehog. She loves writing articles that turn people into better pet owners, but she's just as happy when she's promoting a costume contest for dogs or listing interesting facts about African dwarf frogs.

Real Estate

Brittney covers every step of the property buying process, from picking an agent to staging and selling. She writes city and neighborhood guides for potential renters, step-by-step renovation tutorials, and blog posts about the power of curb appeal.

Home Living

Home living is one of Brittney's specialties. She loves coming up with frugal and eco-friendly design tips, and her regular clients include apartment rental websites, interior design companies, and home goods stores.

Brittney has written about:
Eco-friendly fencing around a pool
Landscaping a tropical yard in Las Vegas
Home renovations with the best return on investment
What happens during home energy evaluations
How to maintain HVAC systems for longevity
Decorating a rental space on a tight budget
Changing a room's mood with paint colors
Creating a home theater in a few steps
Using interior columns in creative ways
History and characteristics of Amish furniture
Recent trends in home remodeling
Staging your home for an Open House
Capitalizing on the perks of programmable thermostats
Throwing a graduation party for less than $200
Cleaning and maintaining an area rug
Preventing problems with your garbage disposal


From product descriptions to style guides, Brittney B. has extensive fashion experience as a freelance writer. She loves covering celebrity fashion statements and ethical designers, but the bulk of her work is about fine jewelry trends, frugal fashion tips and seasonal couture collections.

Recent assignments have included:
Handbag trends for spring/summer 2014
Menswear that stands up to summer weather
Accessories for madras and seersucker fabric
Rihanna's oddest red carpet looks
Tips for selecting children's footwear

Green Living

As a lifelong environmentalist, Brittney regularly writes about everything from Earth Day celebrations to home energy evaluations, and she does it with passion. Her favorite topics are conservation efforts and alternative energy sources, but she's happy to write anything that will lead your clients or customers to choose eco-friendly alternatives to the status quo.

Green Products

Brittney has written about the following green products:

Programmable, WiFi-enabled thermostats
Hybrid and electric cars
Solar-powered outdoor water fountains
LED architectural lighting


Brittney competed on a national level as both an individual figure skater and an ice dancer, and she still follows the world of figure skating with great zest. She's also a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears, and she's thrilled every time she gets to write about them.

Recent athletic topics have included:
Swimming as a lifelong sport for dogs
Frugal DIY figure skating costumes
Choosing the right soccer cleats for children
Previews of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Chicago Crosstown Cup
Cable TV channels and packages with college football games

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Brittney runs three separate blogs for both personal and professional purposes. She understands how vital SEO is to emerging websites, and she can organically use specific keywords to draw new readers and increase your visibility on top search engines.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Brittney B. keeps a personal blog, detailing her daily adventures as a survey-editing, animal-loving, twenty-something vegan Floridian. She occasionally receives ad revenue from this blog.


Brittney B. regularly contributes to The Commercial Break, a monthly publication that keeps track of events both in her department at work and in the Tampa Bay community at large.

Newsletter Content

Brittney B. writes articles for her employer's internal newsletter, for which she is a founding staff member. She focuses most specifically on explaining the various tasks and inner-workings of other departments, in an effort to promote and meet a goal of company-wide transparency and community.

She also covers social events and parties, company milestones, health and diet tips, and biographies of new hires.

Projects By Expertise

Brittney currently works full-time for a major media research corporation, editing survey questions and answers for their polling website.

Creative Writer

Brittney B. has studied poetry extensively, including in independent workshops and conferences such as the Florida Suncoast Writer's Conference, and several of her poems have been published in literary magazines. She has a BA in Creative Writing, reads submissions for Sweet: A Literary Confection, and writes poetry and short prose in her free time.


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