Lolcats Versus the Organic Image: What’s Better for Your Brand

At the end of 2013, there were 150 million users on Instagram, and 15 percent of Internet users had Pinterest accounts. The growth of these relatively young social media sites has been exponential the past year, due in part to the intense shareability of images. The performance of photos isn’t limited to image-centric sites – […]

Life After Links: Preparing for the Next Evolution of SEO

For as long as SEO has been a viable business investment, links have been the currency. Even as the emphasis has transitioned from the quantity of those links to the quality, building a site with a solid link structure is still the focus of every SEO professional. That may be changing. Google’s Matt Cutts – […]

Top 3 Book Lover Communities Other Than Goodreads

What did book lovers do online before 2007? They definitely didn’t use Goodreads, the social cataloging website that has more than 20 million users as of July 2013. A site well loved for its social activity within the literary community, Goodreads gives book lovers a chance to score free advanced reader copies of books and […]

SMB Social Media Resolutions Check-In: Hire a Writer, Review Your Goals

New Year’s is rapidly becoming a distant memory, and so are those New Year’s resolutions for many businesses. If your company made a commitment to revitalizing your social media strategy in 2014, now is not the time to drop the ball. As we approach the second month of the new year, it’s time to check […]

Finding the Right Writing Priorities

A star athlete who spends too much time filming commercials and going to parties while neglecting to work on their skills in practice or off-season conditioning loses sight of what made them successful in the first place. Their misplaced priorities can open the door to injuries or a decline in skills and bring an unglamorous […]

Need to Hire a Writer? Five Questions You Should Ask First!

You may not think it is that important, but the process you go through when you decide to hire a writer is akin to any type of employee screening, or perhaps a first date. You want to thoroughly understand this writer’s strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes—and you need to know if you and the writer […]

Small Business Guide: How to Hire a Writer for Government 2.0 Work

If there’s one thing that’s true about government it is that agencies and lawmakers will find a way to write a rule about everything, and social media is no exception. Always late to the table when it comes to adopting new technology, government agencies have for years been the farthest of fans from Web 2.0 […]

Choosing the Right Freelance Writer for your SMB

If you are like the millions of owners and managers of small to midsize businesses, you have decided to hire a writer to add content to your website to increase your visibility and commerce on the internet. Good for you! A website jam-packed with great content boosts your credibility, improves your brand visibility, and helps […]

The Grand Finale: Crafting the Perfect Conclusion

One of the most difficult portions of any content to produce is the conclusion. The last paragraph or last few sentences are vital to help frame a piece and give readers a final takeaway from the information shared. Luckily, there are some simple ways to improve the usefulness of this conclusion—consider the following tips so […]

Meet and Greet a Freelance Medical Writer at Medical Conferences

Writers have an internal beacon that clickety-clacks when they are in range of other writers. Businesses should take this into account when searching for freelance writers for their professional needs. To find freelance writers online, check out writers’ forums or writing group pages on social media. Freelancer writer meet-ups puts you face to face with […]