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SMB Social Media Resolutions Check-In: Hire a Writer, Review Your Goals

Review Business GoalsNew Year’s is rapidly becoming a distant memory, and so are those New Year’s resolutions for many businesses. If your company made a commitment to revitalizing your social media strategy in 2014, now is not the time to drop the ball. As we approach the second month of the new year, it’s time to check in with your social media strategy and make sure your company is on track to fulfilling its goals this year.

Check in With Your Social Media Mission

If creating a social media mission statement was part of your business’ New Year’s resolutions, now is the time to double check that you are on track with it. For example, if your social media goal was to have 50 followers turn into paying customers each month, review how many followers ended up purchasing your products and services over the past month and the ways you reached out to them. Perhaps your goal was to increase the traffic to your company’s website by 15 percent over the course of the year, using social media. Review your website’s traffic reports to see if there has been an increase at all and if any of the new hits come from your social media profiles.

Focus on the Right Networks

Different social media networks appeal to different types of customers and you want to be sure your business is using the right ones. When reviewing your traffic, see how many people came from each social media site. Also take a look at individual posts on your profiles. You might find that people are more likely to retweet or favorite your company’s posts on Twitter while your Facebook followers largely ignore your posts.

Keep in mind that the algorithms and systems the social network uses also impact your reach with customers. Ignite Social Media found that brand pages on Facebook had a 44 percent drop in organic reach in December 2013, thanks to changes in the site’s algorithm and news feed. These days, posts on FB are more likely to reach followers if there’s a level of engagement, such as liking or sharing, or if the company is willing to pay for the privilege.

Hire a Writer to Handle Posting

The most important resolution when it comes to managing your social media presence is actually committing to building your presence. Take a look at your company’s profiles. If they look at little bare, it’s time to re-commit to a regular posting schedule. Hire a writer to handle posts if you are too busy to do so or aren’t sure what to say.

Work with the writer to create a posting schedule for each site. For example, you can post promotions or special offers weekly or monthly, and informative posts about your business weekly. Aim to have a few posts each day and remember that posts don’t have to be about your business. Share interesting articles from your field or industry, too.

Don’t worry if your business doesn’t immediately become Twitter-famous or the star of Pinterest once you start focusing on your social media strategy. With a set of strong goals and a plan for regular posting, you’ll build your brand and expand your company’s reach over time.

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