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Meet and Greet a Freelance Medical Writer at Medical Conferences

Find Medical WritersWriters have an internal beacon that clickety-clacks when they are in range of other writers. Businesses should take this into account when searching for freelance writers for their professional needs. To find freelance writers online, check out writers’ forums or writing group pages on social media. Freelancer writer meet-ups puts you face to face with this clan. However, in order to find a freelance medical writer with skills vital to your medical business, attend medical conferences. Rub shoulders with professional writers who are at these conferences to discover the latest trends and theories related to the medical industry. As these writers pick up ideas for future work, you can pick up writers for future assignments.

American Medical Writers Association Annual Conference

The AMWA has approximately 5,000 members in North America and 30 additional countries. Since 1940, the AMWA Annual Conference has attracted individuals interested in the writing side of science and medicine, as well as those who have made it their career to write about these subjects. For four days every October or November, members converge to discuss the latest trends in medical writing. Vendors promote services and products that are designed to aid writers in this industry. Additionally, vendors determine from attendees what kind of products are desirable for those penning in the medical community, both on an individual and a corporate level.

AMWA Chapter Conferences

Also associated with the AMWA, chapter conferences grant writers an additional opportunity to network, but at a local level. These conferences are typically held in spring, and locations for 2014 conferences include Gaithersburg, MD and Pacific Grove, CA. One major aspect of these conferences is that writers can earn credits toward AMWA certificate programs, which are beneficial for medical freelance writers, as well as business leaders in the medical industry. The workshops provided include business workshops with class topics encompassing:

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Educating Sales Representatives About Science and Medicine
  • Introduction to the Medical Device Industry
  • Project Management for Medical Communicators
  • Public Relations Materials and Techniques
  • Launching a Freelance Writing Career
  • Business Aspects of a Freelance Career
  • Fundamentals of Freelance Business Marketing

Health 2.0 Conference

Established in 2007, the Health 2.0 Conference is an international affair. Multiple annual events take place around the world including a conference in San Francisco in the fall and conferences in Berlin, India and Paris in the spring. Learn about cutting-edge health care technology along with up-to-date trends, while expanding your horizons with discussions, panels and demonstrations. For example, for the upcoming February 2014 conference in Bangladesh, topics will include:

  • Trending – Startups, Funding and Accelerating Health 2.0
  • Rise of big data and better decisions
  • Mobile health in real life
  • C-Level executives unplugged

ExpedMed CME Conference

If you are a naturalist at heart, you’ll get back to your roots at the ExpedMed CME Conference. This conference is focused on expedition medicine and wilderness medicine, which involve training physicians for work in remote or extreme wilderness locations. Think of doctors who go along with climbers to summit Mt. Everest or who travel to the Amazon jungle with researchers—that is who you will meet at this conference. This conference also offers CME training for certification. Writers who are interested in combining travel writing with medical writing are those whom you’ll encounter at this invigorating conference.

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