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Choosing the Right Freelance Writer for your SMB

Choosing a Writer for Your SMBIf you are like the millions of owners and managers of small to midsize businesses, you have decided to hire a writer to add content to your website to increase your visibility and commerce on the internet. Good for you! A website jam-packed with great content boosts your credibility, improves your brand visibility, and helps your company’s bottom line.

Now comes the tough part: finding someone to write the content. You would write the articles yourself but you have better things to do, namely running a business. Your employees scatter when you ask them to wax poetic about the widgets your company produces or services. You need someone like me—a freelance writer.

Where to Find Freelance Writers Like Me

You can find temporary freelance writers by trolling Craigslist and other want-ad sites, but these websites do not guarantee quality or protect you from potential scams. You will also have to read resumes, pour through writing samples and interview candidates. Established content marketplaces make it easier to hire the right freelance writer fast and risk-free.

These marketplaces hire small armies of writers, each with their own areas of expertise. A site might allow you to post a request for content to all the troops within its army or let you handpick writers by posting Casting Calls. Some even create writer biographies and rating systems.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Narrow the army to just one or two freelance writers to pen all your content. Learn how to interact with prospective freelance writers and content managers at whatever site you choose. Direct communication helps you choose a writer you feel comfortable with.

Start with one small order to see if the writer can create content that fits your SMB’s style. Starting with a very large order is stressful for you and for me, the writer. Capturing your company’s “voice” may take some time, especially if your products or services are unusual or technically advanced.

Pick a writer who specializes in content relevant to your SMB. A medical writer may not be your best bet for penning articles about gardening, for example. On the other hand, if you are hoping to persuade your audience to garden for its health benefits, a medical writer might be just what your SMB is looking for.

Ask for a rewrite on the first order. (Freelance writers reading this blog just passed out.) Avoid writers that seem irritated about editing. Choose a freelance writer who is enthusiastic about creating the exact content your SMB needs.

Do not overdo it on the rewrites, especially if you think the writer is not the right choice for your SMB. The right freelance writer for your SMB will be able to produce the content you need on the first or second go-around.

Choosing the right freelance writer for your SMB is easy once you get the hang of it. Promote your SMB through great web content—hire a writer today!

Lynn H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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