Helping Small Business Owners Navigate the World of Social Media

Freelance writers work with small businesses all the time. It is a winning combination — many freelancers see themselves as small business owners because most of the time, they work as independent contractors. When a small business owner comes to you for help, you expect more of the same. If you have the consistent expectation […]

Color Theory: Bright, Shiny Ways to Market Your Brand

Have you ever wondered how marketers and web designers choose colors? For some, the answer is as easy as “ooh, pretty!” For those at the cutting edge of marketing and design, however, color choices are a very precise science. The savvy marketer knows that appearance is the single largest factor that determines customer purchasing decisions. […]

Make it Witty, Full of Facts and Keep it Short

Welcome to Writer Rants–where every Friday a writer just lets loose on whatever the heck is bugging her this week. Enjoy. You want me to do what in how many words? Most clients have somewhat reasonable expectations when they hire a blogger. They spell out what they want in a way that the writer can understand, […]

5 Ways to Communicate with Your Writers

The web is a wonderful place if you are a freelance writer. Where else can you go to hire a blogger, fire a content writer, or discuss the latest craze in web-based marketing—all while wearing nothing at all, if you so desire? That’s the wonderful World Wide Web, the place where written dreams are made […]

The Unseen World

Welcome to Writer Rants–where every Friday a writer just lets loose on whatever the heck is bugging him this week. Enjoy. Virtual work relationships are far more complex than they appear to be. When you hire a blogger, what you are getting is an independent writer, not an employee. That little fine line changes a lot […]

4 Amazing Ways to Lose Friends on Social Media

So, you’ve got TOO many friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or whatever the heck they call the people who click the little heart next to the pictures you post of your cat on Instagram. While more connections is a good thing if you are looking to find a plumber or hire a blogger, the […]

Hire a Blogger to Get Over Your Social Media Allergy!

So, you already hired a blogger to work with you on creating content for your website, but have you considered letting him or her help you with social media posting too? Social media—you mean, Facebook… ACK! That’s the scary place where people post selfies and brag about their “it’s complicated” relationships, right? Or Twitter… what […]

Relevant Blog Content: Blogging by Location

The internet is a hub of information and viral traffic, so how do you keep up with the constant demand for content and simultaneously speak to your specific target audience of potential customers? Producing Relevant Blog Content Consumers are demanding content they can personally grow from. More and more companies are finding that consumers believe […]

Transform Your Website into a Legal Personal Assistant

Your website’s legal blog can be one of your hardest working and most productive employees. With the capability of assisting countless visitors, your legal blog should be the ultimate personal assistant. Unlike human personal assistants, your website doesn’t have to sleep, doesn’t take breaks, and will never request a raise. While simply creating a blog […]

Start Your Auto Blogging Engines

Going for a test drive simply isn’t enough when buying a car. Smart shoppers want to know every detail connected to a vehicle and its history. Filling in those blanks is where an auto blog can be a valuable informational resource. Going the extra mile with your auto business can start with a simple step […]

Choosing the Right Blogger for You

Blogging can add immeasurably to interest and activity on your website, but that’s only if it’s done well. If the content is irrelevant or superficial or detrimental to what you offer, the blog will hurt more than help. How can you tell whether a blogger for hire will be the right one for you? Think […]

Personal Business Blogging: A New Spin on the Business Blog

Many businesses have blogs these days, but most of them tend to be from a generic, business perspective. Today, KPR Co. has implemented a new method of making hats faster. Yay! While that’s important company info to post, it may not be much fun to read. And outside of those fascinated by factory speed, it […]