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Transform Your Website into a Legal Personal Assistant

Hire Legal BloggersYour website’s legal blog can be one of your hardest working and most productive employees. With the capability of assisting countless visitors, your legal blog should be the ultimate personal assistant. Unlike human personal assistants, your website doesn’t have to sleep, doesn’t take breaks, and will never request a raise. While simply creating a blog may result in some type of productivity, using professional legal writing services is a sure way to find the most formidable personal assistant blog. In doing so, you will find the following types of blogs to be the most helpful to your prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions or Q&A Blogs

The FAQ or Q&A style of blogs are excellent at showing your audience how well you understand their needs.By preemptively addressing your audience’s concerns, you will enable your blog to make a personal connection with potential clients. For example, if you are an employment attorney, you could feature a FAQ blog called “What to Do if You Feel You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?”

News Commentary

As the most typical blog post, new commentaries are about significant news events relating to your area of practice. For example, if your firm practices in employment law, a commentary post may offer insight to a local worker strike and your legal interpretation of the events. News commentaries are amazing at personalizing issues and attracting clients involved in the news event or similar events.


Using legal writing services to create lists is an excellent way of engaging your audience. Lists are easy to read, very helpful, and great ways guiding your audience to a formidable solution. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, you can make a list of “Top 6 Things You Must Do After an Accident.” In this list you can advise your audience of the most important steps to take if they have suffered an injury in an accident, which should end with contacting you.


One of the more common types of legal blogs is a profile blog. The profile blog’s purpose is to introduce you and other practicing attorneys to the public. This blog will allow your audience to get to know you and your firm’s qualifications so they will be ensured of your capabilities and professional certifications.

Firm News

If you have some really exciting news or changes in your legal firm, let your blog be the megaphone. With the firm news type of blog you can keep the community informed and engaged in the happenings within your law firm.


Empower your blog with the power of word of mouth. While your opinion about how great your firm is has value, nothing is more valuable to prospective clients than actual social proof. You can use the testimonial blog to feature previous clients and their legal situations. With a profile of each client giving the testimonial and effective legal writing services, you can provide proof of your ability to reach favorable legal outcomes.

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