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Personal Business Blogging: A New Spin on the Business Blog

Personal Business BlogMany businesses have blogs these days, but most of them tend to be from a generic, business perspective. Today, KPR Co. has implemented a new method of making hats faster. Yay! While that’s important company info to post, it may not be much fun to read. And outside of those fascinated by factory speed, it may attract few readers. Many business blog posts are extremely dry and only give readers insight into certain aspects of a business. Before you hire a blogger think about what you really want your business blog to do for your company.

Making It Personal

One fun spin on the idea of a business blog is to have one person from the company, or someone who can be given insight into it, blog about the company from a personal perspective. Taking pictures of desks, talking about the people he works with and creating blog posts about his personal experience within the company create a very different type of business blog. When the blogger has a name and a personality, people are far more likely to start talking about the blog. They are also more likely to link to it and for the blog to gain a following.

There’s an infinite number of topics that you can write about when the blog is written from a personal perspective. One problem that business blogs run into is that, when there is no real company news, there is little to blog about. When you have the personal perspective, that is no longer true. When nothing much is happening, the blogger can take some picture of the factory floor, try on some of the hats to show off various styles of the product, or blog with some action shots of the basketball hoop above his desk. With varied posts and more frequent updates, the blog will be more interesting to read and will rank better with search engines.

The Persona Option

Rather than having one person in an office take care of the blogging duties, some companies decide to outsource a personal-style business blog to a hired blogger or to allow employees to take turns with the post. To keep the blog cohesive and personal, they invent a persona for the blog. The persona may be a full-fledged fake person with a fake name and three fake kids at his fake home. Or, it can be a general persona that isn’t named but assumed by the reader to be the same person in every post. Both of these options can lead to a blog that will be more memorable than a dry business blog, and it will make the business more memorable at the same time.

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