Is Live Streaming the Next Big thing for Marketing?

The content world is going mobile, and digital video is no exception. In 2015, brands like GE, Doritos, and Dunkin’ Donuts all experimented with live streaming ads. The total spent on digital video jumped from 2.4 percent in 2013 to 4.4 percent by mid-2015, according to eMarketer’s Q2 2015 State of Video. And apps like […]

ROI: SEO Content Marketing That Converts

Content marketing has become a buzzword for Internet marketing gurus, especially over the last few years. Small, medium, and large businesses are being told to hire content writers in order to jump on the content marketing bandwagon. “You need more content!” and “Content is king!” are two of the content marketing crusaders’ battle cries. However, […]

Hire Content Writers 101: Determining a Healthy Workload

When you make the decision to hire content writers to work with you on your marketing team, you must consider many things. You need to keep an eye on your budget, find writers who are able to work within your topic field and make certain you stay on pace to get the work done in […]

Five SEO Tips You Can Hire Content Writers to Implement in Less than Five Minutes

Implementing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan for your website seems like it would have to be a complex matter. After all, SEO is such an important tool in your marketing arsenal. However, some of the most effective SEO steps you can complete may only require a few minutes for you to complete. Another option […]

Creating a Post-Holiday Plan to Turn Online Visitors into 2014 Customers

Small businesses across the US have pulled out all stops for holiday product discounts, last-minute holiday sales and social media promotions. As content teams and business writers furiously work on new copy and content, SMBs look to find new ways to capture sales in the next few weeks. Or at the very least, they hope […], A Case Study in Niche Marketing

One evening I was watching television with a friend when a commercial came on that I was convinced was a joke or a parody. It was a commercial for a dating website—nothing too unusual there; after all, commercials for and eHarmony are on television all the time. However, this commercial made me sit up […]

Create an Online Brand with Personality

Google it. Those two words have taken over the world of business. Whether you want to hire content writers for your blog or you need to find a reputable marketing agency, your search begins with a quick scan of Google search results. You can find out in a few seconds if your future freelance writers, […]

Cleaning House vs. Opening the Door: How to Manage Your Roster of Content Writers

When marketing agencies decide to hire content writers, they have a choice between recruiting a large pool of available writers to have on hand or cultivating a small, specialized group of writers. While each approach has its benefits and drawbacks, one may work better for your particular agency than the other. Content marketing simply doesn’t […]

Grabbing Headlines With Your Newsletter

It might be tempting to look at newsletters as being obsolete like the record player or VCR. This would be a huge mistake. A well-written newsletter remains an effective tool your business can use to develop a better relationship with clients. What makes newsletters remain relevant in the digital age? A newsletter fosters a personal […]

What Is the Competition Up To?

When you are putting together a marketing plan—be it for one of your clients, or for yourself—you may scope out the competition. After all, what your direct competition is up to, marketing-wise, is important to you. If the competition is using Facebook ads, maybe you should be using them too. But have you ever considered […]

Filtering Out Bad Writing Providers

Weeding out good contract writers from bad ones is quite a bit like hiring employees—it takes time, patience and a good “eye” to see those who show promise versus candidates who will end up being a bit of a headache. However, with freelance writing providers, particularly those providing services online, there is often no face-to-face […]