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Grabbing Headlines With Your Newsletter

Newsletter HeadlinesIt might be tempting to look at newsletters as being obsolete like the record player or VCR. This would be a huge mistake. A well-written newsletter remains an effective tool your business can use to develop a better relationship with clients.

What makes newsletters remain relevant in the digital age? A newsletter fosters a personal relationship between your business and your customers. It can be your delivery system for introducing new products and services before they become public knowledge. Your newsletter can also share other key news and updates. Entrusting customers with this type of information makes them feel more important to your company.

Crafting an effective newsletter hinges on creating content that serves the needs of your customers while meeting your business goals. Every newsletter should follow a specific formula to fulfill its intended purpose.

Offer relevant news

Newsletters only matter when they contain news a customer can use. Give your customers the inside scoop. Announce new products or services and outline how these things will improve their lives. Update them on new industry trends and explain what these will mean for what your business can offer them going forward. When customer see value in the news your newsletter shares, it only enhances the relevance of the newsletter.

Think visually and verbally

Many people are visual readers. They are turned off by large blocks of texts. Make information easier to digest and remember. If you are talking about improving sales from last quarter, include graphs or charts to illustrate that success. E-mail newsletters can include multimedia content such as photos, videos or podcasts to accompany the text. Enhance your message using both visual and verbal tools.

Keep it simple

There’s no reason to turn a newsletter into an encyclopedia entry. A newsletter should touch on only key points or highlights of chosen topics. If your customers desire more information, you can direct them to visit your business website or blog. You can hire content writers to help you manage the newsletter and associated web content so your branding voice remains consistent.

Create relevant subject lines

Subject lines matter – especially in an email newsletter. A relevant subject line is what keeps your newsletter out of the junk mail folder. The best newsletter subject lines are relevant to the content and make no over the top claims. Avoid using excessive punctuation or buzzwords that will trigger a spam filter. Try to personalize the subject line to your target audience as much as possible, so they will not mistake it for spam.

Attitude is everything

Confidence is key in all content. Your customers respond better when you make your newsletter as engaging as possible. Use positive language. Spare no effort to show them why the information you are sharing matters. Anticipate potential questions that could arise in their minds and provide answers to those questions ahead of time. When you speak to them individually, it makes it easier to feel confident about the content of the newsletter.

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