Chick-Fil-A: How Principles Can Pay Off

Living in the Atlanta, Georgia area, one of the more popular fast food choices around is Chick-fil-a. While this chain has spread and opened some locations across the United States, it got its start in Georgia. In the Atlanta area, Chick-fil-a has as many individual locations as some of the big burger chains. There are […]

Writing, Tapas, Picnic, Lightning

Montaditos made with Iberian ham and Manchego, Gambas a la Plancha, deep fried baby squid… Tapas Time If you’re a hardcore foodie (or just a devout Anthony Bourdain or Food Network groupie), you probably already know that tapas originated in Spain and that these small finger foods, eaten in a casual and relaxed setting, have […]

An Extra Pair of Eyes: Recommended Editing and Proofreading Programs

Written require a lot of of skill as well as the abiility to correct yourself. Now if you haven’t noticed, that first sentence could have used a sparkling touch by an editing wand. Writers tend to be the first to notice these glaring goof-ups, but even the best writer misses a misspelling and comma splice […]