8 SEO Growth Hacks

As a digital agency, growing your business is dependent on many different things. Everything from your social media strategy to your content marketing efforts plays a role in how you find new customers and increase your search traffic. Another major impact on your growth success is your SEO efforts. SEO, or search engine optimization, is […]

Content Marketing Examples that Lose Consumer Trust (and the Fixes)

It may take years to gain trust from consumers, but brands can lose it in an instant. Whether it’s with one big mistake or a series of little ones, your brand can go from hero to zero in a fast and furious way. Gaining back trust is no picnic, either. A notable 55% of consumers […]

How Important is Keyword Research in SEO

Did you know The Content Marketing Institute and HubSpot are 14 years old today? That means a lot of us have been doing content marketing for quite a while. If you’re like many content marketers, you’ve created a lot of content in that time and taken a lot of SEO risks to improve your strategy […]

Local SEO vs. Search Ads: When to Optimize and When to Pay for Increased Visibility

You’ve undoubtedly asked yourself: Which is better for small, local businesses? SEO or ads? But the truth is “it’s all about timing.” Sometimes, getting hyperfocused on search engine optimization (SEO) over search ads (Google Ads, PPC) will deliver the results you’re looking for. In other cases, search ads can get you where you want to […]

The Spooky Legalese of Influencers

The older we get, the scarier certain things become. Decaf coffee? Goosebumps. Student loans? Brrrr. Understanding the complicated legalese of influence marketing? Grab the smelling salts!  Content marketing has continued to evolve at a break-neck pace, even within the past five years. Marketing through social media influencers has become a giant content strategy that increases […]

What is lead-generating content marketing?

Every business would love to reach more potential customers and turn them into raving fans, and one of the best ways to do this is with content marketing. Great content that’s perfectly targeted to your audience has the power to attract your ideal customers, help them through the ‘know, like, and trust’ phase, and move […]