Developing a Business Plan to Conquer the New Year

A strong, agile business plan can be the difference between success and failure. As we head into the New Year, every organization should take the time to review its current business plan, make adjustments, and reset its strategy for the future. What Is a Business Plan? A business plan provides a framework for running your […]

What Professional Services Jobs Will Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World

Next to the U.S. government, the professional services industry is the largest employer in Washington, D.C. According to the D.C. Policy Center, 33.1 percent of the workforce is employed in this industry. While this industry has numerous subsectors, accounting, consulting, and research are a few of the largest. Like most everywhere else, professional service firms […]

Preventive Maintenance Standards for Data Centers

When it comes to data protection, many people think of encryption and ransomware detection but fail to consider data center preventive maintenance. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated data center will fail if the physical space isn’t properly maintained. Data loss and downtime can cost companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars. To avoid them, it’s […]

Inflation and the Supply Chain

As a business owner, inflation and supply chain problems are unavoidable factors that severely impact your business. Business owners must know how inflation and the supply chain interact to prepare for the ongoing challenges. These forces go hand-in-hand and fuel each other’s fire. They are powerful market dynamics that drive inventory purchase decisions and impact […]

How to Build a Credit Risk Management Framework for Your Business

Any organization lending money or extending credit needs a credit risk management framework to protect itself from unnecessary risk. Without a framework, it’s easy to become overextended on financial obligations and put your organization at greater risk. No two credit risk management frameworks are the same, and they shouldn’t be. Every lending institution is in […]

Executive Summary for Top 15 Mortgage Lender Plan for Business Expansion

Major Mortgage Co. is an established mortgage company that has been operating successfully since 1998 in New Jersey. It is owned and operated by Mr. Business, who is aided by an experienced, capable management team of mortgage, financial, legal, human resources, sales, technology, and marketing experts. Major Mortgage Co. has successfully developed its market niche […]