What is Group Health Insurance?

Although group health insurance and individual health insurance both provide people with coverage for healthcare expenses, the rates, plan structure, and several other features can vary considerably. If you are currently trying to determine which plan is right for you, the information provided below can help you select the most appropriate plan. Group Health Insurance: […]

What Happens When My Car Insurance Claim Is Under Investigation

Have you recently been told that your car insurance claim is under investigation? While this may seem concerning, it’s an important part of the claims process. To process your claim, your insurance company must collect details. This helps determine who was at fault and the amount of damages that should be awarded. Of course, there […]

The Ultimate Guide to Liability Car Insurance

Do you have affordable liability car insurance? Liability auto insurance financially protects you by covering damages you cause to others during a car accident, including damage to the other person’s vehicle, medical expenses, and even legal fees if you happen if you’re sued. Required law in most states, and without it, you could be held […]

Small Business Insurance as a Risk Management Partner

Most small business owners must wear several hats during a working day. Besides running the core company, these entrepreneurs must attend to various aspects of overseeing a growing business, like balancing budgets, managing employees, and strategizing for the future.  Very often, entrepreneurs can boast of expertise in their industry. However, they may admit they need […]

15 Great Ways to Save Money on Health Care

Do you find healthcare costs too expensive? If so, you may be one of the many people who put off getting the healthcare they need because of the cost. A Gallup poll found that, in 2022, 38% of people delayed some type of medical care because of the cost. That’s never a wise decision, but […]

B2B Insurance Sales: Getting Past Gatekeepers

Is cold calling out of fashion in the insurance business? Many insurance agents prefer to rely on warm leads generated by mail, radio, or digital marketing campaigns. At least, these warm leads help agents ask for an appointment from people and businesses that have already expressed an interest and expect a call or email. On […]

Hot Tips When Selecting Business Insurance

As a business owner, you want to protect your company from risks and uncertainties. Business insurance is a crucial component of this protection, but selecting the right insurance can be overwhelming. This article will explore 10 top tips for selecting the best insurance. But first, you may ask yourself, why do I need business insurance? […]

Short-Term Health Insurance in Arkansas

Short-term health insurance in Arkansas is designed to fill gaps in coverage. Sometimes called temporary or term insurance, it covers basic or emergency health needs until you can purchase a longer-term plan. It’s a way to assess low-cost coverage for those times when you may be between jobs or waiting for a group insurance policy […]