Why Innovation is a Blessing and a Curse for Legacy Banks

The financial services industry moves at a glacial pace. The simple act of taking money out of an ATM or visiting a bank hasn’t changed in decades. Yet even the most traditional industries aren’t immune to technology. Digital innovations in the banking field are coming at a furious rate. Blockchains, mobile payments, and other newer technologies […]

What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and how does it work?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an American governmental agency. The FDIC provides insurance coverage against bank failure for depositors in U.S. depository institutions. U.S. depository institutions are subject to regulation by federal and state banking authorities. They are defined under the Code of Federal Regulations section 542.320 as any entity (including branches of […]

Speciality Legal Financing Vs. Banks for Financing Law Firms

Many law firms offer to work on a contingency basis for their clients. Working on contingency means the law firm will wait until they settle the case to collect a percentage of the award. This fee structure relieves the client of needing to pay fees during the lawsuit and helps attract more business.  Still, this […]

Need a Personal Loan? How to Apply for a Personal Loan Online

Whether you need extra cash to repair a vehicle, pay for moving expenses, fund a wedding, or consolidate some debt, a personal loan may be the answer. Unlike many loans with conditions on physical collateral, personal loans are unsecured—which can have both pros and cons. Below, learn more about how a personal loan works and […]

Finance: Budgeting and Forecasting

Every business needs a budget to operate and a sales forecast for planning. Budget tools are part of the financial system found at the Goalry Mall. Budgeting for business owners with sophisticated sales forecasting is crucial for building wealth. An Overview of Budgeting Every budget is a guideline for what the company thinks it will […]

Crypto’s Out, Blockchain’s In

Cryptocurrencies have dominated headlines and conversations about blockchain technology for years. However, as the hype around cryptocurrencies has faded, the focus has shifted to the underlying technology powering them: blockchain. Blockchains are transforming industries from finance to healthcare, and this technology’s potential is just beginning to be realized. So, what is blockchain technology? A blockchain […]