Best Occupational Therapy Podcasts of 2023

As a busy occupational therapist, you know how hard it is to find time to learn more about your field, grow your client base, or keep up-to-date on the latest studies and journal articles. But take heart! A great variety of OT podcasts can provide the resources you need to advance your knowledge, connect with […]

A Technology Safety Guide for Parents of Children With Autism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one in 59 children in the United States has been identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Caregivers of these unique children face a host of challenges, and tech safety is one of those challenges. Technology can be helpful for children with autism, but […]

5 Ways a Sports Injury Chiropractor Can Help Athletes

Athletes put a huge amount of effort into keeping their bodies in perfect performance condition. They eat mindfully to fuel their energy and build muscle, they work out—a lot—and do everything they can to optimize their athletic performance. They also tend to struggle with a lot of sports injuries. From overuse and over-extension injuries to […]

Tools to Help Special Needs Kids Stay Active & Engaged

Nearly 20% of children have a chronic condition or disability, and despite their ability to participate in many of the same activities as their able-bodied and neurotypical peers, they’re often excluded due to lack of access. Resilient, adaptable, and creative special needs children can truly thrive when provided with the right support and environmental modifications. […]

Tinnitus – How to Cure the Ringing in Your Ears

“At first, I was glad when the annoying voices in my head turned to whistling instead, but I became concerned when the high-pitched noise did not go away after a few days. I think it is tinnitus. How do I get rid of it?” Tinnitus is a ringing, swooshing, or another type of noise that […]

Could That Lump at the Back of Your Knee Be a Baker’s Cyst?

Our knees get a constant workout day in and day out. Whether we are standing up, sitting down, getting in and out of the car, or crouching over second base, our knee joints are on call constantly to perform. So, it’s no wonder that, on occasion, they have to rebel. This rebelling can happen one […]