Exterior Remodeling Contractor, Brick Masonry and Landscaping?

Companies from many industries hire writers to create content for their Blogs or to create their website content. Most of the time, the work is pretty straightforward and the client’s instructions are clear, so the writer knows exactly what they want. When a client throws you a curve ball, their request sounds like they grabbed […]

Setting Good Deadlines: Why Writers Can’t Actually Bend Time

Freelance writers can be really amazing creatures at times. They can turn out large amounts of well-written, carefully considered content, turn a cleverly-worded phrase out, or give your company’s website a professional air. One thing they can’t do, however, is bend time. That’s why we’ll take a few minutes today to discuss how to provide […]

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome

Seriously, don’t be that guy. You know who I’m talking about – the client who strokes their writers’ egos so much they need to drag second chairs to their desks to support them. Then, at the first sign of a disconnect, the client lashes out. Of course, equally as dangerous is the oh-so-agreeable writer that responds with indignant […]

Keyword Soup: Getting the Recipe Just Right

Keywords used to be the end-all, be-all recipe for driving readers to your online content. Use the right short strings of keywords in all the right places and Google would shoot you straight to the top of their search engine results–skipping the appetizer table and catapulting your content right to the number one spot on […]

Cultivating a Healthy Writer/Client Relationship

Hiring writers to create content to promote your business is a no-brainer: it puts someone whose talent set aligns perfectly with your needs. And it frees you up to concentrate on the core functions of your business; writers write so that you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your marketing. But, for this […]

Facebook Down: Is There a Quantum Shift in Social Media Marketing Coming?

“All flows, nothing stays. Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus A philosophical axiom, to be sure. You may have quoted it yourself in an erudite moment. But have you ever thought about what it really means in your day-to-day life? It means, sadly enough, that the things you count on today — good, serviceable things […]

Meet the Team – Hire Writers to Craft Top-Notch Bios

There are many individual pages that come together to form a full website. Blog posts, home pages and service descriptions are very important, of course. However, there is one page that gives customers and visitors a personal connection with you and your staff—the “bio” page. This page is more important than you may think, and […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Messages Short and Sweet

Business pros will tell you to do all your homework before you officially open your doors. This is excellent advice in terms of getting yourself organized, anticipating expenses and revenue, and ensuring you’re heading into this new venture with eyes open. But with great amounts of preparation comes great piles of paperwork, which you’ll have […]

The Fine Line Between Providing Information and Writing the Content Yourself

You want to produce content for any number of reasons – perhaps you want to draw more visitors to your website or improve your conversion rates of visitors to customers. In most cases, you want to establish yourself or your company as a leading bigwig in your industry. You may have tried writing this content […]

I Like This Writer, but My Niche Isn’t on Her Profile: Should I Be Worried?

You’re looking at writer profiles, and you’ve found someone who looks nearly perfect. You love her samples; the style fits your site to a T. The only problem? She doesn’t list your industry on her profile. Should you keep looking and hire writers who only list your industry, or consider one who you otherwise love? […]

Winter is Coming – Hire Writers that Embrace Lessons Learned From Game of Thrones

While it was first a modestly popular fantasy book series by author George RR Martin, HBO helped the world of the Starks, Lannisters and Baratheons come to life and become fantasy’s answer to “The Sopranos.” Tonight the show returns to HBO for a fourth season of intrigue and excitement along with many surprises. While you […]

Overflowing With Creativity

There’s another side to creativity that not many people talk about. Where most people fear writer’s block and want to know how to generate better ideas, some of us article writers are so overwhelmed with ideas it’s hard to decide which to dive into. My writing drawer is full of them, and not just for […]