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Winter is Coming – Hire Writers that Embrace Lessons Learned From Game of Thrones


While it was first a modestly popular fantasy book series by author George RR Martin, HBO helped the world of the Starks, Lannisters and Baratheons come to life and become fantasy’s answer to “The Sopranos.”

Tonight the show returns to HBO for a fourth season of intrigue and excitement along with many surprises. While you may not think a world of dragons, evil princes and witty “imps” would teach you much about real life, actually the show provides many lessons that can be useful in all aspects of life—even content writing!

Think about these lessons and find out why you might want to hire writers that understand why the Red Wedding was NOT a happy occasion!

  • Winter is Coming – This is the house motto of the Starks—a family that has had its share of misfortune in the first three seasons. The Starks know that it is important to take advantage of the good times to prepare for the bad (winter.) A good writer understands this and works while the jobs are available, to prepare for the lean times.
  • Strategize – No matter how powerful you are, as a writer or in the “Game of Thrones”, if you go at things without a solid plan, you are doomed to failure. Make a plan and consider a backup plan too.
  • No One Forgets Being Slighted – In the Game of Thrones, slighting another family could result in your head on a stake. In the game of content writing it may just result in you not getting a future contract or not earning that bonus. Be careful in all your interactions and don’t risk hurting someone’s feelings.
  • Don’t Underestimate the Behind the Scenes Power – The current King in the Game of Thrones is a teenage boy with rage issues. It is pretty obvious his mother, uncle and grandfather are the one running things. The same is true in content writing—sometimes a writer will be writing for a web developer—but the ultimate boss is the site owner. Always look at who is really in charge and you’ll find it easier to meet all your requirements.

While you may want to put your work to the side while you’re enjoying your favorite television show, it never hurts to look back at what lessons are available that can help you succeed. Writing is a profession that you never master, so your mind open and learn what you can—or as Ygritte would say: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Tracy S is a freelance writer and blogger who is writing her first book. When she’s not glued to the keyboard she has her eyes glued to a sci-fi book, her mind glued on her pool game or has glue on her hands while working on a home improvement project.

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