Client Frequently Asked Questions

WriterAccess Basics

How does this work?

  1. Create Account in minutes and Try Us Risk Free
  2. Deposit $50 into an escrow account applied to writing services
  3. Find writers with Search or Casting Calls
  4. Place an order using one of three Order Forms
  5. Specify what you need and when you need it
  6. Approve the order or request unlimited revisions
  7. If you approve the order, you own it
  8. If you are not delighted with the order, you don't pay

Who can I contact for support?

One of our Account Managers will be assigned to your account. You'll get an email with phone and online support information within minutes of sign up. Feel free to call our office in Boston at 617-227-8800 to speak with a representative. You can also email our support staff for immediate support or chat with us live online.

How are the prices for content calculated?

We have three order forms: Crowd, Standard and Premium. Standard orders offer a fixed rate per word, that varies with the star rating of the writers. Premium Orders offer optional bonus payment for challenging orders that may require research or have greater exposure and impact on your business. Crowd Orders offer a 10% discount on Standard pricing, and orders are sent to writers first-come, first-serve.

You determine the order form that's best for the project. And you always control the price you're willing to pay. You also select the minimum and maximum amount of words for an order. Prices are then calculated as a combination of the writer level and word count.

Explain your pricing transparency?

Writers earn 70% of the client pay for any and all orders. Full transparency of prices help us attract the best writers and best clients. Writers, Customers, Readers—Everybody loves WriterAccess!

Do you check content for duplication and plagiarism?

Yes. All articles are automatically scanned for copyright infringement using Copyscape. All detections are listed for review and verification, and our quality team may reject any content before it is sent to you.

Can a writer sell the same article to several clients?

No. All content must be completely new and original. Any violations by writers will result in immediate termination. Our technology helps to detect any duplicate content submissions by writers.

What type of content and writing can I order at WriterAccess?

A wide range of orders are placed on WriterAccess, including articles, blog posts, copywriting, grant writing, letters, manuscripts, manuscript reviews, press releases, product descriptions, product reviews, sell sheets, tech articles, tips, travelogues, tweets, white papers, powerpoint presentations, product descriptions, posts and any other content for social media programs.

Can I create a list of favorite writers and keep using them?

Yes indeed. Create as many lists as you want and need. We call these favorites Love Lists. All the writers you add to any list will become your "Master Love List." But you may also have numerous "Love Lists" for groups of writers or even one writer. When you place your orders, you can select one of your Love Lists or even Master Love List and send the order to the writers or writer on that list. Writers pick up orders first-come, first-served, with only one writer responsible for that order.

Do I own the copyright on the content I buy?

Yes. You own the copyright of any content purchased on WriterAccess. You do not own the copyright for any copy that you do NOT approve or pay for. Copyright is transferred upon payment. See our terms of use for more information.

How can I pay and when does it register?

You can pay with any major credit card or PayPal. Funds are deposited immediately to your escrow account. Additional funds can be deposited to your account at any time. And you may request a refund of any funds not applied to approved orders.

Do I get an receipt for payments?

Yes. Purchase receipts are emailed to all clients and archived in the online marketplace. Statements, detailing all transactions made against your balance, can also be created in the marketplace.

Star Rating System

What's the deal with your Star Rating for Writers?

Our Star Rating for writers is sort of like the star rating used for restaurants. But better. Instead of Zagat checking in once a year, we use a constantly updated algorithm to keep track of each writer's ongoing performance. The algorithm tracks things like approval ratings, customer reviews, Love List selections and successful order deliveries, automatically adjusting star ratings as needed.

Our Crowd and Standard Orders are services by writers with 2 to 5 Star Ratings. And we recently introduced a super-duper Premium Certification for copywriters, journalists and tech writers with particular industry experience who can handle the most complex and demanding projects.

Each writer undergoes a manual evaluation to set the initial star level and, more importantly, even qualify for WriterAccess. We serve up a stringent writing proficiency test and review writing samples, writer profiles and resumes. Additional requirements include U.S. citizenship and U.S. bank and PayPal accounts.

Sticking with the restaurant theme, here's a summary of what to expect at the various Star Rating levels.

All writers at WriterAccess have a Star Rating that reflects both experience and performance in the platform. Initial star ratings are determined by manual review of applications and samples, and test results for writing proficiency. Our writing test are proprietary, and extremely difficult. Requirements include US citizenship, US bank and PayPal accounts. Approved writers are launched in the marketplace and an algorithm monitors performance and changes star ratings based on customer reviews, Love List selection, approval ratings and successful delivery of orders.

2 Star Rating — This is your plain hamburger. This writer met the minimum requirement on our screening test and has a basic grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling. They generally don't have a lot of professional writing experience, but they typically show promise.

3 Star Rating — Here comes your hamburger with mustard. Solid test scores and a bit of professional writing experience is on the menu. Their writing may remain simple in structure, but it is clear, well-organized and gets the point across.

4 Star Rating — Add pickles, tomatoes and other toppings to your burger and you get the 4 Star writers. They generally scored well on our test and submitted engaging writing samples and solid resumes boasting a generous helping of professional writing experience. They may be active in the social media sphere, be SEO savvy, and have deep experience in select industries.

5 Star Rating — This is your double cheeseburger deluxe. Our 5-Star writers have the experience, publication credits, stocked resumes and brilliant writing samples needed to merit this rating, along with an ongoing ability to produce delicious work every time. Their mastery of the language is apparent with careful word choices, on-target analogies and dash of creativity that peppers their work. Their experience with SEO and social media is usually apparent, as is their keen ability to target their writing style to match the assignment at hand.

Premium Certification — Move into the next galaxy and you're moving up on the menu from hamburger to steak, or even grass-fed filet mignon. Our Premium Certification writers have meaty experience and consistently deliver Grade A work. Go for premium orders for your premium work, choosing an appropriate pay scale that ranges from 10 cents to $1 per word. The rate increases to match the visibility and complexity of the project. Select from Premium Copywriters, Premium Journalists and Premium Tech Writers with specific industry experience, all of them screened, tested and ready to sate your appetite with work that WOWs.