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You’re in the driver’s seat with pricing. Zoom into the Basic Marketplace for straightforward projects where quality always aligns with price. For more complex projects with higher visibility and expertise demands, take a joy ride through the PRO Marketplace. Either way, delight is always guaranteed, or you don’t pay.

Basic Marketplace

Use the Basic Marketplace for standard projects, selecting the content quality level you need based on our star rating system. Quickly find writers in your price range, and handpick your top choices for projects, delight guaranteed.

PRO Marketplace

Use the PRO Marketplace for more complex projects with higher visibility and research requirements. Tap into our pool of Verified PRO writers, all of whom are vetted professionals with verified pay rates and publishing track records a mile long.

Basic Pricing



Solid Grammar
Basic Tone and Style
Vocabulary Depth
Vivid Word Choice
Topic Command
Polish and Finesse
Clarity and Precision
Balanced Prose
Industry Savvy
Enticing Imagery
Style Guidelines
Consistent Style

PRO Pricing


Project Research
Advanced Rulesets
Conference Call
Industry Vocabulary
Legal Requirements
High Visibility
Conversion Goals
Low Complexity
Brand Alignment
Phone Interviews
Audience Empathy
Topic Mastery
Technical Mastery
Publish Ready

Go BASIC OR PRO Marketplace? You’re in the driver’s seat.




Go with the Basic Marketplace and pay 4 to 6 cents/word for projects with lighter research requirements and straightforward specifications. Pay 8 to 10 cents/word for work that requires researching or reviewing samples, visiting web pages, or browsing creative briefs for specifications.


For projects with more research requirements that require more time to review complex creative briefs, specifications summaries, style guides for brand alignment, topic research requests or more, pay 11 cents/word in the PRO Marketplace.


For content projects with clear instructions and easy-to-follow goals, pay 4 to 6 cents/word, depending on the expertise and time required. As the complexity of the project increases with intricate instructions, detailed creative briefs, and mandatory rulesets, pay 8 to 10 cents/word.


For projects that require detailed instructions, multiple rounds of revisions, audience-adherence goals, long-form creative briefs that require close study, and legal or delivery challenges, boost up the pay rate to as much as $2 or more per word.


For informational content with less visibility, such as blog posts, product descriptions or general writing, go with 4 to 6 cents/word depending on the quality demands. For higher traffic placements and branding or conversion goals, pay 8 to 10 cents/word.


Tap into the power of our PRO writers for publish-ready content with higher visibility on your website or social channels. Select a writer with more skills and expertise to deliver on your exacting specifications for those top-quality projects that define and build your brand.

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If you're not delighted with any order, request revisions. Still not delighted? Don't pay. Period.

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Cancel any membership tier within 30 days for a no-hassle full refund.

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