Managed Service. Starting at $2,500.

Dive into WriterAccess Managed Service, starting with $2,500 pre-pay for orders,
and surface with lots of perks and outsourced solutions, customized for your needs.

$2,500 Pre-Pay

To qualify, simply make a $2,500 pre-pay, 100% applied to content orders or special support services you request.

Custom Pricing

To busy to do-it-all?  Request custom pricing to outsource anything you can't handle, and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Package Pricing

Need big bang for your buck?  Take a look at our pricing grid to confirm your pre-pay investment will deliver on all your needs.

Pre-pay program. Frequent-flyer rewards.

Go big with WriterAccess and get all kinds of perks. Bonus cash rewards are automatically credited to your account. Free proofreading services are available on-demand. And we'll see you at our 5th annual Content Marketing Conference (CMC)!





  • $100 Credit Bonus
  • 5,000 Words Proofreading
  • 10% CMC Discount




  • $200 Credit Bonus
  • 10,000 Words Proofreading
  • 25% Conference Discount




  • $300 Credit Bonus
  • 20,000 Words Proofreading
  • 50% Conference Discount




  • $400 Credit Bonus
  • 40,000 Words Proofreading
  • 1 Free Conference Pass

Managed Service.  Custom solutions.

Request custom pricing for the right mix of services to keep your orders flowing and content going to readers and fans. We'll deliver the quality and performance you demand, so you have more time to run your business.

Order Management

Publishing a steady stream of great content with one writer–or many–starts with documenting the requirements and specifications, and onboarding writers to the goals. We'll get you off to the right start, help you set up orders and creative briefs, with rulesets and samples that guide.

Editing Service

Let's face it. Writers can't always read your mind when it comes to creating content that exceeds your expectations. But our Editors can read their content, offer feedback and make sure it hits the mark. We'll price it into a custom proposal, so you can rest easy and have more time to run your business.

Account Support

Keeping all your team members cheerful and smiling all the time is an important role. Your dedicated manager will do all that, and crack the whip to hit quality goals and exceed expectations. In a nutshell, they'll keep the orders flowing and content going to the right place, at the right time.

Keyword Map

Optimizing content for both readers and the search engines starts with researching the best keywords and groups for writers to drive performance. We'll do the keyword research and make keyword recommendations, to keep writers perpetually aligned with the hard-to-hit search marketing goals.

Customer Journey Map

Documenting what your prospects and customers are experiencing and feeling at different stages helps writers create better content. Period. We'll map out the journey with your help, load it all up in WriterAccess, and then tag orders with journey stages to make your content more engaging to readers.

Buyer Personas

Marketing fails without a deep understanding of customer wants and needs. We'll help you detail different buyer personas, highlight their characteristics, pinpoint what they were thinking when they made the decision to buy, and tag orders with the right persona to help writers create better content.

Pre-pay rewards.  Lots of content.

Your $2,500 or more pre-pay can buy a lot of content, and any services and support you may need along the way. It's all delivered to your exacting specifications, delight guaranteed.




25,000 Words
6 Star Quality

  • 40 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 80 Tweets
  • 80 Facebook Posts
  • 80 Linked Posts

Or Get
32,250 Words
5 Star Quality

  • 50 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 100 Tweets
  • 100 Facebook Posts
  • 100 Linked Posts

Or Get
41,666 Words
4 Star Quality

  • 65 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 130 Tweets
  • 130 Facebook Posts
  • 130 Linked Posts




50,000 Words
6 Star Quality

  • 80 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 160 Tweets
  • 160 Facebook Posts
  • 160 Linked Posts

Or Get
62,500 Words
5 Star Quality

  • 100 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 200 Tweets
  • 200 Facebook Posts
  • 200 Linked Posts

Or Get
83,300 Words
4 Star Quality

  • 130 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 260 Tweets
  • 260 Facebook Posts
  • 260 Linked Posts




100,000 Words
6 Star Quality

  • 160 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 300 Tweets
  • 300 Facebook Posts
  • 300 Linked Posts

Or Get
125,000 Words
5 Star Quality

  • 200 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 400 Tweets
  • 400 Facebook Posts
  • 400 Linked Posts

Or Get
166,666 Words
4 Star Quality

  • 275 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 550 Tweets
  • 550 Facebook Posts
  • 550 Linked Posts




200,000 Words
6 Star Quality

  • 340 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 680 Tweets
  • 680 Facebook Posts
  • 680 Linked Posts

Or Get
250,000 Words
5 Star Quality

  • 425 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 850 Tweets
  • 850 Facebook Posts
  • 850 Linked Posts

Or Get
333,333 Words
4 Star Quality

  • 560 Blog Posts
  • 500 Words/Post
  • 1,100 Tweets
  • 1,100 Facebook Posts
  • 1,100 Linked Posts

Managed Service. Delight guaranteed.

If you're not delighted with WriterAccess Managed Service for any reason, simply cancel within 30 days of your pre-pay via live chat, email or phone. You'll get a full refund for all work or services not completed or approved. No forms to fill out. No hoops to jump through.

You have Managed Service questions. We have answers.

Do I need to be a member to access Managed Service?

Yes. You'll need to be an Enterprise member of WriterAccess. This is used to cover our onboarding services and technology setup and deployment to you and your team.

How do I get started with Managed Service?

Simple make a pre-pay deposit of $2,500 or more, and we'll host a kickoff call to discuss your needs:

  • Price out any services you may need from our team
  • Spin you through a demo the platform
  • Learn your goals and requirements
  • Turn on special platform features based on your needs
  • Help build out order templates with clear instructions
  • Help setup content analytics and API publishing integrations
  • Recommend writers to you for projects
  • Set you up on auto-pilot to streamline your workflow

What does my $2,500 pre-pay deposit go towards?

You're in the driver seat with any pre-pay deposit you make. You can purchase content from writers, or time from freelance content strategists, editors, and content managers. Or you can purchase support time from our internal staff of content marketing managers that keep your orders going and content flowing to your readers and fans. We discuss your needs with you, submit a custom quote that defines your goals, and then roll out the support and workflow necessary for success.

Can you invoice me for Managed Service?

Yes. Request pricing and discuss your needs. We'll shoot over a proposal/contract for your review. And we'll invoice you for Managed Services and begin work when payment is received.

Can Managed Service offer a fully outsourced content marketing solution?

Yes. Request custom pricing for a fully outsourced solution that combines our team members, hand-picked freelancers from our pool of 15,000 professionals, and savvy platform automation and auto-pilot setup that delivers the publish ready content to you.

Do I still have to go through the onboarding program?

Yes. We'll spin you through a private demo of the platform, requiring 15 to 30 minutes of your time. You will learn what we'll be doing for you and what your role will be based upon your needs and time.

Can I cancel Managed Service?

Yes. You can cancel Managed Service for any reason within 30 days of your deposit date for a credit card or invoice payment received by our office. Simply notify our office by email, phone or live chat.