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Grammar Schools…the Controversial Studies

In my quest to bring you all the best of all things grammar, we have grammar schools. I actually stumbled on this on the BBC News when looking for grammar resources like The New York Times Grammar and Usage section. What an interesting rabbit hole! Grammar schools are actually quite controversial. Check it out.

What is a Grammar School

Here in the US, we may say grammar school in reference to elementary grades. However, the United Kingdom is generally where the concept of grammar school is used. Grammar schools date back to the Dark Ages to spread the language of Latin. Since then, grammar schools have expanded the curriculum to cover other languages and subjects including math, geography, and science.

Modern Day Grammar Schooling

Then at the turn of the 20th century, grammar schools started being used for the secondary education system in England and Wales—not in Scotland. Since then, however, times have changed and so have these grammar school setups. Now there are some grammar schools that remain. These are either:

  • Fully independent private schools that charge tuition
  • Comprehensive schools in the non-selective system

A few of the schools are still following the olden method of the Tripartite System from the Victorian Era.

Oldest Grammar Schools in the UK

The oldest grammar schools in England date back to the 7th century. The Thetford Grammar School is the first grammar school and one of the oldest schools in all of the UK. Thomas Paine is amongst the Old Thetfordians on the roster.

Today the school remains open and active pupils three to 18 interested in independent school education. Fees for pre-prep are £2818 per term, while preparatory school costs £4005 per term. Senior school and sixth form have an academic price tag of £4668 per term. Students do not board at this school.

Other old school grammar schools include:

  • Royal Grammar School Worcester from 685 or 1291 conclusively
  • Carlisle Grammar School from 685
  • Beverley Grammar School from 700
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School from 1206
  • Lancaster Royal Grammar School from 1235
  • King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon from 1295
  • Bourne Grammar School from 1330

And the list goes on!

Get Your Grammar Tools

So many grammar schools, just as there are grammar tools for writers. Want to learn more about grammar and wordsmithing, as well as the gig economy? Check out the latest posts here at WriterAccess and keep your grammar and content marketing knowledge in the know.


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