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As a professional web content writer for small-to-medium businesses, Miranda understands how to effectively balance technical jargon and personal brand messaging. Her content is sticky, evergreen when expected to be, and always creative. Keep 'em coming back for more, that's Miranda's motto!

Check out the categories of content and industries Miranda has experience in:
Trucking and Transportation Industry

Miranda has worked as a web content writer for Randall-Reilly, a leading sales and marketing firm for truck driver job recruiting since January 2015. She has written more than 750,000 words for various truck driving job recruitment sites for R-R.

Miranda is experienced in WordPress where she uploads content directly to the recruiting sites as a writer and editor for the following sites:

*Careers in Gear
*Trucker Classifieds
*Jiggy Jobs
*Diesel Tech Jobs

As a content writer working freelance for R-R, Miranda communicates with the client's recruitment SEO and publishing team with bi-weekly Zoom meetings. Also, she attends virtual training when available with the R-R team to help develop SEO-rich content.

Miranda is also actively using Trello Boards and Slack to message and communicate with the publishing and SEO teams throughout the workweek, as well as to organize her workload.

Trucking and Transportation Topics

*Class A truck drivers
*FMCSA regulations
*DOT rules for drivers
*Truck driving news
*Getting a CDL
*Route planning tools
*Top-rated trucking companies
*Various haul types, i.e., heavy haul, flatbed, tanker, refrigerated, intermodal, drayage, etc.
*Logistics for trucking fleets
*Owner-operators and fleet owners
*Staying healthy as a trucker
*Transportation software for management
*Trucking job recruitment
*Trucking industry legislation
*Infrastructure for trucking

Experienced Travel Writer

Miranda specializes in travel writing with articles published by Matador Network, USA Today, Seat Guru, Banderas News in Puerto Vallarta, and hundreds of clients as a ghostwriter. She combines her master's level education in sociology and real-world travel experience to create content with an innovative cultural focus on all aspects of travel and transportation.

She has traveled abroad to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, England, and Jamaica. Miranda also studied abroad in Mexico where she traveled extensively. She has since returned to various states in Mexico several times over the past 15 years.

Miranda has also traveled to every state in the Lower 48 thanks to her truck driver father who took her along on trips many times as a youth and adult. This instilled in her a drive to go on too-many-to-count road trips, i.e., from Georgia to Boston in an East Coast adventure, and a cross-country trip from Atlanta to Seattle to name a few.

While she was born in Georgia, Miranda lived in South Dakota from the age of 28 to 34 and has since lived in Western Washington for three years. She’s explored Georgia and South Dakota from coast to coast and now is working her way across the Puget Sound region.

The islands are immense and the ancient woods are always beckoning her outdoors these days. She’s seen more orcas and sea lions and red-headed woodpeckers in Point Defiance than can be counted.

Travel Writing Specialties

*International Travel
*Travel Itineraries and Trip Planning
*US Road Trips
*Solo Female Travel
*Traveling With Children
*Safe Travel
*Budget Travel
*Air Travel

General Web Content Writer

Miranda is equally experienced with writing creative nonfiction based on a variety of topics ranging from chiropractors and cryptocurrency to marketing and manufacturing. Types of content she has created throughout her 5 million word writing career include:

*Product Descriptions
*Shareworthy Articles
*Press Releases
*White Papers
*Total Site Overhauls
*Website Content
*Business Blog Posts
*Trivia Questions
*Web-Based Instruction Lessons

Recent Raves and Reviews Received
*All via WriterAccess Clients:

Really great writer. We through a completely "out of health space" topic and Miranda. She handled it perfectly!!! Highly recommend.

Thank you Miranda! My client enjoyed the blog! You're a ROCKSTAR! Have a great day!

You are a savage writing machine! You know that? :) Thank you, this is awesome. Got another gig coming your way today!

Thank you for such a quick turnaround, Miranda! I have a few more blog posts headed your way. =)

Miranda, thank you so much for your work. I sent you a first time bonus for working with me. I appreciate the partnership. Have a great day.

Thank you so so much for doing all those crazy revisions!! It looks really great, thank you again. Look forward to working with you again!

Non-Writing Experience

Content Marketing Certified

Miranda completed the HubSpot Academy training in December 2017 to receive certification in Content Marketing. She is currently working towards certification in Inbound methodologies and applications.

Online Community Manager

In 2013 Miranda was the community manager and writer for a social website for sociology. She managed new writers for the site, as well as all social media profiles.

Additionally, she wrote fresh academic level content for the site. Since she took on the project in February 2013, Miranda and her team brought the site from a 200+ ranking on Google to 30th.

Requests for Proposals and Quotes

Miranda was under contract to write for a regional private investigator and security company. She has completed the following types of requests for proposals for government:

*Request for Proposals (RFP)
*Request for Information (RFI)
*Request for Quotes (RFQ)

One RFP was an opportunity with FEMA, which was awarded to the client based on Miranda's proposal.

Also, Miranda has written and submitted two business proposals that were selected for work assignments with local companies.

Business Contract Writer

For the security and investigations client, Miranda has created an original contract for security services specifically for the client's use.

Certified Library Practitioner

Miranda has received training as a certified librarian practitioner, which combines her love of community with reading. This training led her to develop a webinar and write a newspaper column as the Loquacious Librarian detailing community literacy programs and library events.

Webinar Developer and Presenter

Also in 2013, Miranda created a webinar about blogging for public libraries, which she was selected to present as part of the Nebraska Library Commission's Big Talks from Small Libraries. The presentation on social media is available on the N.L.C. website.

Newspaper Columnist

Miranda was a regular writer for the Platte Enterprise in Platte, South Dakota from 2012 to 2014. She wrote a column, as the Loquacious Librarian, about her role as a librarian at the Platte Public Library. The column included community programming, book reviews, and information about upcoming library events.

Creative Writing Projects

When Miranda is not working on content writing, she is writing fantasy fiction with a horror bent. Her novel, "In Them Trees," which weaves Miranda's Southern Appalachian roots through world travels and exploration of giants and the concept of community.
High Tech
Web Page
Press Release
Facebook Post
Green Products
31 More


Top Industries:

*Air Travel
*Alternative Medicine
*Budget Travel
*Cannabis, Legal
*Eco-Conscious Products
*Community Emergency Notification Systems
*Green Living
*Health and Wellness
*Holistic Health Care
*International Travel
*Jewelry Retailers
*Logistics and Transportation
*Manufacturing Sector
*Senior Living Services
*Solo Female Travel
*Supply Chain Logistics
*Travel Itineraries
*US Road Trips
*Veterinarian and Animal Hospitals

Content Services:

*Business Blog Posts
*Email Marketing
*Press Releases
*Product Descriptions
*Request for Information (RFI)
*Request for Proposals (RFP)
*Request for Quotes (RFQ)
*Shareworthy Articles
*Total Website Overhauls
*Trivia Questions
*Website Content
*Web-Based Instruction Lessons
*White Papers

Value Proponents:

*Creative flair for content writing
*Detailed understanding and application of content marketing strategy
*Expertise in social media marketing
*Social statistics research analysis
*Sociologically-focused content, i.e., user personas, UX design, social media community awareness, etc.
*Speedy, thorough and accurate research for specialized content needs
*Up-to-date search engine optimization skills
*Web content for SMB to mega businesses


An active member of Goodreads, Miranda strives to read 50 books annually, with a range of genres that include nonfiction, historical fiction and fantasy titles. She lives by the maxim that readers are leaders.

She is the winner of the 2011 and 2012 National Novel Writing Month, a writing marathon in which writers pen 50,000 in 30 days.

As a feather-footed traveler, she has stepped on the soil of six countries and visited every state in the continental U.S. For spring 2014, Miranda traveled solo for a two-week adventure through the Netherlands, following a budget minded and adventurous travel plan to include hostels and street foods.

On a personal note, Miranda grew up in the foster care system, providing her with a first-hand account of social work. She lived in foster care with a family placement, as well as a group home for girls, and was later adopted out of foster care at 15, giving her a wealth of perspectives of the foster care process. While in foster care as a teen, she regularly attended foster care parent meetings and new parent recruitment panels where she spoke on behalf of foster care alongside caseworkers, counselors, and police officers. This later led Miranda to pursue a career in social work and sociology in order to better understand social systems including foster care, particularly in relation to teens, and low-income families.

In addition, she is a single mother to a 10-year-old son, which has driven her to be the successful content writer that she is today.


Gainesville College

Social work major with course work in marriage and family, anthropology and sociology

Valdosta State University

Focused on application of sociological theory; intern for The Haven Rape Crisis Center for the clinical requirements of degree

University of Guadalajara

Lived in community in home with a Hispanic family for a complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture

Volunteered at the Orphanage of Guadalajara three times a week teaching the boys English and sharing cultural beliefs

Valdosta State University

Focused on grant writing; program evaluations; social statistics and research methods; environmental issues; world religions and cultures; low-income housing and welfare
Completed a program evaluation with student group for the Access Office at VSU
Interned at the Catholic Social Services and developed a program evaluation including written and telephone surveys entirely in Spanish for a parent involvement program at a local elementary school for Hispanic families

Northern State University

Miranda attended the South Dakota State Library Institute program to certify her in library science and application.

University of Washington

Miranda is a hopeful applicant into the Fall 2022 program


17,432 Projects Completed

Since birth, Miranda has lived with a family of truck drivers. As a result, she continues to be interested in the current state of the transportation industry. She has written content for logistics companies, as well as for transportation firms interested in the latest DOT regulations and rules. For example, content Miranda has currently covered for clients includes the implementation of electronic logs in commercial trucks.


4,793 Projects Completed

Miranda is a world traveler who loves to write about her experiences traveling in the US and abroad. Her work has been featured on the Matador Network, USA Today Travel Tips, Seat Guru, and she has written for eGuides Mexico. One of her more recent articles written for USA Today was published by Banderas News in Puerta Vallarta.


1,866 Projects Completed

Writing in the industry of health, Miranda has researched and composed blogs, press releases, SEO content and social media posts for dentists, heart centers, chiropractors, veterinarians, massage therapists, family physicians and cosmetic surgeons.


1,100 Projects Completed

Miranda has completed hundreds of projects in industries not listed including youth program development, librarian material coding, survey creation, focus group question writer and census taker. She has also conducted and transcribed interviews and focus group responses.


826 Projects Completed

Miranda is certified in Content Marketing after successfully passing the HubSpot Academy examination. She utilizes online marketing skills to generate content that is both sticky and innovative in capturing the attention of audiences.

Miranda has worked as the marketing director for two fundraisers at the Platte Public Library: the Tour of Homes in 2011 and A Homestead Holiday in 2012. Miranda interviewed homeowners? and a South Dakota author to write 5 feature articles, in addition to the publication of 8 press releases for the fundraisers. These press releases were published in the Platte Enterprise.

She was also responsible for creating and posting all signage pertaining to the advertisement of the events.

Miranda also met one on one with local business owners to garner attention for the vendor booths for A Homestead Holiday, and coordinated with the guest speaker, author Steve Riedel, for the event. For A Homestead Holiday, the library was able to raise nearly $4500, which is the most they have ever made on a single fundraising effort.


469 Projects Completed

Miranda writes for the medical industry on a regular basis. Some of her clients include alcohol addiction recovery centers and family-focused clinics. Typically Miranda writes new content for medical websites. She has also written manuals, brochures and reports for medical associates and teams to be used on a professional level. Miranda has also written for alternative medicine in the arena of medical marijuana, as well as for home care nursing sites.


428 Projects Completed

Miranda worked for United Community Bank for four years as a loan assistant, teller and switchboard operator. Her time working in the industry provided her with training and hands-on experience with loan applications, credit scores, accounting and bookkeeping.


428 Projects Completed

Miranda worked at a small-scale family owned juice bottling factory in all aspects from the assembly line to serving as the human resource manager. She created and printed labels, and has since written about label products including Datamax and Zebra in-house printers.


400 Projects Completed

Miranda has written more than 1,000 product descriptions for various online stores selling window treatments, bedding, bathroom accessories, and floor rugs.


368 Projects Completed

Miranda has specialized in papier-mache, homemade costumes, and eco-friendly home decor. Her work has also focused on preschool and children's crafts, as well as holiday crafting.


327 Projects Completed

Miranda worked as the human resource manager in the office of a cider manufacturer. She managed payroll, taxes, accounting, and invoices. Additionally, Miranda was in charge of the customer ordering and basket building for the annual holiday fruit basket service. She also created and printed custom and standard bottle labels for customers. Her skills range from DataMax printing to OSHA paperwork completion.


316 Projects Completed

Miranda worked on a family farm from age 15 to 27. During that time she managed the clientele for the hay production and sales, as well as the sales and shipping for a cider bottling facility. Her roles also included handling, purchasing and sales of seasonal produce and food items. She wore many hats during her stint in agriculture including bookkeeper, payroll manager, HACCP advisor, customer service representative, marketing/advertising manager, and human resources administrator.


283 Projects Completed

As a stay at home mom, Miranda uses her experience as she writes about kids and family in topics that include DIY games, stay-at-home parenting, foster care issues, homeschooling, and handmade project ideas for preschooling students.


253 Projects Completed

As a music enthusiast whose tastes range from roots music to classical tunes, Miranda loves to write about her passion. She has written thousands of trivia questions pertaining to the histories and experiences of musicians ranging from Jim Morrison to Macklemore. Additionally she is knowledgeable about the current position of digitalized music, i.e. the latest news on Apple's acquisition of Beats or choosing between Spotify and Pandora.


196 Projects Completed

As Miranda earned her master's in sociology, she studied social structures between couples, groups, families and organizations with focus. Now she is able to write about relationships for websites and social media platforms including blogs. She has explored a multitude of relationships as the social media manager of www.sociology.com.

Green Products

186 Projects Completed

As someone who uses green products, from eco-safe cleaners to organic produce, in her daily life, Miranda has the insight needed to write about environmentally conscious products. She has written blogs regarding going paperless as freelancers *see sample for details; transforming your home office using green products; and how to update your home decor via eco-friendly items. Her green product expertise ranges from green products of the past to the future of going green around the globe.


144 Projects Completed

Miranda has written on topics that include Southern cuisine, authentic Mexican dishes, Indian spices, preservation methods and cake decorating. Her love of cooking and food preparation in her everyday shines through in her writing. She prefers to work with made-from-scratch recipes specifically with desserts and breads, as well as organic and fresh-from-the-garden ingredients. She has recently perfected cake pops and pumpkin bread.


135 Projects Completed

As an outdoor enthusiast who loves to camp, fish, hike and otherwise enjoy the Great Outdoors, Miranda often pens works devoted to nature. Her work has included Travel Tips for USA Today on topics including How to Camp in the Badlands *see sample, to exploring Europe on a bicycle.

High Tech

118 Projects Completed

From cloud based computing to the top choices of marketing software for freelancers, Miranda is skilled in high tech content. Her work ranges from blogging about the latest iPhone product to choosing between a hybrid or private cloud computing system. App development, the latest high tech gadgets for gifts, and determining how to best secure your tech system round out the latest topics in high tech written by Miranda.


115 Projects Completed

Miranda has written articles for home school including how to get started, using curriculum, laws in various US states, and "road schooling". She has also written professionally in subjects pertaining to sociology including social theory, statistics and social justice.

Human Resources

55 Projects Completed

Miranda worked as the human resources manager of a SMB. She managed the employees from the hiring stage to the filing of documentation regarding employees with temporary visas. Her work in human resources, from 2006 to 2009, gave her the know-how necessary to write content regarding the current state of HR departments, such as of tips for HR improvement or how to maintain records as a HR manager.


50 Projects Completed

Miranda studied drafting in high school as her vocational track. She learned how to use CAD and other computer tools while in the classroom. Additionally, she worked on an actual drafting table and was required to bring real drafting pencils, protractors and other tools to class to work on drafts of building designs. It was a sensational time and while she is not an architect today, Miranda consistently reads, researches, photographs, and documents various architecture around the world when she travels. She has been to some quite prestigious homes including staying for a weekend in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood in Southern California, as well as architecture around cities she has visited including most recently San Francisco, Hollywood, Seattle, and Tacoma.

When not writing, Miranda is working with drafting tools as part of her art therapy. She uses an architecture drawing book to help her work with different drawing techniques while copying and learning about styles of commercial buildings, bridges, and residential houses from around the world and throughout history. She also dreams up the perfect residence--as we all do!

Her writing has included work with librarians on the House of Homes Tour in Platte, South Dakota. As a librarian and newspaper columnist, Miranda worked with home owners to showcase their houses along a community wide open house. It was exciting to interview these home owners before the tour and along the tour on the day off. She reported her information back to the local newspaper in the Loquacious Librarian column and helped to stimulate interest in donations to the library, which was the primary reason for the fundraising event. Seeing and touring all of the most prestigious and fanciest of homes in the mid-central South Dakota region was a once in a lifetime experience for someone raised in Georgia, now living in Washington.

Non Profit

42 Projects Completed

Miranda worked at the nonprofit, the Platte Public Library, as a librarian who is in training to become the director.

She coordinated and led the monthly children's story time, and library book club, as well as an OverDrive Open House that provided training for patrons interested in the eBook lending program.

Miranda was also the designer and blogger for the Platte Library blog, as well as the administrator the Platte Library Facebook page.

Additionally, Miranda wrote a monthly column, the Loquacious Librarian, for the local newspaper the Platte Enterprise. She detailed the latest happenings at the library, in addition to spotlighting activities taking place within the community.


34 Projects Completed

Miranda served as an intern for one academic year at a rape crisis center during her undergraduate years as a sociology student. That experience exposed Miranda to the commonplace domestic violence that women, most commonly, endure. She worked with single women, young mothers and elderly females who had been raped or molested and whom were in treatment and recovery at the center. Additionally Miranda was in charge of maintaining an inventory of medical supplies and new admissions kits in the medical exam room onsite.


25 Projects Completed

Miranda has experience in self-publishing ebooks online for her brand, as well as clients in need of publishing ebooks. She has worked with Amazon CreateSpace and the KDP, as well as SmashWords. Additionally, she is interested in working in indie spaces for self-publishing, especially in fiction and hand-binding journals and chapbooks for publication.

She has also worked with publishing companies of journals and is an active annual subscriber of Duotrope where she researches journals currently in need of writers. Along with writing and submitting to journals, Miranda publishes a few journals of her own including In the Kitchen, a nonfiction cultural publication that focuses on the micro myth and kitchen centric stories, recipes, poems, and journal entries, as well as adult activities and mind benders. In the Kitchen is listed on Duotrope. Miranda is also working with Duosuma, which is a platform required to submit content to select journals.


22 Projects Completed

As an organic home gardener, Miranda uses her expertise to write about using companion planting methods, Native American planting techniques, organic gardening, and all-natural pesticides.

Green Living

22 Projects Completed

Miranda is an avid environmentalist. Her passion for ecologically friendly topics has been expressed through her writing on topics that include the negative sides to SUVs, deforestation, major environmental issues, and oil spills. She is a featured blogger on the United Nations Of Green Citizens American Assembly Forum. As a graduate student Miranda studied environmental issues and sustainability. She considers herself a green living expert, and has also written extensively pertaining to tips to make one's life and home more sustainable.

Web Development

20 Projects Completed

Miranda is the community manager and writer for a social website for sociology. She manages new writers for the site, as well as all social media profiles. Additionally she writes fresh content for the site. Since she took on the project in February 2013, Miranda and her team have brought the site from a 200+ ranking on Google to 30th.

Blog Post

9,418 Projects Completed

Miranda writes blog posts for a wide range of clients that offer services, such as cloud based storage and social media tips. She is also a frequent writer for the Writer Access blog, which presents tips and advice for writers, small businesses and marketing agencies. Recently, Miranda was honored with an interview in Writer Wisdom Wednesday on the Writer Access blog roll. In May 2014 her blog post "Creating an Awesome Freelancing Space Outdoors" on the WriterAccess blog was chosen as the post of the week.

Her blogging experience gave her the knowledge needed to create a professional webinar discussing blogging for libraries, which she presented in an online session for the Nebraska Library Commission.


3,300 Projects Completed

A highly focused article writer, Miranda averages 1000 words a day for online clients and brick-and-mortar businesses. She consistently completes tight pieces of copy based on target audiences with a short turn around.

Product Description

2,168 Projects Completed

Miranda loves to write product descriptions. Stemming from her childhood spent reading toy and home goods catalogs, Miranda continues to envision new and exciting ways to use products. For example, she frequently writes about odd ball ways to use window treatments, bath towels and bathroom accessories.

Web Page

1,313 Projects Completed

Miranda is the creator/writer at her professional website, which includes her personal writing blog. Additionally, she has set up a static blog page for the Platte Public Library.

Twitter Post

301 Projects Completed

As the social media manager for a sociology website, Miranda was in charge of determining and posting the most exciting and relevant Tweets for the website. Using software, such as SavePublishing, Tweriod and Buffer, Miranda was able to create a schedule of Tweets published during the times when the website's Twitter audience was most active.


300 Projects Completed


Miranda has created an infographic about what is sociology, which is used for a website that is focused on sociology for students and professors. She published the infographic to attract attention to the site and to stimulate writers with applicable sociological musings.

Facebook Post

179 Projects Completed

She writes Facebook posts like a pro by noting impressive keywords, tossing in business names and by demanding attention from the audience. Miranda has written Facebook posts for clients here at WA, as well as for private clients of whom she is the social media manager.

Press Release

139 Projects Completed

Miranda frequently wrote press releases for online clients, as well as for community events and library programs for the Platte Public Library. As the library's co-director and advertising executive, she is responsible for all press releases published in regional newspapers and online.


41 Projects Completed

She completed grant proposals and applications while working as an intern during graduate school in sociology for a nonprofit, Catholic Social Charities. Miranda has also written grant proposals and applications as a librarian at the Platte Public Library.

Most recently Miranda has worked for a regional private investigator and security company. She has completed at least three proposals for government RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs. At least one of the proposals, an opportunity with the State of North Dakota, was awarded to the client based on Miranda's proposal.


39 Projects Completed

Miranda has developed brochures for multiple clients including The Haven Rape Crisis Center, Yearwood Farms, Platte Public Library, and private clients via WriterAccess. She typically uses the templates available via Word Office, but has access to templates via Gimp and other open software.


8 Projects Completed

Miranda is currently writing a biography for a client, titled "The Million Dollar Frying Pan," as well as rewriting a fictional novel titled "In Deep" that she plans to self-publish in 2013.


6 Projects Completed

Miranda wrote a memoir featuring her at the age of 10 and a couple demons...and Thoth. Thoth was also present during the stream of conscious writing experience.


2 Projects Completed

Miranda developed a webinar about using social media in a rural library setting. Her webinar was chosen for international presentation by the Nebraska Library Commission's Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference. Representing her hometown of Platte, SD and the Platte Public Library, Miranda focused her webinar on how to use blogging for promoting the library and for reaching a greater audience.

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