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Writer Tools For Success: What to Do During a Writing Lull

writing lull

As you likely know, the writing profession comes with many valleys and mountaintops. This means sometimes your hand cramps and back aches from all the writing you do in a day, while other spans of time pass with nary a word from a favorite established client. You also might notice there are no signs of potential work from new clients on the horizon. It is this place where all writers spend time occasionally, a place we have all visited at one time during our career or the other. It known simply as a lull. The place where nothing at all seems to be going on. Due to some snooping on the forum, it’s clear that here at WriterAccess we all have experienced this, and some are dealing with this forced respite presently. This, of course, was my impetus for writing this piece. What can we do as writers when we have hit a writing lull? How can we continue to be productive, when orders have dried up?


How to Survive and Thrive in a Writing Lull

Realize It’s a Temporary State

Before moving on to any other suggestions, you should first note that this time is temporary. Though it might seem as if this sabbatical will last from now to eternity, it won’t. You will once again have more orders than you can finish without burning the midnight oil, and your payout will resemble something worthy of your hard efforts once more. Trust me, I know this from experience. I have worked part-time with WriterAccess for six years and as a freelancer writer for almost a decade. Ebbs and flows are just part of this occupation. This is temporary, and as the adage goes, “this too shall pass.

Work on Your Profile

At WriterAccess, you know your profile is of paramount importance. I have had client’s look my profile over and offer me work on many occasions. I expect I have had some decide against choosing me on occasion also due to my profile. To land the clients you desire on this platform, update your profile regularly. Make sure it accurately represents your abilities, style and writing preferences, so clients get a good impression of you simply by viewing it. If you aren’t sure what your profile needs to become more of a selling point, you can always ask your fellow writers via a forum post to make some improvement suggestions. If they have some free time, many writers on this platform are happy to help others improve by taking a quick look at a profile. This is something they do on their own free time, though, so be sure to say thank you for any tips.

Apply to Casting Calls

Another way to drum up business here at WriterAccess is to apply to Casting Calls. You can apply to any and all that sound interesting to you or that you would like to tackle. Make sure you get a good pitch together, and you might also suggest the client looks over your newly revamped profile. This will tell them even more about your abilities as a writer.

Focus on Your Off-Site Career

Another way to fill the time productively when you aren’t getting orders is to address your writing portfolio as it relates to private clients. If you want to appeal to local offices, for a specific writing need, put together some promotional examples of what you can do and go give it a whirl. Ask them if they would be interested in your services. Keep in mind there are many steps you need to take to ensure you get paid (and those aren’t always 100% foolproof) but do have them sign a contract and get some of your money upfront. You might also use this writing lull to have business cards printed, create a professional website or anything else you have been meaning to do but haven’t had the time.

Get Started on That Manuscript

As writers, we all have a million book or article ideas running through our heads almost constantly. A writing lull is a good opportunity to bring those ideas to fruition and put them in written form. Create a goal to write a chapter a day, or article a day, that you will eventually try to sell or publish. The idea is to put in the work now and reap the benefits later. You are sowing the seeds of your future success. Keep writing through your lull, even if no one is paying you for your work at this moment.

Catch Up on Non Writing Chores

If you are like me, your chore list of things that should be completed around the house is ever growing. As the mom of two teens, I can’t seem to stay ahead of laundry, or any household job. A writing lull for me often means I get out the pressure washer and do some deep cleaning outdoors, gather clothes that have been outgrown, do a thorough cleaning throughout the house, and in essence make my home more comforting and inviting.

Hopefully, the above tips have given you a few ways to make your writing lull more productive. Don’t get down on yourself. We all have these pauses, professionally speaking. Instead of seeing them as negative, use the time productively so when your work inevitably picks back up, you will be ahead of the game in other areas of your life.  If you want to know more about how to become a writer for Writer Access, contact us today. Happy writing!


Brandie P. understands the importance of high-quality copywriting. She presents her clients in the best of light and is committed to communicating both factual and informative content. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail and her propensity to double check stats and make sure what she is writing is in fact absolutely true. As a result, clients can rest assured that the content Brandie creates is both beneficial to her clients and serves their purposes perfectly.


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