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Cool Writing Tool #3 by Nicole M: Hemingway App

Even the best writers can get caught up in wordy descriptions.

While online plagiarism scanners and grammar checkers are useful, they cannot detect passive voice and unclear sentences.

Hemingway App: For Higher-Quality Writing

That is, until now.

The Hemingway App, named for the writer’s unmistakeable simple style, is a free website tool that allows you to copy your writing and plunk it into the app.

You’re then assigned a readability grade. The lower the grade (aim for six or seven), the better. The higher the grade, the more you need to tweak your writing.

Decoding the Colors

The Hemingway App highlights many of your sentences in different colors. What do these mean? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Blue means your sentence has too many adverbs. The app recommends having two adverbs max.
  • Green means too much use of passive voice; again, keep this down to at least two instances if any.
  • Yellow means your sentence is “hard to read.” Try breaking the sentence into two or cutting down on words.
  • Purple means your sentence is “very hard to read.” These are the sentences that need the most attention.

An App to Take with You Anywhere

A freelance content writer is often on-the-go. The Desktop version of the Hemingway App is perfect for busy writers who need to quickly check their writing quality. This version of the app is available for Windows and Mac users for a one-time fee of $20.

You get the same helpful features of the original Hemingway App along with Microsoft Word exporting, document sharing, HTML formatting, WordPress publishing, and offline capabilities.

For the content marketing writer who wants clean prose every time, the Hemingway App is the way to go.

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About the author

Nicole M has freelance writing experience and has spent the past eight months working with a company that sources clients to research and write about a range of topics. These include religion, pet care, calories and nutrition, weight loss, allergies, diseases and conditions, medications and treatments, first-aid, workplace safety, internet and email troubleshooting, and the music business. 

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