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Cool Writing Tool #2 by Scott C: Mercury Reader

A content writer doesn’t just have to research information about a particular topic.

He or she has to piece together the facts or data gleaned from such research, and mold it into an engaging, easy-to-understand format for readers.

The Internet is a treasure trove of information for conducting this research, but not all websites present it in a way that’s easy to digest. Pop-up ads, auto-play videos, and text ads aren’t just annoying–they’re distracting, too. That’s where readability services, such as Mercury Reader, come in handy.

Mercury Reader: The Basics

Mercury Reader is an extension to the Google Chrome web browser, offered by Postlight. It removes the clutter of advertisements, videos, and sounds from the research sources (articles, reports, studies, etc.) that a content writer may be using for an assignment. Like its predecessor service, Readability, Mercury Reader leaves only text and photographs for writers to peruse.

Mercury Reader also lets users to adjust text size on the pages they’re viewing and customize pages to their liking. All it takes is one click of the mouse or a simple keyboard shortcut to switch any page on the World Wide Web to “reader mode.” Reader-optimized pages can also be printed, sent to mobile devices, and shared via social media channels and e-mail.

Time-Saving Benefits at Zero Cost

Another great thing about Mercury Reader is that it’s a 100-percent free service. With its ability to streamline information without any distractions, Mercury Reader is a key tool in any content marketing writer’s arsenal.

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In a career spanning over 10 years, Scott C has experience writing for a variety of mediums. He started in sports writing  and then moved on to hard news and feature writing while working for a community newspaper. He also has experience in technical and automotive topics and has the ability to take complex subjects and write them in a way that is understandable. Scott C also has professional experience in the cleaning, HVAC and emergency preparedness fields. Most recently, Scott has gained skills in home improvement, construction, renovation and restoration, as well as packaging.

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