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Nicole graduated cum laude with a degree in Communications from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. She has written for a slew of local newspapers in the area, covering topics ranging from town hall meetings, local government corruption, the opening of new businesses, overcrowding in schools, and even an unsolved murder mystery. In the midst of writing these articles, she has interviewed a multitude of people in person and through the phone. She also has freelance writing experience and has spent the past eight months working with a company that sources clients to research and write about a range of topics. These include religion, pet care, calories and nutrition, weight loss, allergies, diseases and conditions, medications and treatments, first-aid, workplace safety, internet and email troubleshooting, and the music business.

Since 2012, she had written for a variety of music websites, including her own review blog and as a reporter for a daily news site, where she reviewed Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell in January 2013. In August 2013, she appeared on the music channel Fuse and its program Fuse News. On the program, she discussed 90s music.

In her most recent project, she had the capability to handle up to 25 articles a week that were at least 500-1,000 words in length. She is a quick researcher and always meets professional deadlines. She has a great interest and experience in SEO, having promoted her own work to audiences in the past. She also has experience with html, image editing programs, video editing programs, and internet troubleshooting.


Nicole specializes in a variety of topics after thoroughly researching and writing about them. These include pet care, caloric information, recording music, Photoshop and other image-editing programs, emails, and instant messaging programs.


Nicole is a voracious reader who is currently hard at work on her first novel, a thriller/murder mystery. She also enjoys listening to and reviewing albums, going to concerts, and writing music news. In the past, she has also reviewed weekly pro wrestling programs.


Rider University

Nicole spent four years attending Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. She majored in journalism and studied many classes on communications, writing, and editing. She graduated cum laude.


228 Projects Completed

Nicole has more than a year's worth of experience writing about how to get a job, how to ace an interview, and success at work. She's also created articles about how to hold business meetings, how to ask for a raise, how to quit a job, and any other day-to-day situation that could arise at the office. She also specializes in writing about small businesses and how these companies can use marketing for more sales.


178 Projects Completed

Nicole has written extensively on the medical world. In most cases, this included honing in on specific diseases or conditions both physical and mental. She would list basic information on these conditions, such as the causes, the symptoms, when to visit a doctor, diganosis methods, treatment options, and prevention options. Such diseases and conditions that she's covered include deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, angiodema, asthma, head injuries, and every type of allergy under the sun.


168 Projects Completed

Nicole has written about a variety of different entertainment media. She has experience writing about various aspects of celebrities, ranging from their fashion choices to what they look like without makeup and current events. She has also written television and movie reviews and about entertainment products such as music players, television sets, and computers.


140 Projects Completed

Nicole has written about a large variety of animals that people commonly own as pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, and birds. She has also written about more unconventional pet choices like teacup pigs and sugar gliders. In all cases, she focuses on where to find your next pet, which retailers are reputable, how to prepare your home for your new pet, how to train your pet to behave, what to feed your pet, and what to do in case of injury or other medical emergencies.


100 Projects Completed

Nicole wrote for months about the various nutritional profiles of foods and drinks that a consumer can find in their local supermarket. She also focused of nutritional profiles for restaurant meals as well. These profiles highlighted not just the calorie count of each of these edible items, but also the amount of carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, cholesterol, and total, saturated, and unsatured fat. If a food had positive nutritional attributes, these were mentioned as well. The goal of these articles was to assist people in maintaining or losing weight.


93 Projects Completed

Nicole has written a large number of articles about relationships from various interesting angles. While she has compiled articles on general relationship topics like meeting the parents, getting out of the friend zone, or defining the relationship, she has also written about gay relationships and contemplating giving a second chance to an ex-significant other. Crossing into the entertainment industry, Nicole has pieced together numerous articles about celebrity romances as well, whether that's marriages that have outlasted the glare of Hollywood fame or recent celebrity hookups and breakups. Most of these pieces were list articles giving tips and advice as well as blog posts.


33 Projects Completed

Nicole has written extensively about the music industry for a recent past project. These articles have included thorough research about how to get into the business, the various jobs that a person can hold in the business, contracts, royalties, hiring a manager, finding a recording studio, making demos, designing an album cover, and how to get airplay. Nicole has also written timely album reviews and done interviews with various musicians such as Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction and Ed Kowalczyk from LIVE.


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