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Cool Writing Tool #1 by Katie S: Copyscape

Take a survey of writers’ number one fear, and you’ll likely hear a chorus of “plagiarism.”

Being accused of plagiarism can spell the end of a person’s career as a freelance content writer. With millions of pieces of content uploaded and shared online every day, it’s a valid concern.

Copyscape: The Industry Standard Against Plagiarism

Copyscape is used by a wide range of businesses, from universities to writing platforms, to retain the integrity of the written word. Despite being an industry leader, the premium services offered by Copyscape continue to be affordable enough for nearly anyone to afford.

Copyscape Premium

While Copyscape offers a free service, it’s limited in scope. Signing up for a premium account with Copyscape allows you to tap into a wealth of valuable tools.

For only five cents, you can search the entire Internet for any content that closely resembles your own. Another five cents gives you the option to search your own personal database of saved content: a boon for the content marketing writer who tackles similar subjects that have more potential for unintended plagiarism.

Premium Features Without the Premium Price

A freelance content writer who maintains their own site can easily perform a batch search of up to 10,000 pages. There are two reasons to do this. First, it helps ensure that you aren’t accidentally plagiarizing yourself with the samples and other content you have online. Second, you can quickly find out if another site has pilfered your content, and take steps to address it.

As a content writing tool, Copyscape offers an unbeatable service. Its affordable price tag makes it easy for content writers to avoid plagiarism.

About the author

Katie S has been writing for many years, either for academic reasons or for her own pleasure. She has been a freelance writer, concentrating on crafting concise, interesting and exciting copy for a variety of clients in many different industries, including the fields of law, medicine, sports and more. 

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