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8 Reasons Why Paying For Article Writing Services is Money Well Spent

article writing services

When you began your business, what was your goal? If you are like most, it was probably multi-pronged. You might have possessed an idealistic visionary goal of changing the world through some new product or service. However, you also needed to make money. Let’s face it, dreams are great, but revenue pays the bills.

Therefore, when it comes to your business, it’s natural for you to want to make money, increase your brand awareness and generally kill it within your chosen niche. Paying for professional article writing services can be your secret weapon. With advanced, skilled composers on your side, don’t be surprised if your business is transformed from ho-hum to phenomenal, making such a service well worth the investment.

Why You Should Acquire Article Writing Services For Your Business Blog:

1. It Can Increase Your ROI

When it comes to your return on marketing spend, apparently blogs are key. According to HubSpot, some 82% of marketers who make their business blog a priority enjoy a good rate of return on their investment. HubSpot also found that these businesses blogs yield 1,200 more leads on a monthly basis. These, along with other factors, prove a healthy, active blog is paramount in improving your business’s ROI.

2. It Requires Special Skills to Write Effectively For Business 

Though it might seem like anyone can put finger to keyboard and type, writing engaging content that your customers will find valuable enough to share isn’t easy. More on this later. Research for well thought-out articles takes time. It’s also hard to know what to write about in the first place. However, writers in the field will know the topics that are trending and might even be able to suggest blog post or article topics that would be well received by your customers.

3. Writing Takes Valuable Time  

Writing a blog post can take more time than you might imagine, requiring over an hour for even a short article that is well researched and thought out. Of course, anything done well takes time, but if you are like most business owners, you simply don’t have time to spare.

Let’s face it; you are busier than a honeybee whose comb has sprung a leak. You have your hand in every element of your business, and for good reason. It’s your passion, and as such, you care about each and every element. However, keeping up your blog doesn’t have to yet another task added to your daily “to do” list.  This is one assignment you can safely turn over to the experts–to an article writing service. Sit back and let this be one thing you don’t have to worry about, and with the free time you have, invest yourself in some other area of your business that needs attention.

4. It Leads Your Readers to (Profitable) Action

A well written blog post will include a call to action. This is something writers who freelance for a living understand immensely. It is basically a set of instructions that tells your readers what their next step is: call you, set up an appointment, go to your product page, etc. Without this crucial element, your readers are being entertained by your blog but little else.

5. It Gives Readers Something Worthy of Sharing–and Builds Your Audience 

Social media is a big aspect of digital marketing. In order to get your readers to share your business via social media, you need to give them something worthy of sharing. This is where your blog content comes into play. By hiring an article writing service, you can ensure your blog posts are share-worthy via the various social media platforms. If you want your blog article to be one of the 27,000,000 pieces of content that is shared on social media each and every day, you have to invest in quality content creation.

6. It Can Help Generate Those All-Important Leads

You should consider your business’s blog another tool in your digital marketing arsenal. Your end goal of your blog is of course to improve your leads. This means turning blog readers into paying customers or at  least potential paying customers. Businesses that blog enjoy 126% higher lead growth when compared to other businesses who don’t use blogs as part of their marketing strategy. Of course, keeping a blog up is easier when you hire writers from a professional content marketplace.

7. It is Helpful to Have Different Voices To Sell Your Offerings

Let’s assume you excel as a writer. You feel your blog posts are engaging and worthy of sharing. However, you still don’t see the ROI, media shares or leads to which you aspire. The problem might be you need a new voice. Sometimes, hiring a writer to give your blog a new “feel” and “voice” that attracts and speaks to a new audience is all that’s necessary to revitalize your business’s blog.

8. It Makes Financial Sense to Hire Professionals

You likely hire professionals for many things when it comes to your business. You might employ an accounting company to print paychecks or send direct deposits into your employee’s accounts. You likely wouldn’t dream of doing this job yourself because you don’t understand the tax code or know what withholdings are necessary.

In the same way, writers are experts in the written word, in content creation. They are grammar connoisseurs and can edit like nobody’s business. Why not tap into that rich knowledge and benefit from a writer’s extensive background and experience with content creation?

As a business owner, consider hiring article writing services from WriterAccess for all the reasons listed above and more. Contact us to learn more!

Brandie P is a freelance writer whose career spans nearly 10 years. She is a work-from-home mom of two teenagers, married to her high school sweetheart and is a big fan of the DAWGs (UGA) football team. Her experience as a freelance writer encompasses a wide range of niche specialties, including business, marketing, legal, political, spiritual and home living pieces, just to name a few. She has even worked with clients privately to create a book. This range of experience means she understands how to help her clients stand out in a content saturated society. Contact her today to learn more about how she can help you increase your brand’s reach by composing high quality content on your behalf.

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