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Location Ringgold, GA
Education High School
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Summary of Experience
Brandie's career as a freelance writer spans several years and encompasses an abundance of niche specialties. Before beginning her writing career, she was an office manager and worked in the medical field. Her experience in these two fields have come in handy when writing topics pertaining to these fields.

Client Comments:
“I have a book of my own I would like you to start on. You are exquisite! I am just amazed at how you captured my voice! Thank you!”

“Awesome, Brandie, thanks!"

“Thanks! This is great!"

“Thanks, Brandie! Great as always.”

“Excellent work Brandie. The content is great as is. Really pleased with the quality and style of writing and the business quote is spot on. Thank you”

"Thanks, Brandie! This is really really good."
*Home Improvement.
*Health and/or Medical.
*Spiritual or Faith Based.
*Personal Finance.
*Blog Posts on Various Topics
*Home Living/ Family.
*Real Estate.
Brandie has many personal interests, which include reading, watching college football (Go Dawgs), practicing yoga, along with spending time with her husband, cheering her son on as he plays soccer and her daughter on as she performs her musicals, and of course, writing.
Projects by Industry

Brandie worked in the medical and health field before beginning her writing career. She worked alongside nurses and social workers and was employed by a local hospital, home health and a hospice organization. She uses her experience in the medical arena to construct quality pieces for doctors and dentists. Usually, this content is used as part of a website, but occasionally it is employed as a way to educate patients about various medical conditions.


Brandie worked with a website designer to create engaging and professional websites for several law firms. The content was informative and easy enough for any client to understand. Brandie seamlessly blends rich content with simple-to-understand information.

Sample is an example of website content that could be seen on a lawyer's website.


The adage "Good art sends a different message to everyone, while good design sends the same message to everyone" explains the field of design perfectly. When successful, design communicates a desired message to all who have the privilege to behold it.

Brandie has vast experience in the field of design. Some of her past work includes being commissioned to create descriptions of various landmarks to interest investors in purchasing properties. These pieces entailed describing various locations, including their architectural and design history. That project was just one of the many that Brandie has completed in the design category.

The sample is a description of the architecture and design of a particular restaurant in Australia.


Brandie possesses first-hand knowledge of how to raise a family and the issues that are often experienced in so doing. She believes this is a timely topic that deserves as much focus as possible, since the importance of family is minimized in today's culture.

The sample discusses how to teach children responsibility.


Brandie has extensive experience dealing with finances. She also has been employed as an office manager and was responsible for overseeing the finances, which gives her another perspective on financial issues. Finally, she serves as the PTO treasurer for her daughter's elementary school. This experience means Brandie is responsible for managing thousands of dollars for a school.

The sample piece is the introduction to an article sharing tips for personal budgeting.


Brandie understands that travel copy should be factual yet present the given location in a positive light, thus encouraging a visit by readers. She would love to work with you on both local and international travel pieces, including articles on general travel tips.

The sample piece is about the steps to take to travel out of the country.


In many families, pets are another member, not simply an animal. As a result, their care and happiness deserves the utmost focus. Therefore, writing articles that educate and inspire pet parents is a task Brandie very much enjoys taking on.


Brandie has worked on various content pieces pertaining to the automotive fields. Some examples of the types of articles produced include "How to Get the Most Money For Your Trade-in," "When it's Time to Replace Your Used Car," "Best Fuel-Efficient SUVs," "Best Vans of 2013" and "History of Muscle Cars in America" just to name a few.


This author has written many articles pertaining to the fitness industry. Some of these content pieces have included a look at the best at-home workouts while others have divulged the details of various types of popular diets. Brandie feels it's important to better understand fitness in order to live a more productive and healthy life. Therefore, she feels the topic is timely and important. She would love to help you with your fitness related piece.

Sample piece is about other ways to get into shape without paying for a gym membership.

Green Living

Brandie has been sought after by clients to produce high-quality content pertaining to green living. These articles have included various tips for creating at-home gardens in addition to tips on how to convert a home into a more eco-friendly environment.


Brandie has worked alongside a social worker and a home health nurse and therefore understands many of the deeper issues surrounding relational problems. Thanks to Brandie's work history, she can write on relational topics with a professional focus. Of course, if desired, she can also write articles that are more easygoing and are created purely for fun.

Home Living

Home living is one of Brandie's favorite topics as she is a work-from-home mom who enjoys taking care of all things pertaining to her home. She has written a variety of articles that fall under the home living category. These included pieces on decorating, how-to home-improvement articles, budget-friendly ways to decorate pieces, party hosting articles and new recipe ideas, just to name a few.

The sample piece is from a simple blog post about decorating your home on a budget.


Brandie understands the many issues women deal with on a daily basis. Some of these issues could include career choices, family matters or health issues that pertain specifically to women.


Brandie has been commissioned by numerous clients to create engaging content pertaining to her Christian beliefs. One such project was the creation of children's Bible worksheets to go along with lessons. Another such project was geared toward adults who are new to the Christian faith. Brandie is a Christian herself, and she understands how to explain the various elements of the faith.

Sample piece is an article about salvation, the basis of the Christian faith.


Brandie P. has written many articles within the fashion industry and is a featured author on a popular beauty and fashion site. These articles have included pieces on fashion trends, how to properly layer clothing, how to dress for your body type and many, many more. In addition to creating consistent content for this client, Brandie has written many other articles within the fashion/beauty niches.She would love the opportunity to work on your fashion themed content piece.

Sample piece is from an article about dressing for your body type.


Brandie has worked with numerous clients to write thought provoking, informative marketing content. Some of these pieces were geared towards small business owners, some were focused on large companies and still others were about marketing strategies in general. In addition to this, Brandie has also worked one-on-one with an architecture office in her area to create content for marketing purposes. Brandie's experience spans a wide range of businesses and her clients have come from all over the world. Therefore, you can be sure she can create the marketing content you are looking for.

Real Estate

Brandie has worked in the real estate industry through the course of her writing career. These pieces have included articles that talk about how to stage homes, or improve their resale value as well as descriptive pieces pertaining to specific locations. She understands that the key to success in real estate is to present property well. Due to her experience, she is well versed on how to present real estate to appeal to buyers and/or investors.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Brandie P. is able to creatively work even difficult keywords into informative and entertaining articles. While she does not feel keywords should be overused in an article, she does understand the importance of SEO in general.

Projects by Asset Type

Brandie believes a well-constructed article will both inform and entertain readers, leading them to some form of action or encourage a certain opinion. As a result, she very much enjoys the art of writing a well-researched article that serves its intended purpose.

Blog Post

Brandie constructs entertaining blog posts meant to generate comments, entertain readers and encourage increased blog traffic. She is able to write blog posts on a variety of topics; however, her favorite topics are home improvement, spiritual, financial and parenting.


Brandie understands the importance of high-quality copywriting. She presents her clients in the best of light and is committed to communicating both factual and informative content. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail and her propensity to double check stats and make sure what she is writing is in fact absolutely true. As a result, clients can rest assured that the content Brandie creates is both beneficial to her clients and serves their purposes perfectly.

Facebook Post

Brandie realizes the important role social media plays in the business arena. Therefore, when composing Facebook posts, Brandie always makes sure the short blurb is catchy, engaging and grammatically correct. Her Facebook posts are composed in an effort to garner a business attention and thereby additional customers or clients. She would love to work with you as you seek to utilize social media to grow your business.

Press Release

Brandie understands the journalistic nature of a good press release. The content should be thought-provoking, engaging and usually is short and to the point. Through her writing career, Brandie has composed countless press releases for lawyer's websites, beauty companies, fitness enthusiasts and nutrition experts, just to name a few. She would love to work with you to create a phenomenal press release that will tell your company's or product's story to the world.

Web Page

A large part of Brandie's writing experience is in the form of web page copy. She understands the need in today's competitive business world to have a cleverly-written and well-constructed website. To list all the types of companies she has worked with to do just that would be too long to name. Suffice it to say that she knows her stuff and can help your business stand out through high-quality website content.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Brandie P. loves to write factual pieces. However, she also very much enjoys letting her creative juices flow as she writes creative pieces. Her favorite type of creative article blends some facts within the piece.


A good copywriter understand the nuances of convincing a reader to try a product or to procure a service all without the reader feeling they are being "coerced" into anything. Brandie understands this first hand as she has personally created countless pieces of content generated for this specific purpose. However, Brandie always insists on being upfront and forthright about any product or service and only writes what she can back up with facts.

Sample is from a legal article that is meant to garner business for said lawyer.


The journalistic style of writing is informative, factual and yet still entertaining. A good writer, like Brandie, understands how to seamlessly blend these various elements into one piece of well-written content. Brandie has completed many pieces that were journalistic in nature and she loves to channel her inner sleuth to produce these serious and informative pieces.

Projects by Writing Style

When writing in an authoritative voice, Brandie typically includes statistics and other quality information that will prove her point. She enjoys writing this kind of assignment because even though she knows a great deal about the subject, she typically learns even more during the writing process.


Brandie writes in a conversational tone when appropriate. She feels that it is the easiest style of composition for readers to understand, and it gives the writer more freedom than a more formal style of copy.


Journalistic writing is the birthplace of virtually all common content. Brandie enjoys this style of composition as it gives her the opportunity to use her research skills along with her ability to entertain and inform with the written word.


Brandie understands the fact that content is often utilized in marketing and as a means of promotion. As a result, this type of writing makes up a large part of her writing career. However, Brandie understands how to write promotional copy without seemingly over pushy. She would love to work with you on your promotional piece.

The sample is a blog post written with the purpose of acquiring renters for a company's student housing apartments.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Brandie worked with a local architecture firm in her area to create engaging for their landing page. She has also been commissioned to begin writing real estate pieces for a local company within the next few months. Her experience working alongside business owners makes her uniquely qualified for various content creation projects.

Sample is an exert from an article on creating a business plan.


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