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The Content Marketplace: Keeping Your Business From Getting Lost in the Clouds

Content marketplace

Congratulations, you just published your Award Winning Website on the internet and it is stunning! It has been online for two months and you have gotten three calls. One wanted to know your rate for walking their dog, and the other call was from a gutter replacement company. Then there was someone asking how soft your sleepwear was.

Wonderful. What was your business again? Oh, software consulting. Got it.

If you see a problem with this scenario, you are not alone because today the internet is flooded with websites, ads, tweets, posts and advice columns. Google anything, and you will get overwhelming results with page after page of websites that are sometimes relevant to your search, but mostly not. Facebook gets over 8 billion posts daily. That is more posts than there are people on the planet and people are shutting down just to survive the assault on their sensibilities.

Somewhere, buried under all that clutter, is YOUR WEBSITE. Unless you have something new and interesting to say on the internet, it’s like hitchhiking in an invisible suit. Nobody will notice you and even a bag of gold will just sit on the street corner if nobody knows it is there. If you want to get noticed you need something that will stand out in the crowd. Wearing a clown suit will get you noticed but it won’t get you any business. If the Goodyear Blimp seems a bit over the top for your business, try Content Marketing.

You are Saved! Welcome to the Content Marketplace!

The content marketplace is kind of like a high tech flea market (but with quality merchandise). You can browse and pick and choose. While you won’t find that butter knife your Granny had, you can find some truly brilliant, amazingly creative content marketing talent that can make your website stand out. These professionals can help you develop the kind of content that has something to impart to the reader and makes them remember who you are and what your website is all about. People who know the difference between “Buy This Right Now” advertising and real, engaging, customer relationship-building content.

Endless Talent in the Cloud

A content marketplace consists of thousands of talented writers and strategists working as freelancers. These professionals are experienced and pre-screened so when you hire someone, you are hiring an expert with a proven track record. You can usually search for matches according to specific industries or areas of expertise. Your’ll find talent who can work with you to create anything from content for your home page to blogs, how to articles to white papers–and more!

Got a business selling inflatable ponies? Somebody out there will write you an engaging, informative, maybe humorous piece to build traffic to your website. The point is: when you work with the right writer, your content will get noticed.

Delivering Humor in Your Brand’s Voice

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of humor to your website–and a skilled copywriter can deliver. Remember your fifth-grade history class? Probably not, because it was probably boring. Remember when the teacher slipped on the banana peel? You get the point. Great content is great because it is interesting. Remember the A+ you got for your book report in 7th grade? Two people wanted to read it. Your Mom and you. Sorry, your teacher probably only read it because she had to.

The point is that adding interest to your website is a good thing. A little humor will be remembered better than a dry, boring lecture. You can find writers on a content marketplace that give your copy some enjoyment-filled staying-power.

But It’s Not All Fun and Games

Aside from being fun to read, great content has to have value, too. If your business is a french bakery and you run an article on “The Health Benefits Of Eating French Pastries” you will attract an audience. But you better be able to back that statement up with some facts. The worst thing you can do is provide false information, like “our pastries won’t ruin your ties.”

So, while content writers make your business stand out by choosing the words and phrases that point to your website, they also research their subjects to make sure your website content is factual. (My research, for example, shows that for every Éclair you eat, you have to jog 5 miles to burn it off. See? Chocolate Eclairs are healthy!)

Everybody Is Famous for 15 Seconds

Andy Warhol said everybody is famous for 15 minutes. With the internet, your opportunity can be measured in the time it takes to click on the next link. More like 15 seconds or less. Making your 15 seconds count takes unique content. A content marketplace is your go-to destination for help creating unique content!

One of the pioneers of the content marketplace is Writer This Boston-based agency has a pool of over 18,000 writers, and provide an excellent platform for customers, plus a creative staff that will give you everything you need to launch your marketing campaign. (Everything except the blimp!) So click over to find some fresh talent from the WriterAccess content marketplace!

Douglas A‘s career spans over 45 years and covers a wide range of experience including copywriting, sales promotion writing, and account management. Areas of expertise include technical, manufacturing, medical, automotive, and retail sales promotion. He has done copywriting and design for electronics, automotive, medical and manufacturing clients as well a creating corporate training materials for an SAP implementation , telecommunications, and wireless services. Work experience includes project management for IT and manufacturing, as well as creating corporate wireless strategy and policy for a multinational corporation. 

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